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Gore 'deeply honored' by Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO -- Al Gore says he is "deeply honored" to be named co-recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The former vice president is the first American to win the coveted international honor since Jimmy Carter in 2002. Gore is being honored by the Nobel committee along with the United Nations' climate change agency for their work in pushing the problem of global warming onto the front burner of world attention. Gore says the bottom line is, "We face a true planetary emergency." He says it is not a political issue, but rather a "moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity." Gore says he'll donate his share of the $1.5 million award that goes with the prize to a non-profit alliance devoted to spreading the message about the urgency of the climate crisis.

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Now that the prize has been awarded to the ex-vice prez for his half/fact/fiction stories, it sort of cheapens the whole Nobel Peace prize idea. Al Gore flew his G5 Jet to Arizona for a party celebrating his Nobel Peace Prize. He had big wigs from Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Toyota, AT&T, Home Depot(environmentalist haven). So 90 guests flew in from all over the country. He had food FLOWN in from all over as well. How much is he donating to global warming, how much is he doing to help prevent it? I would say notta. BUT he sure can talk about it and freak all you people out. Man is a hypocrite.


I wonder why he didn't get an award for his invention. You know, the one you are using right now, the Internet. Gore and Edwards both need to go far away.

Gore 'deeply honored' by Nobel Peace Prize

Mr. Al Gore you deserve this and more for I am with you all the way, Sir. I wished you would run for the United States of America Presidency for we need you back. Glenda Goedde Tennessean

You don't know the rules....

I noticed that you Glenda Goedde are kind of new to WWAY so I will go over the most important rule as far as posting comments. You are allowed to post what ever you like but when it comes News stories about Edwards or Gore you are required to make fun of them. If you want to support these two morons then go to NPR or WAVE. If you chose to ignore this most important rule then be expected to recieve ridicule and nasty comments from Commonsense.....,Fletcher James,Guesty and many many more regulars. This should have been covered in the terms of use section.

I don't make fun of Edwards

I tell the truth about him. He's Hugo Chavez with a $400 haircut. If you're a successul person who has managed your life responsibly, John Edwards sees you only as a bottomless well to fund his Robin Hood/Karl Marx fantasies. John Edwards epitomizes exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party - they have allowed themselves to be hijacked by Socialists. They no longer represent hard-working, blue-collar Americans. They pander to irresponsible dolts who cannot manage their own lives.

maybe, maybe not

We usually make fun of losers like edwards and gore because, well they are losers! I didn't spend a dime of my money and I got just a few less electoral college votes than they did.


He did run for President. He lost.


You must be an english teacher. That post was so good! I mean it sounded like a poet wrote that. You're awesome! Idiot.

Gore is a Joke. Seems to me

Gore is a Joke. Seems to me that they could find some body more deserving then that Idiot. I guess that is par for the course today.


Maybe he will run for president now too! Kool beans!

Nobel Prize

I wonder if he had to buy a carbon-credit when he crapped his pants on hearing that news? Why didn't Reagan get one for ending the Cold War and having Russia tear down those walls?