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Girl Scout Cookies on sale


For some people it's an addiction. What is it about those boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that make us open our wallets?

In case you didn't know, it is Girl Scout Cookie time. The young ladies began selling the sweet treats in the mid-1930s.

Girl Scouts still go door to door, but you can also buy cookies online. When you plop down money for a box (or three) all the proceeds support your local Girl Scouts.

Of course, you have to know where to look for them. If a Girl Scout has not come to your door, they will have booths starting this weekend at Walmart, Sam's, most area Walgreens and Kmart.

The cookies are on sale until March.

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Where can I buy GS cookies

Where can I buy GS cookies online? Thanks

cost to much for what you get

I used to love buying Girl Scout cookies.

But I must say the $3.50 for a box of cookies these days is way out of my price range.

If you got the same amount of cookies as the store bought cookies that would be one thing. But their boxes keep getting more expensive and less cookies.

Sorry Girls, tuff economy.

Yes, tatavenner et al.,

Yes, tatavenner et al., "tuff (sic) economy" ... even for the Girl Scouts. If you're worried about how many cookies you can eat after dinner, then go ahead and support Sam Walton. If you'd rather donate to a worthy organization, buy a box of GS cookies. You'll have to cut back from four to two cookies after dinner, but you'll experience a great sense of satisfaction, too.

Your choice, of course.

Listen, here's the real

Listen, here's the real scoop... Girl Scout headquarters is on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC.... some of the most expensive real estate in these United States. The price of those cookies has to be raised to support the lavish lifestyle of their corporate executives.

Girl Scout Cookie sales...

is the method of raising funds to support their organization...period. While the cost/cookie is certainly lower if you purchase a package of Oreos, not a dime goes to help these girls.

At least they're not at every intersection asking the traveling public to "fill their beanies"

Tthis year even less cookies

Tthis year even less cookies than last. I cannot afford to pay for them anymore. We have cut back our electric and water bill and i gave up my morning coffee and I am not about to cut back to on our needs to help someone elses. Too bad little girl scouts, it is too hard anymore. lower your price deflation is happening everywhere.

Feel free to support Walmart

If you want cheap cookies feel free to support the Walton family and buy from them.
If you want to pay a little more, knowing it goes to support local Girl Scout Troops buy from them. I'll pay an extra dollar, regardless of the economy.