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Governor Purdue's campaign admits errors with air flights


ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) - Gov. Beverly Perdue's lawyer says her campaign made mistakes reporting private airplane flights she took as a candidate but doesn't think a more serious investigation is needed by the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Campaign attorney John Wallace told the elections board in Asheville on Tuesday that The Bev Perdue Committee was proactive in identifying problems before her 2008 victory and continued to refile expense reports with flights that hadn't been reported.

The board is discussing a review of campaign flights by Perdue and several other gubernatorial candidates since 2004. The review found Perdue's committee failed to report more than 40 flights.

The board could issue fines, call for an investigatory hearing or take no further action.

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Mike Easley, done some of the same things and he wasn't right and to me that is stealing from the taxpayers in NC and she should be fined and taken out of office asap. If you are caught doing illegal things whether you knew exactly what was going on or not you are responsible for the staff you have working for you. I am sure that she knew about what was going on.Many occasions I have wrote to her asking her to show me and taxpayers where the Lottery Money the percent from ABC stores, Light Camera's( A total break down of it all)was going and she still has not done it. The schools are not getting this money for the teachers have to use their own money for the students in classrooms, and parents are spending way to much money on a children for school supplies She keeps cutting teachers out jobs, and not giving them raises and their benefits have been cut. The money is going somewhere and it is not to the schools. The money is going somewhere it shouldn't be going .It probably going in her pocket and her staff's. Someone needs to investigate that also. If she is guilty of one thing then I am sure there is a lot more the taxpayers don't know about. She was doing fights illegal will she is doing more than for sure. She has made it worse for the school system and this State is one of the highest states for taxes. I is unreal what we pay in taxes for this State to live in and they still cannot balance the budget someone does not know how to keep books correctly and to much spending on things that are not important. Schools and teachers are the most important for if it keeps going the way it is now we will not be able to send our kids to school because we cannot afford it and also there will not be proper teachers to teacher our children. Lets get her out of office now ,IN PEACH HER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!