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Google offers new map feature

READ MORE: Google offers new map feature
You can now get directions and maps of Wilmington from a whole new perspective. Google has added Wilmington to its list of special cities for their new "street view". Whether you're trying to get directions or you want to explore an area, Google Street View lets you see the world without physically being there. Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth. Users can take virtual tours of major cities across the world and Wilmington was just added to the list. Chris Livengood of Intracoastal Realty said, "The maps are great. It always helps to see a bird's eye view but when you're down on the street seeing actual buildings and streets and cars, it just has a different dimension to the map." The street view feature is very user-friendly... Richard Baker of Topsail Beach said, "If you click on that little guy, then it puts a street view right on the house, then you can take him and twirl him around and look at everything around him or you can actually move him up the road if you want to. So they've done a great job, they've put eastern North Carolina on the map." Area realtors say the new tool is becoming especially beneficial for their clients. Now people interested in buying or renting can see the actual house and its surroundings. Livengood said, "We have a term in real estate called 'curb appeal', which is so important for choosing a home to live in or a rental property to rent, and that's how the home looks from the road. So this feature actually turns that on for someone to look any place in the world." You can also imbed the image in a website or send the virtual directions to a friend. Google ultimately hopes to provide street views of the entire world, but they're not sure when that will be.

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The latest Google Streets update came in about a month ago. They even got Shallotte, if you can believe that. Sweet!

Could be better...

This program would be much better if the Google team actually canvassed the entire Wilmington area; many local streets were not "mapped" out.


Street view has been around for quite a while now... It just became available on mobile phones recently though. Works great on my Blackberry.

double lame

You just wanted everyone to know you have a Blackberry.