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Gore recuses himself from Soles investigations

There are major developments to report tonight in the shooting investigation involving State Senator RC Soles. Wednesday afternoon, District Attorney Rex Gore announced that he has asked a special prosecutor from the Attorney General's Office to step in and take over the case. Gore had been under increasing public scrutiny, after initially indicating he would not recuse himself in this matter. He and the Senator have a long friendship, are political allies, and were implicated together in a federal investigation in the 1980's, in which Soles was accused of buying votes for Rex Gore. Those charges were ultimately dismissed. Gore told WWAY this afternoon that he wants to make sure that when the final decision in this case was made, the public would have confidence in the decision, unclouded by who made it. “I have not generally over my 20-plus years as a prosecutor done that very often. I still believe the public hires us to make hard decisions and it is our first responsibility to do that. But again, the public needs to focus on the merits of the decision based on the evidence and the facts and not be sidetracked by the concern of who made that decision,” Gore said. The shooting in question happened on August 23rd at Senator Soles’ Tabor City home. He told investigators that 22-year-old Kyle Blackburn, and 23-year-old BJ Wright, both clients of his legal practice, were trying to break into his home. Authorities say Soles used a pistol to fire a warning shot in the air, and then fired another shot, which hit Kyle Blackburn in the leg. Blackburn told NewsChannel 3 that he was leaving the property when he was shot. The State Bureau of Investigation seized surveillance video from the Senator's home. Their investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed. In the interview this afternoon, Rex Gore also told us he is recusing himself as prosecutor from a separate investigation, launched when a man accused the Senator of molesting him years ago.

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What is going on

I would just like to know what is taking so!!!! very long for the DA handling the case to make a disicion regarding charges on either Soles or Blackburn ???

RC Soles

Where are the parents of this 17 year old boy? Why is he 17, living alone, driving a vett, and taking $ from anyone? Where are his parents and aren't they responsible for their minor child? Or did I miss that part of the story?


missed everything apparently. Why not read all the pieces posetd before posting this question on every other piece.

Gore stepping aside .... but

who will be appointed Special Prosecutor? More importantly, who will do the appointing - Attorney General Roy Cooper. The very same Cooper who has been silent on the whole Mike Easley/Mary Easley mess. And who is in charge of the SBI, who is investigating the lastest Soles fiasco? The Dept. of Justice, which is headed up by .... AG Roy Cooper. Hate to be paranoid, but there's been a whole lot of corruption covered up in this state. And most of the media has been complicit in the cover-up. Many, many thanks to WWAYTV3 for having the courage to cover this story. The Raleigh N&O has been largely ignoring it - only reporting stories of when Strickland gets arrested etc. And some stories are no longer available on their website. What if Soles were a Republican, and all the young men he was involved with were young women? Can you imagine the outrage - paying for apartments, cars, and houses for underage girls? What hypocrisy on the part of Democratic "leadership", and the media, in this state.

Answer Guest1948

Quote: Guest1948 (What if Soles were a Republican, and all the young men he was involved with were young women? Can you imagine the outrage - paying for apartments, cars, and houses for underage girls? What hypocrisy on the part of Democratic "leadership", and the media, in this state.) You see what's happening in SC don't you. At least Mark Sanford's own republican party has the morals to stand up against Sanford who is in there own party, because they believe he has done morally wrong. Where are the democrats in NC questioning Soles?

Soles ...

Yes, I do concerned citizen. Remember the recent scandals re former NC Rep. Cary Allred? He was caught speeding, was suspected of coming to the Gen. Assembly after drinking (actually that happens fairly frequently - he wasn't the first legislator to have a liquid lunch at 42nd Street or Sullivan's), and acted inappropriately at the GA with a 17-yr old female page (hugged her too tight etc.), who was actually his neighbor & defended his behavior. The NCGOP head at the time, Linda Daves, publicly called for his resignation, as did other prominent Republicans. Where is the Dem leadership on Soles? Sen. Marc Basnight came out with a strong statement of support (published in the Raleigh N&O). Do we North Carolinians just accept any lowlife behavior from a politician, as long as it's a member of our own party? Would the world come to an end if Soles resigned? Somehow I think Tabor City would bounce back if they really wanted to.

Old fashioned agressive reporting.

Old fashioned aggressive reporting. Non partisan reporting. That is what reporting is supposed to be, neutral not advertising for one political side. Keep it up! Take it to these guys on the left and right. Make them answer our questions. After all, they all work for us.

Politically a Safe Move

I am fairly sure D.A Rex Gore has consulted with the SBI this past week and knows nothing incriminating will be revealed about R.C Soles.He probably wanted to be assured nothing would be pursued against Ole R.C until stepping aside. It will gives the public the perception he is doing the right thing but it is politically motivated.WWAY-TV and Ann Mcadams should be commended for their aggressive reporting. Keep the pressure on these people because I think they are starting to squirm a little bit!

