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Is golf course purchase right decision?


The City of Wilmington is trying to buy another golf course. City Council members say purchasing Inland Greens would fulfill a promise they made when floating the 2006 Parks Bond.

The city previously offered $400,000 for the golf course off Cardinal Drive. At tonight's City Council Meeting the council decided to up the offer to $550,000. The money would come from the parks bond.

This comes as the city faces a $7 million shortfall and is considering a tax increase. When the city floated the park bond, it said it would not result in a tax increase. Now the city is not so sure. Mayor Pro-Tem Earl Sheridan says City Council is obligated to spend the money as it promised four years ago.

"When we advertised the park bond we advertised for particular projects and that kind of thing to be done with the money," Sheridan said. "One of those things was parks for the newly annexed area. Inland Greens Park would be something in the newly annexed area."

The city plans to keep nine holes of the par three course running and use the rest as a passive park and as part of the Cross City Trail.

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Parks bond

The city is not taking money away from any area schools. Public schools are part of the county's budget, not the city. Bond money means that the funds can only be used for the original purpose of the bond. In other words, a certain amount of money was allocated for parks, and that's what it has to be used for. Voters overwhelmingly approved it four years ago. That money cannot go anywhere else.

Now, if you disagree with the purchase of 31 acres for $500k, that's different. I'm no golfer so I don't care about another golf course, but getting 31 acres of land at that price is not a bad deal.

9 Hole Par 3

What a waste of money. Let the neighboorhood keep it and fix it up for their own park. This is huge waste of money to get the course back in shape and who is going to pay to play 9 holes of mini golf. Upkeep and staff on the golf course portion alone will most likely cost in excess of 100k a year i doubt they can generate that in revenues from a par 3. If they wanted to buy a golf course they should have bought Duck Haven in 2004 to serve the north and east residences of the county. It would have actually covered operating expenses.


The neighborhood doesn't own the golf individual corporation does. He doesn't even live in the neighborhood

Look at y'all

Thanks for taking the lead on the LOCAL issues here that involve money. (This is more for WWAY round table and not wanting this to be put on your forum.)(

With the million dollar cutback at the Sheriff office, and the impending 100 count teacher cutbacks at our schools next year, I am unsure why they can't just reneg on the "special park bonds from 2006" before this depression began.
It is known that golfers will pay extra to golf (even $10 more per round) at the muni. Read a hot thread at for more information on this.

Dig deep on this, WWAY. Rather, I say, dig deep on your top four stories! I can't believe how AWESOME your news staff has become at not being a part of the wheel, but part of the solution!

Don't put this on the forums, put this on your people's table, while at the end you show them a great lunch at a LOCAL restaurant!!!! ALL DESERVE a pat on the back for being strong.

Two questions about the parks bonds

Do they have a sinking fund provison, and are they callable?

That's what WWAY should find out. If they are callable we could use the remaining portion of the money to help retire the bonds early or at least call a certain number in.

What was a bad idea four years ago is now a horrible idea in light of the economic downturn.

Yeah - - - Right

You can't be serious??? If they do this they need to ALL be booted out of office immediately. (should be anyway) Protestors should bombard their meetings and raise the roof about this. The very idea of even thinking about buying a golf course is asinine!! Good Lord.. no wonder we're in the financial mess we're in with the city.