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GlenCare families speak up

READ MORE: Glencare Families Speak Up

For about a week now NewsChannel 3 has been uncovering deficiencies at GlenCare Assisted Living Facility in Wilmington. The violations include unreported sexual assault between residents and improper medication. More people have come forward voicing their concerns about the facility.

Since our first report, former and current Glencare employees as well as family of residents have come forward questioning the operations at Glencare of Wilmington. They say poor care was an everyday occurrence.

Barbara White's brother, Foster, passed away while he was a resident at Glencare Assisted Living in Wilmington. White says while Foster lived at Glencare, there were often plumbing issues in the building and the toilet even overflowed into the residents room.

She says Foster often had problems with his medication. "We would go there and find pills on the floor by his bed, pills on the nightstand by his bed, and found them in the bed," says Barbara White.

WWAY requested an interview with division of health service regulation chief Barbara Ryan, but we were denied.

In a statement, Ryan said, "I am appreciative of the employees and family members who have come forward with information to focus the current investigation. We are interested in what happens daily in the lives of the individuals residing in the facility, which is their home, and shared information from residents, staff and families can provide a true picture."

If you would like to report a complaint you can call the complaint hotline at 1-800-624-3004. Last week state and county investigators inspected Glencare of Wilmington.

News Channel 3 will have the results of that investigation as soon as they are released.

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Give back to those that gave to you...

There is no excuse for the elderly to live like this. These are the very people who made this country what it once was and they are being made to live in places like this? What child could let their parent be placed in such a home? Mine would be with me no matter what it would take.

current employee at glencare

I have read most of the comments and allegations that have been reported. It really upsets me that most or some people do things to hurt or harm those who cannot help themselves. There are good people who work at Glencare. There are caring people who work there also. There are those who do the best they can with the tools they are given. Being an administrator or a resident care coordinator in an assisted living facility is a hard job. I would never want that kind of responsibility. I know that there are problems in every nursing home or assisted living facility. Some problems are more serios than others. I totally understand that. But when you have employees who are upset about what happens in these places they can add fuel to the fire. I am quite sure the owners of glencare of wilmington were aware of the impending problems associated with the facility. It would also be safe to assume that if they(the owners) did not think they could make things better for the residents who live there, then they would not have taken on the task. I am sure that the employees who currently work at this facility (98% of them) really like working there. They make sure the residents are taking care of to the best of their abilities. At the end of the day, the residents are taken care of. I personally have not seen any abuse of residents. As far as mediations being stolen, I've heard rumors. As far as med-techs signatures being forged, I have not been directly involved in that situation. I've been asked if I know anything, I was told that those allegations were under investigations by administrators. So as far as I know things were being taking care of by the people in power. Regardless of the situation at glencare my primary focus is to make sure the residents that currently reside there have what they need and are happy. I had a resident ask me, "why are you here when there are other places you could be and have benefits." I told her I really like it here and I like being around the residents. It's just that simple. I don't agree with everything Ms. Rotella had to say in here interview about the facility, but I do give her the utmost respect in taking steps to try and improve our health care system. In the future if we just sit down and compose our thoughts before we make certain allegations and seriously think about how other people will be impacted, then we would not have former-employees of these facilities who think that causing someone else to fall is the way to handle the wrongs that are happening in these facilities. Vote for change. Raise awareness in a positive manner.

Profit, hah!

No one gets in the assisted living business for profit. They do it because they care about people. They have to because they often lose money on these facilities. Residents pay about $35 a day to live there. Out of that $35 three meals and three snacks are included each day. The staff has to be paid out of that money. The bills, water, lights, phones, etc. That $35 includes the money the facility gets from Medicaid. Furniture has to be bought a transport vehicle has to be bought and maintained, supplies for the housekeeping and nursing departments as well as activities and office equipment and supplies. If someone thinks that Glencare's owners are just in it for the profit I challenge you to open your own Assisted Living Facility.


they pay 3000 dollars a month for a nonprivate room on the scu.


one dementia resident who is completely incompacitated was not moved into the SCU once it became a lockdown unit due to the exorbanant prices so she has to live on the assisted living side. She is moved from room to room in her jeriatric chair like a piece of furniture. She has no interaction with others outside of being fed and changed. It is really a very sad and tragic way to live out the last days of her life. The worst part about it is that she is conscious and able to communicate if anyone is willing to acknowlege her. God save you from such a fate.

You mean a Geriatric Chair

You mean a Geriatric Chair for those that cannot move around-um, yeah, alrighty then


Somehow I think that if all you can do is criticize my spelling ability, you've missed the point.

not spelling

It was not the spelling I was commenting on-I was trying to undestand why you are upset about her being in a chair specifically designed for those unable to move around! Not your spelling dear! I did not miss the point-but you did!


