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Governor Easley is pushing for an economic stimulus package

Governor Easley is asking North Carolina’s Congressional delegation to push for an economic stimulus package in Washington. Easley wants the financial boost to help North Carolina, and other states complete infrastructure projects and create jobs. In a letter he sent to the delegation Tuesday, Easley asked the members to pass a stimulus package immediately.

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When you steal the state

When you steal the state highway funds, a national stimulus package sounds like a good solution. If everyone, including government, would stay in budget, everyone would be better served. Easley's a democrat, so be must always back overspending, borrowing, and printing worthless money.

Oh no!

Does the little missus need another raise already?

Put on a third shift at the BEP

"Hey Willie! They just told us to print up ANOTHER trillion!" In a year or two I'll retire and start marketing wheelbarrows to help people go grocery shopping. I'll offer two models, the basic Weimar Republic model, and the deluxe Mugabe-Zimbabwe model, offering genuine elephant-hide wrapped handles. Perhaps recession which only impacts a minority of the population (albeit painfully) is a better alternative than eventual hyper-inflation, which will impact everyone?

at the rate

they are going; and with the amounts they throw around, in 2040, the Government will likely just barely service the debt which will be taken on. My daughter and son-in-law will be trying to remember what Social Security was all about. My grandchildren will be wondering how I, and the rest of my generation, could have been so misguided by charismatic leaders (by the way, I did not vote for him). They'll be living off the land on the old Family farm. I, meanwhile, will have been propped against a sand dune, with a Guiness and Turkey Leg, and will be waiting for the crabs and vultures to finish off what the Government had not redistributed. Some firghtening thoughts among the humor.

Mugabe-Zimbabwe model

It won't do any good to market the wheelbarrows as people will pay with a gazillion dollar bill. When people finally realize there's nothing backing up the printed paper money, and it's worthless, the coming tidal wave of people that will end up with nothing will make the bailout look like pennies for a parking meter.