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Gov wants to restore NC Highway Patrol reputation


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Gov. Beverly Perdue says she will make every North Carolina trooper sign a code of ethics and will fire any of them that break those rules.

Perdue met Wednesday with the top 160 officers of the beleaguered force and told them she is tired of the small number of troopers engaging in flagrant and obvious misconduct.

The governor says every trooper will undergo ethics training before signing a promise to follow the rules. Supervisors also will have to undergo management training.

Perdue's spokeswoman says the governor doesn't plan to shake up the Highway Patrol's leadership for now.

The patrol has seen a number of troopers resign or be fired for problems ranging from drunken driving arrests to sending inappropriate text messages.

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An Update

the Top Trooper has resigned effective September 1.

Must have been a teary eyed affair with his Patroness this morning in Raleigh.

And now the latest

a female sergeant placed on paid leave while her activities are investigated. She reports to an office daily in civvies; does not wear a badge or pistol; but does craw her $64,000 salary while the investigation goes on.

Governor Purdue, its past due time for a clear message to be sent.

Clean out the baggabe at the top. Sorry if your boy Glover and his boss have to slip off into retirement; too bad about that.

But a shake up is needed and a clear message needs to be sent.

Send those 2 packing and the message might get through.

Let them keep their positions and you will have flawed leadership through intimidation.

It's not that hard Governor; tell them they have to go. Even former President Nixon reached a point where he had to send Halderman and Ehrlichman packing in an attempt to bring order back to government.

Do the right thing Governor and do it soon.

Gov wants to restore NC Highway Patrol reputation

I always get a kick when I hear about a government agency having ethics training. How does anyone get to become a NC State Trooper and need ethics training? Hey there big lawman, you are already supposed to know what is ethical or unethical. It’s not really that hard. Oh, I forgot, they have lowered they entrance standards so some of the troopers might not know that it’s not OK to steal, drink alcohol or have sex while on duty. Sure makes me have a great deal of confidence in Law Enforcement, and these guys are the top cops. Just imagine what goes on down at the sheriff and police level. Held to a higher standard? Yea right. Next we can get some ethics training for our judges.

Proud of our State Troopers

You sir are a complete idiot. I gurantee that more priest and preachers have been guilty of the same thing than Troopers. You must have a problem with law enforcement, period. You seem to always comment negatively about law enforcement. Are you some kind of low life thug or do you just have a complex toward law enforcement.


These new code of ethics should have been enforce in the 90's when Glover was a Trooper, Line Sgt. and 1st Sgt. in Greenville, N.C. Someone should pull his file and see how many times he got in trouble and his political friend,"Perdue" came to his rescue. If all the truth was put on the chopping block, then he would not be Colonel and she would not be Governor. Maybe she does not know the definition of is unless it is Bill Clinton's version of IS. Just like NO means YES. Would the two of you take a polygraph and then sign your proposed code of ethnics? Hey, the kettle can not call the pot black.....


I want to clarify that if was New Bern, N.C. not Greenville. I was doing two things at one thing.

Does his

problem not go further back and farther afield?

Was the Top Trooper once assigned to maybe Harnett county? And was it not found he had an inappropriate relationship with a dispatcher? And as a result of that Dispatcher, was he not transferred? Could this have taken place in 1987 perhaps?

And when he was assigned to New Bern, did his Patron, named Perdue, then serving in the Legislature, not force his promotion over other more qualified and longer serving troopers?

Ah, what a tangled web we weave when legislators and their supporters seek to decieve.

But wait, is there more?

A Major retires after sending hundreds of inappropriate text messages on his state issued Blackberry to the wife of a subordinate. Are they seeking criminal charges against him for using state issued property in such a manner?

A Captain was terminated for driving under the influense up near Henderson.

And we have a case in Kinston in which a uniformed Trooper drives through a bank teller window to cash a check and "mistakenly" uses an enhanced photo, which legally qualified as child porn, to prove his identify and "manliness" to the teller who was about to cash a check for him. In Uniform and in his state vehicle. Stupid is as Stupid does.

By no means am I suggesting they need a Bible thumping Baptist Preacher to head the State Police. BUT, they need to make a change at the top. In fact, the Top Trooper and his Superior should both be replaced; that will send a clear message as to the integrity and etical behavior required of those who serve.

Governor, do the right thing; and do it this week-end.

Leadership begins

at the top. When you have the Top Trooper, who has an indiscretion in his past that would cause any other Tropper to lose his position or be demoted, why would the Governor expect better from the subordinates?

Could it be the Top Trooper is one of her confidants? Could she have furthered his career while in the Legislature?

You lead by example.

First of all, why are we

First of all, why are we calling any of these highway patrolmen Troopers? It is against the constitution for any military or paramilitary group to be assigned to enforce laws against ordinary citizens. In the past few years, I have not been able to escape noticing what kind of men are hired to the highway patrol. It is sad. In such tough economic times we should imitate Europe. Put these cops into the cheapest cars we can buy. Take away their toys. Give them 4 cyl cars and 22 pistols. I have seen the actions of these :boys." The NC Hwy patrol no longer hires mwn, it is just a low class bunch of boys.