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Gov. Perdue talks jobs with business leaders

READ MORE: Gov. Perdue talks jobs with business leaders

Gov. Bev Perdue used a power breakfast with area business and community leaders to outline her plans to bring more jobs to the state. The governor pledged to recreate the Port City's community that thrives on small businesses.

Gov. Perdue says Wilmington is unique because of the large percentage of small businesses that operate here. She says small businesses have been hit especially hard in the credit crunch, and that many of their loan applications have been denied simply because the applicants didn't fill out the paperwork correctly. To tackle that problem she's going to have a loan application boot camp.

Jobs, education and the film industry are just a few parts of her plan to restore our area. Perdue says it's going to take time and a lot of effort to revive Wilmington and the rest of North Carolina. She says all starts with jobs, jobs and more jobs.

"I think one of the keys for you is to continue to use your environment, beaches and water and the travel, tourism and retirement communities here," she said. "Wilmington is in a really blessed situation. You've got the best of everything that North Carolina offers, and I think we will continue to see growth here. I heard this morning that hotels and restaurants are hiring for the first time in a while, so that will put a lot of people back to work, at least for the summer."

Perdue said the cap on the tax incentive for film projects in North Carolina is driving business to other states. She hopes to get help from legislators to perfect the film industry here in Wilmington for the sake of the Port City itself and the entire state of North Carolina.

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What Insight

"...Perdue said the cap on the tax incentive for film projects in North Carolina is driving business to other states..".

Yours truly, among many others across the state, noted the very point as she and her entourage of 20+ were jetting their way to Hollywood to promote film making in NC.

She must be reading my quotes.

The question remains -- why not get the Legislature to fix the problem before jetting, with an entourage in excess of 20, to Hollywood on the state tab?

The other question unanswered -- did her entourage include the Wilmington film industry advocate who gets around $120,000 a year to promote Wilmington film making?

Change we need -- the next election will bring it at this pace.

The Joker

Hope all you idiots that voted for this clown are happy...Y'all make sure you vote the straight party ticket again..

Thanks to the brain-dead zombies we have...

auntiebev the joker perdoo
kay clueless hagen
mike" ican't change a tire" Mcintyre

don't count RC out. democraps can always ,make a comeback

Gov Perdue Jobs

Gov Perdue has no idea how to create jobs other than government jobs. She has her hand out for money from Washington in any form she can get it. In fact, when TARP money was being rejected by SC, Perdue said she would gladly take it in NC. We need new leadership in Raleigh.