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Governor signs smoking ban into law


The country's largest tobacco-producing state is going smoke free. North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue signed a bill into law Tuesday that bans smoking in restaurants and bars statewide. She signed the bill during a ceremony in the Old House Chamber of the state Capitol. The law allows fines of up to $50 for people who smoke after being asked to stop, and up to $200 for managers who've been twice warned to enforce the rules. It takes effect Jan. 2. Perdue has said the smoking restrictions are a historic step to protect health, and she supports reducing and eliminating smoking. More than 30 states have passed similar legislation. Virginia adopted a ban in March despite its 400-year history with tobacco. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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smoking policy

For one the restraunts will have to adhere to the policy,i can see the number of calls to the police because someone is smoking in the restraunts!As for the comments about big macs etc killing you,well the sandwiches aren't killing the person beside me or making them stink in cig smell for the rest of the day.A filthy habit that needs to end forever,waste of money and life,but its your stupid life,keep puffing,plenty of land for graveyards.

If you kill yourself eating

If you kill yourself eating Big Macs, you haven't damaged the health of those around you. Smokers still haven't figured this out.


I think some of this is so outrages, i am a smoker, i can see not smoking in a resturant because even though i smoke i donot smoke in a resturant,but not smoking in a bar i think that is going to far,most people go to a bar to relax have drink,chat with friends.ive seen people in bars that didnt smoke but never seen them complain about it,i think if they ban smoking in bars these bars are going to lose a lot business,i just think its crazy

Hand Raised

Of course not, because the Restaurant allowed it. Or bar rather allowed it. Smoking KILLS people! Second Hand Smoke KILLS people. How much clearer does it have to be for people to realize this. You wanna smoke fine, go do it at home. In my opinion though if you are in a public place or you have kids you shouldn't be allowed to smoke. It's a disgusting habit that only people who apparently have no wish to live or just a lower intelligence partake in.

Stick that in your pipe...

All I can say is, FINALLY! I honestly thought it would be more of a struggle for the tobacco capital to go smoke-free. Way to go Bev, I'm actually proud of ya! Good luck to the enforcers come Jan. 2nd...


Yes smoking is bad for us all but it's my choice... and if we talk about bad health then lets look at the McDees and Hardees... ect how many people have they killed in the name of profit? Let’s go for something that REALY needs it... pass a fat tax for the restraints’ so they to can help the system with health care problems this is the cause of many wasted tax $, its simple... have a no tax menu and a fat tax menu. if it is not healthy then tax it or better yet don’t let them eat it, except in the alley with the smokers. ET Wilmington NC

No Smoking

This is such a blessing!!! I am so excited and have waited for this day! January 2 will be a beautiful day!