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GOTTA SEE: Bigfoot spotted in Western North Carolina

READ MORE: GOTTA SEE: Bigfoot spotted in Western NC

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WCNC-TV, CHARLOTTE) - The legend of Bigfoot is resurfacing in Western North Carolina. A man in Cleveland County says he encountered the mythic beast just last week.

Tim Peeler says he tried to call him, but thought at first he was calling coyotes, but he got something that frightened even this self proclaimed mountain man.

"This thing was 10 feet tall," said Peeler. "It had beautiful hair."

Sgt. Mark Self is a Cleveland County Deputy and says he didn't see the creature this time but remembers the stories of a Sasquatch when he was a kid.

"It was killing animals breaking into chicken houses, killing chickens," he says.

It's the same M.O. that Tim says he saw for himself: the Sasquatch going after his dogs.

"I come out here and rough talk him and run him off," he says.

Peeler got him to leave, called 911, then the creature came back!

"I said get away from here, get, get... and he went back down that path again," Peeler says.

Deputies filed a suspicious person report, and Peeler is still recalling the details.

"He looked like he had 6 fingers on each hand," says Peeler.

But even those sworn to serve and protect are left manning up for the cameras.

"It doesn't bother me now. I don't think there's anything to it," says Self.

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Bigfoot song!/event.php?eid=158020054261407

The Rose Familiar is a progressive Rock band from Marshall NC and they are playing a rare gig at Mike's Side Pocket in West Asheville on May 7th, 2011. They do a GREAT song about Bigfoot called Nalusa Falaya!!

Gotta See: Bigfoot Spotted in Western NC

Hollywood, FL: Stirling Road & I-95 (1963)
As a second grader my classmates and I were in the school activity yard on the merry go round and we played jax and kick ball. When we got tired we began singing -playing patty cakes hand slap games. All of a sudden across the lake about 100 yard away, we saw 4 figures of hairy looking human like gorillas. They taunted us and lick out tongues and pat their back sides at us. This is the honest to God truth I dont lie and bring in Gods name. They taunted us and lick out tongues. 2 were adults and 2 smaller ones. This was before we heard of bigfoot. We had given them names we heard from older siblings..the boogy man. After we realized that they were the socalled boogy man people, we ran screaming to the top of our voices. As we reach the school building teachers ran to our aid to see what had happened. We pointed in that direction and kept running. The principal and 2 male teachers and our teacher Ms.Baker run out to the lake and cross the area where they stood. And they confirmed our stories with seeing huge big footprints. One week later a white male was fishing at that lake, the BF attack him and snatch off his arm. So this NC man Peeler is lucky. They can be aggressive and deadly. I hope you people stop laughing at him. I believe him. He is not lying. He saw what I saw as a kid. I think they have psychic perceptions or something because they seem to know how to hide real good and are seemingly a myth to those who have not seen them yet, but I saw 4 of them and they have behavior just as humans.


My wife and I stayed very close to where this gentleman lives just this past weekend on Lake Appalachia in North Carolina. For two straight nights we heard grunting outside the cabin window, strange hooting sounds from the forest, and for two nights it sounded like something was banging on trees with a stick and even threw rocks at our cabin. One night our grill had been messed with and I know my wife and I didn't touch it. Very strange! It sounded like howls I had heard on the show "Monsterquest" when people reportedly taped sounds Bigfoot makes.

It aint bigfoot

That won't the sasquatch he seen, that was just my cousin Ricky out runnin around, we was about to put an electric fence around mommeranem's house cause he keep gettin out and diggin in the neighbers garbage


I wonder if this bigfoot is related to the "goatman" I heard about as a teenager, seen in the Green Swamp supposedly. Ya know, maybe he was the one leaving those footprints near Boiling Springs Lake a few years ago? :)


Actually, I heard he was in town for a party. I saw the Loch Ness Monster at Wal Mart and I'm certain he was on his cell phone with either Yetti or Godzilla. Honest.

Party said "Actually, I

Party said "Actually, I heard he was in town for a party. I saw the Loch Ness Monster at Wal Mart and I'm certain he was on his cell phone with either Yetti or Godzilla. Honest."

OMG, that was sooo funny!!!


invite him in for a chicken dinner and drinks next time,, then put the fryin pan to his head , and call me


That made me laugh out loud, Keith

Lay off the Shrooms

Lay off the Shrooms

Littering and... Littering aaaand...

Littering. And SMOKING the reefer.

Come on, everyone knows Big Foot doesn't comb his hair. That should tell you that this story was fabricated.

Now Sasquatch, that's a different story. He's a real diva. Always standing in front of the mirror for hours cleaning up before he goes terrorizing the hillbillies

and his hair was perfect...

and his hair was perfect...mbipp. draw blood. awhooo, Werewolf of London Again!



or the moonshine!


Can you hear a banjo in the background playing dueling banjos? He should stay out them woods unless he wants to squeal like a pig

Bigfoot was just...

...checkin on his "cough" marijuana "cough" plants.


Elvis said hi also.