If you read the regulations, if she is truly unable to move-then she would not be moved into a Special Care Unit-because it is locked so that dementia residents do not walk away. If she cannot move-then she couldnt be in a locked unit-she is not a flight risk. She would be more in danger as incapacitated as she is in a unit with others. Also, what would you rather them do-leave her in her room in a bed?? At least she gets out of her room, many of those with severe Alzheimers or Dementia will suffer this fate. Also, go read the Medicaid site-they do not receive $3000 per resident from Medicaid!If you read you will see the total is very low-$ 50-per day for all the workings of the facility-$100 each day for a person not on Medicaid-doesnt even pay the caregivers salary. Just saying!

how about....

Talk to her? Have the activity director make it a point to interact with her? Find a peaceful spot in the facility where she is not surrounded by noise? Make sure she is comfortable? Look at her as a person, not just one more person to change? Maybe put her somewhere where at the very least she can listen to soothing music? Hire someone who can give her the attention she needs?

how about?

when i was employed with glencare of wilmington, the activity director did not intereact with the assisted living residents or alzheimers residents, she was to busy on her personal lap top.


pardon me for my lack of medical language knowledge but what is a "RCC ?"


RCC stands for Resident Care Coordinator.

get down on your hands and knees and pray

i want to applaud all the staff members whom has spoke up and written there statements about glencare of wilmington, and to wway tv 3 you have done a outstanding job not pushing this true story aside, i feel very sorry for the residents whom have suffered in the hands of abuse,torment, verbal abuse, treated like animals, you people in charge of glencare of wilmington should get down on your hands and knees and beg for forgivness. one day you or your loved ones may go through the same thing and ask yourself why didnt i do anything to protect these residents.i will tell you why. you do not care if you had of you would not be involved in this mess you yourselfs have created.

Thank you

After having a false restraining order (that was thrown out of court) and others determined to speak the truth threatened by certified letters from the Kornegays, and their unemployment denied so that they have to go to court to fight for even that, the support from others who know very well what has been happening there is appreciated from the bottom of my heart. None of this has been easy for any of us but we believe in what we are doing and the fact that some results have come from the action is truly heartening and takes a bit of the fear of unemployeement in a very difficult economy away. So I thank you so much because some of the comments I've read are not just ignorant but also hurtful. Sometimes in life we have to make difficult choices and stand by them. I and the others love those residents and it is that simple. So again thank you and all the others who have spoken out against the behavior of those in charge. Your comments truly make a difference.

Better Yet...

Maybe with a little luck THEY themselves will get the "wonderful" treatment that they provide to others - you know, what goes around, comes around.

What does Glen Care about?

As a former employee of GlenCare Assisted Living, I must say; the "new" administrator's (Mr. and Mrs. Kornegay), have no idea of what is going on. It's obvious to me that there were some former employees that had it out for Ms. Sessoms and Mrs. Lewis. and will say and do anything in their power to to bring shame to those two individuals. It' s like what a good friend of mine once said, " the economy is not the current presidents fault. Things were messed up before he took the position. However, the blame still falls on his shoulders". If the owners were doing what they were supposed to be doing, things would have never got to this point. If anyone needs criminal charges brought up against them, it's the owners. Hold your heads up Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Sessoms!

what does glen care about?

i disagree with you,i dont think past employees had anything to do with the mess catherine sessoms and tanya lewis has created for glencare of wilmington. i believe there was no true communication between the owners of that facility. i believe there were things covered up so the owners would not know what was going on in this my heart those two people know something on each other. they always cover each others mess they make,no matter who it involves or who gets hurt in the end.they both claim to be good christen people, ha good christen people dont work for the devil as they have done. i dont think the holly water worked on this facility at all.


check ur spelling,i never heard ms sessoms or ms lewis claimed to be (christians).the owners knew what problem they had there, they did not want to spend the money. that is the truth in kills me that people will stand up for one's wrong because they are friends.right is right, wrong is wrong.If i was the owner i would at least take time out of a so called busy schedule to walk thru one of my facilities, i take that back mr. glen did come a couple of times,so he knew the building had problems.

to moneytalks

The "new" administrator's (Mr. and Mrs. Kornegay) are the owners.

what does glen care about?

i totally disagree with you.if you get the right people in place and cares about there residents, i dont mean untrained staff such as the ones working for glencare. people whom went through cna training, medication aides that do have experience, to solve the narcotics being stolen off the carts slap a drug test on all med. techs unexpected, you will be surprised whom want past these drug test,starting from administrator on down, you will end up weeding the druggies out of there, i know i have done it myself while working in a facility. you have to stay on top of things to get things right, you always keep your eyes and ears open. listen to the residents when they speak up about concerns and problems, some of the residents do know what they are talking about. dont brush them off, stay on top of things, dont expect everyone else to do your work. keep a eye on your charts, documentation, medication, it does not take eistein to run a small facility like glencare of wilmington, as far as disgruntle employees i dont think so in this case, this facility was taken over in around 2006 by mr. glen and it has been a problem facility ever since, i believe in my heart with the right management and staff members this place would be a good and decent place for our family members to live and be happy. the problems start with the owners down, it sounds like there was poor communication between administrator, rcc, and the owners of glencare of wilmington

To Care and Concerned

Actually, this facility has been run poorly since it was first opened. As Jasmine Cove, it was in just as bad if not worse shape. At least, the Kornegays do pay their help.
I am sure Ms. Lewis did a fine job....but she was moved to another facility.
Ms. Sessoms was in over her head from the get go.
No experience. Not a good thing...needed more oversight from the owners.

upper management of glencare of wilmington

to mr.and mrs. glen and ann korneagy, i hope ypu have seen the bad and no caring attitude of catherine sessoms and tanya lewis, those two employees should be brought up on charges for neglect, abuse, illegal covering up of health care documents, forging doctors signatures, covering up employees whom does and steal drugs, tanya lewis and catherine sessoms should have any health care licences they have, took away and i hope i never see them working in another facility in wilmington nc.

