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Governments doing little to prevent tobacco-related deaths

A new report from the world health organization finds that governments around the globe are doing little to prevent the millions of tobacco-related deaths that occur each year. In the first-ever global report on tobacco control, the world health organization reveals tobacco use is still the world's number one cause of preventable death, responsible for more than five million deaths each year. But few governments are doing much to fix the problem. Just five percent of people worldwide are protected by national smoke-free laws that ban tobacco use in most public places -- and 40 per cent of Countries still allow smoking in schools and hospitals. Only nine countries have fully available services to help smokers quit. The report finds that money is part of the problem -- governments receive 500 times as much money from tobacco taxes as they spend on efforts to reduce smoking. Experts list six steps countries should be taking to fight tobacco, which are -- monitoring tobacco use among their citizens -- protecting people from tobacco smoke -- helping smokers to quit -- warning people about health dangers -- enforcing bans on tobacco advertising, and -- raising taxes on tobacco products.

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The government and smokers

When are we going to wake up and realize that prohibition simply will not work? It didn't work with alcohol, it isn't working with drugs, and it will not work with tobacco. You can raise cigarette taxes until they're ten dollars a pack, tens of millions of people will still smoke. We see it every day, right now - if they're down to their last five bucks, they buy cigarettes before they buy baby formula! It's not the government's job to force you into "not being stupid." You control what you put into your body. You are responsible for your lifestyle. The government needs to get out of the nanny business and stop spending so much time and resources on idiots. Whether you smoke, drink yourself into a coma every day, ram heroin into your veins, or exist on a diet of pizza and Big Macs, when the grim reaper comes knocking on your door far too early, TOO BAD! Adios! It's not anyone's fault but yours, and the government needn't spend tens of thousands trying to prolong your life. Elsewhere on these boards, people are pleading to help heroin addicts. Here, they're pleading to help smokers. Meanwhile we have bridges falling into rivers, roads and sewers falling into ruin, and a military that is stretched so thinly our soldiers and Marines think of Iraq as their permanent duty station, and North Carolina as a temporary overseas tour. Here's the sad fact everyone wants to deny - unless we return to the pre-Reagan, Draconian tax rates of forty, fifty or seventy percent, the government can't be a bottomless money well. It can't be Daddy Warbucks, and be all things to all people. We have to set priorities and spend every dollar where it provides the most benefit to the most people. In other words, we need to stop blowing billions on people who can't manage their lives and don't care if they kill themselves, and get back to the basic functions that governments were designed to provide. Being your eternal mommy isn't one of them.

Coffin Nails

We all know that smoking will kill you. That piece of advice has been around since the early 60's. Hey, if you will not listen, then what?