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Government spends $18 million dollars redesigning web site

READ MORE: Government spends $18 million dollars redesigning web site
web300.jpg is a government website, that allows Americans to see where the federal stimulus money is being spent. The White House now plans to spend $18 million redesigning the money-tracking site. Many web designers say that is an outrageous number. A local web design firm has come up with a proposal for the White House, they'll redesign for a fraction of the price. Many wonder what a $18 million web site would even look like. "You know, it's a website with gold on it or something like that or platinum. It's crazy, no I don't think it's good,” said Cedric McGinnis of Wilmington. "That's the reason the economy is in the shape that it's in is for reasons like that,” said Sharon Whitehurst. Web designers at Inspire Creative Studios, came up with a plan to save some tax payers some money. They’ve offered to charge the White House just $1 million to redesign "Well we love this country, and if it means making a measly million dollars, sign us up,” said Jonathan Medford of Inspire Creative Studios. The government has awarded the contract for the website work to Maryland firm Smartronix, but Smartronix's website doesn't even mention web design as one of its specialties. "But they did a website, we looked it up they did a website in 2007…so that was good, it was probably a pretty good website,” said Curtis Thieman of Inspire Creative Studios. Smartronix has already hired three subcontractors to help with the web design. Since the White House gig is already spoken for, the designers at Inspire Creative Studios hope ‘plan b’ will come through for them. "If nothing else, maybe the government can hire us to design a site that will track the $18 million tracking site,” Thieman said. A spokesperson for told WWAY the redesign is more than "just painting a pretty picture". The money is going toward making the new website more user-friendly and data-focused, with enhanced security and a back-up system in case of emergencies; he said there's no way one million dollars would cover that.

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Thats a load

Our company which designs web based applications and web sites for large enterprise(which I will not name) looked at the site throuroughly. With a consistend load of 400k users and a peak of 5 million users, with proper load banancine, pleacing the site in a could with multiple layers of redundancy and including public APIs to track site usage in real time and a 3 year maintenance contract.... $642,000.00 .. A tiny bit less than 18 mil.... Its absurd...

18 million dollar web redux

This administration is truly a disaster. We need these clowns at the circus & out of Washington!

And they wonder why we complain about higher taxes...

Absolutely amazing!!! 18 million dollars to "redesign" a website??? This is exactly why the US citizens complain about paying more taxes!!! Wasteful spending such as this is absurd. The citizens of this country, state and county have NO IDEA how many wasteful efforts such as this exist that draw the money straight out of our pockets. For every wasteful program such as this that is uncovered, there are likely a thousand we can't even find out about. Our government is not accountable for how they spend OUR money. The American prople are like a huge pool of stockholders that never get to see a balance sheet, vote on proxies or witness accountabilitiy as to where our money is really spent. If the US Government were treated as a publicly traded business, it would be no more than a worthless penny stock going nowhere but down. Totally out of control!!! CUT THE FAT AND ELIMINATE NEW AND ELEVATED TAXES TO BAIL THIS COUNTRY OUT. THIS IS GETTING REDICULOUS!

Incredible. Just incredible.

Incredible. Just incredible.

Waste of Money

This is a total waste of tax payers money. I wonder who’s friend is doing the work. This is about as bad as the tourist trips Obama has been taking on the tax pay dollar. If he doesn't, I think he needs to pay back the money for his family and mother-in-law going.

what's the big deal?

a million here; a million there. Takes a thousand millions to hit a billion; takes a thousand billions to hit a trillion. They have a long way to go before they sink our grandchildren's future even further into the hole. I hope everyone who voted for the annointed one and his inept band of followers is happy. This is sort of like "The Pied Piper" with his Majesty tooting the pipe and leading all of the starry eyed liberals to the cliff's edge. Well, Liberals, you're getting exactly what you voted for. Someone with no leadership experience and no network of followers who truly understand economics and how government should effectively work.

Some may not agree with

Some may not agree with Obama's policies, others might.. regardless, no one is going to agree with spending 18 million on a web site and this frugal spending happens too often no matter if they are Democrat or Republican. To be fair, every administration has wasted money. To chose this as your bashing point against Obama is a reach. This isn't about one political party... it's about politicians wasting tax payer money.

Obama and the Democrats are

in control now, so it all falls on them. These people want the taxpayer to serve their power greed. They'll spend your last dime for the power and expect more because they think what you earn is theirs. It's not their money. It's the peoples money and right now these people are stealing the future while depriving the people their hopes and dreams. The load on the wagon is getting too heavy and the mules are tired and when that happens the mules stop pulling. Time to stop pulling!!!!!

one more time

Guess we can sit back and watch our tax money line the pockets of yet another person. Spread the wealth, just spreading the wealth.