Does Glen Care?

As a former employee of the infamous Glen Care Assisted Living, I have a few things to say that are solidified by what I have seen not heard. The new administrator(s) have no clue of how to successfully operate the facility. This facility was formerly operated by Mr. Kornegay but obviously, it was too large of a task. The most recent administrator, Ms. Sessoms, is catching the worst end of the situation because of exasperated former employees. Based off of what I have seen, she was only doing what she was told to do by her superior. So if anyone is at fault, it is not Ms. Sessoms nor Mrs. Lewis. The blame lies on the shoulders of the owners.

That is no excuse

"My bosses told me to do it" is the same excuse nazi's used after WWII. If you do not have the strength of character to go to your bosses with genuine concerns such as hot water, shortage of supplies, medication missing, and injuries than you have no buisness in any sort of administrative position. These facilities need management who are willing to do what is necessary to keep the residents safe and happy. It is obvious that Ms. Sessoms fell short. If indeed she went to her bosses and they refused to put in the money for a plan of correction, then she should have reported them to DHHS. She chose instead to lie, cover up, and pass the blame. She is not a victim. Her troubles are a direct result of her own actions. The only victims are the people who are dependent on those who are only interested in a paycheck.

im happy justice will always pervail

i am happy that the administrator and rcc of the alzheimers unit or no longer in charge, i feel like justice will pay off for the way those residents and some good caring staff members were treated. you know if the upper management did not have any respect for the poor sick and ailing residents that live there, just how the caring and concerned staff members were treated, i was one of those caring and concerned employees which im no longer there, justice and the truth will always come out in the end no matter how you try to sugar coat it or hide it, i can sleep better at night knowing that those poor residents will have someone step in and provide decent good quality care for them, the administrator that was there and the rcc of the unit should never be able to work in health care again.


Finally some answers. Someone is listening to what we have to say. It has only been a short time but I am starting to see a change. Mr & Mrs Kornegay have replaced the administrator with themselves. The current RCC was demoted. But the employee who forged my signature is still working there. I mean really, I have no idea what is going to come of this but I have faith. I was always told a lie has to be remembered but the truth flows naturally and lords knows if nothing else I told the truth. Those residents deserve to be treated well. Regardless of their situation they are still somebody and if you can have the heart to steal their meds and leave them without their basic essential needs then you are a heartless and cruel person. I don't have to waste time bashing you on the net because what goes around comes back around. one day you might be in that same Glencare hoping someone will speak up for you. it happens like that sometimes. But trust and believe this is not intentionally to hurt or get back at anyone. I just want results and those results are for those residents to have the care thay need and deserve. If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. So I'm taking a stand. I know in my heart i am doing the right thing. God bless the Residents all around that need a voice and especially Glencare of Wilmington's residents who have a special place in my heart!

Is it closed down yet?

Please tell me the state has stepped in. Please tell me Glencare isn't still making excuses and saying that its just disgruntled ex-employees. Are the state inspectors there on a daily basis doing their own investigation? Have they reviewed the records? Did anyone else realize that the 6 to 1 decision was a matter of medical evidence? Mrs Kornegay, if you have ever been molested you would know the presence of body fluid is hardly relevant. Good thing a judge was there to make that ruling.
I really hope our Government steps up soon. But I will say this. I'm sure nobody intentionally meant to harm these residents and I'm certain there are good people who work and have worked there. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their disability and mental condition, especially those who are incapable of taking care of themselves. We have an obligation, and a right, just as Corey Rotella has done, to speak up and protect these individuals. So just do it!!!

Gee what a surprise

Knowing the state they probably gave them a pass.. The inspectors from Raleigh are a joke half the time. The only ones that do anything are the ones out West at Black Mtn who are apparently more into their jobs and actually care for the most part.. I mean it amazes me when a resident dies in a facility after falling and being left there because nobody checked on them that nobody is held accountable in the end.

My Heart goes out to the

My Heart goes out to the residents, family members, and employees who tried to make a difference and report the terrible things that were/are going on. I know of other facilities that are having similiar issues and there are some employees compaining. The state really needs to put the residents first, since it is their home. I see this on a daily basis and it breaks my heart. You can only do so much. What is harder is if you are one of the ones filing complaints to administration, 9 times out of 10 those who are telling are usually the ones who get fired or retailiated on. It's a vicious cycle. What is happening is the state and the facilities administration have truly lost sight of what is important....the residents.