Don't Get Excited

First, congratulations to WWAY, I agree that you folks are the ONLY shining light for any kind of investigative work in southeastern NC! Don't stop. We 'average' citizens need all the help we can get. Second, to all you hopeful folks rejoicing over Gore's decision to recuse himself, a word of caution. It will take more than that to have justice done here. Don't forget that Soles has years of dirt and information on others in Raleigh and elsewhere. Like it works among the politicians and leaders we have continued to vote into (or by default by not voting at all) office, there are not particularly honest and just leaders to be found further up the chain. The locals are not the only ones who need to be booted out of office. No one will cheer louder if Soles has come to the end of his days as golden boy, but don't expect the trumpets to sound just because Gore has stepped aside. Hewett is gone, but the cases he and Gore 'worked on' were not revisited and justly treated. Until we have leaders who intend to do good and treat each citizen the SAME, with some inkling of the meanings underpinning the Constitution, nothing will change. That's why it is so important to support and encourage people who want to run for office who are true citizens not tainted by what power can do for them or their friends and why it's so important for media organizations such as this television channel to be supported and WATCHED, not just supported here where you can talk. Truth is being forced out of newspapers and off the air because government does not want you to know what goes on. Just like in countries far away. I'm not crazy - just start looking. How many other places prints news that negatively portrays those in power? None around here - that's why the subscriptions are going down and newspapers are folding. This is not just a rant. I can name cases in Brunswick where families have suffered far more injustice than those boys in Columbus. But until Gore is out and away - there will be no use. Let's start with Soles, with that is the way it goes - but let's start with ONE of these guys and show them the door!

They are all friends.

My uncle is NC house of rep. so it realy dont matter in this case. They are all friends. looking out for each other is what they do.

Good job WWAY

Good job WWAY. You guys have shown what it means to be true journalist, not left or right wing blow horns. Most news stations now are simply political platforms. This was old school classic journalism. By Gore stepping down you've scored a win for the public. Thank you.

Good going DA Gore

Mr Gore: Thank you very much for stepping down. While it took you long enough, you have done the right thing. Now is the time for the States Attroney's office to take over. Maybe now we will be able to get to the bottom of this mess with a clear and open discussion. No More hiding now, elections are right around the corner and it time for every men to step up and this time choose the right man or woman to lead Tabor City and Columbus County into the 21st century. The good old days are now gone. Lets send those that have held us back back to where they came from and start anew. It's a new day in Columbus County NC and time to move forward and open the doors to all rich & poor.

its about time gore steps

its about time gore steps down. i just hope and pray that who takes over for this case will have nothing to do with north carolina or know anything about r.c. soles cause if they do then there is no way that kyle will get any justices.kyle was shoot in the back of the leg i heard the doctor tell his father. kyle and strickland are being screwed over by the law and its about time people from t.c. stop it.

feeling the HEAT !!!

I guess DA Gore knows now that this time is different... With the national news in contact, he knows now it's can't be swept under the rug anymore.. I'm sure he told RC the same thing.. Do you see the media trucks heading down 95 yet ?? They will be ...

It's about time !!!!

I don't think he would have done this is if it wasn't for WWAY's reporting on this.. I wonder if he now knows the time has come and gone for the good ol boy thinking. He still will see the results come election day ... His days a numbered.. and Soles will be next

It took some pressure, but

It took some pressure, but he finally did the right thing!

Rex Gore

I hate to say bad things about my own breed, but- "them that lie down with dogs are likely to wake up with fleas". Rex Gore has found this out. Elections have a way of rolling around. Another favorite quote of mine, "when the ship is sinking- it's every dog for himself."


Have you seen the sign out on 17 near Shallotte that says that Gore is running for a higher office in this state? Let's stop THAT in the bud!

About time

It took him long enough to figure that out. I guess he started to see his power slip away as more and more people realize they should have voted for Jon David and will vote for him next election.

I Agree!

I totally agree with you! I voted for Jon David the last time he ran against Rex Gore; I sure hope he will run again next election we need new leadership!

i agree

Lets sure hope Jon David runs again, we really need some new faces in the 13 district. We need someone that is going to work for the people instead of the "good ole boy" system. I dont know if anyone has noticed but it seems that alot of Rex's buddies around him and found themselves in the spot light of the media as well as the justice system. First it was Ron and now R.C. mmmmm.... kinda funny huh.... I do hope Jon David wins if he runs to get things back on track. im not sure about columbus and brunswick but seems to me like people are getting away with alot in other counties.... just something to think about....:)

I agree

But you have to get red of all of them. they are all friends looking out for each other.