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Governor spends day in Wilmington

READ MORE: Governor spends day in Wilmington

Gov. Bev Perdue came to Wilmington to speak to mayors from across the state today. The North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Coalition met at the Hilton Riverside downtown.

Perdue spoke about her plans to limit the role of government, improve education and reduce the population at state prisons. Mayors had the chance to ask Perdue questions about important issues in their cities, like film incentives in Wilmington.

"The incentive that we passed is good, but evidently there is some kind of million-dollar cap on it that provides an ultimate disincentive for the big productions," Perdue said. "I'm going to Hollywood the end of March to recruit films and to talk to all the directors and find out what we must do."

After she spoke to state mayors, Gov. Perdue took a tour of the GE Hitachi plant in Castle Hayne. The governor says she plans to focus on sources of alternative energy to help create jobs in North Carolina.

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Pulse of the community

I work in an industry ( CSX railroad ) that has a good reading on the economic health of N.C . Across the board , most of the industries we deal with are in a severe economic downturn and I have seen a significant drop off in business volume the last two years. There is very little longevity in Gov. Perdue's proposals and will not bring us out of this economic depression. I do not have confidence in her abilities to re-right the ship here in N.C. A more productive use of her office would be to promote and expedite the construction of the International Port at Southport. This port will be our gateway to the world of trade and match up with the expansion of the Panama Canal to accommodate additional container traffic . The infrastructure required will call upon the construction industry for many years and the numerous support industries will provide much needed jobs. The foundation of our community (Port City ) was built upon trade. The trickle down effect will benefit a majority of the citizens of southeastern N.C who need work now ! Tapping into our natural resources would be beneficial as well, please drill now . No more studies. This industry has a proven track record , with little or no incidents. Gov. Perdue , political gimmicks and trips to Hollywood are not the answer to long term prosperity !

the same can be said

for the short term programs being flipped around out of Washington.

But then, we are paying for all those first time voters and liberals who were determined to elect someone to our nation's highest office who had no leadership skills or managment experience.

Unfortunately, the Governor rode his coat tails into office.

We can only hope there will be a change in administrations in both Raleigh & Washington at the next election; and that strong leaders will step into place who can undo so much of the damage these 2 have created.

She notes

"The incentive that we passed is good, but evidently there is some kind of million-dollar cap on it that provides an ultimate disincentive for the big productions..."

But rather than work on that through the legislature to arrive at some viable alternative, she has another plan.

"I'm going to Hollywood the end of March to recruit films and to talk to all the directors and find out what we must do."

Don't we have a government official responsible for this?

But no, better for her to travel, with her entourage and security force, on the taxpayer's nickel in a tight economic period with state income tax refunds being held up.

Probably needs to get out of chilly Raleigh and bask in that California sunshine.

I hope everyone who voted her in office is thrilled. Maybe your reward will be to see her hob nobbing with Arnold and Maria.

Another Misguided Liberal Politician

Poor Bev. She is going to Hollywood to bring us some movie jobs. Good luck to the unemployed. As a bonus, she is going to get us some "alternative" energy jobs. What does Bev have in mind? Wind mills, solar, plankton? All of the above have proven to be less than desirable.

I wish we had a Governor that lived in the real world, such as the Governor of Virginia. His focus is on off-shore drilling for oil and natural gas, an industry that safely thrives along the Gulf Coast.

We made huge mistakes during the elections of 2006 and 2009. Between the two, we turned our government over to liberals like Bev Perdue. They are turning our nation into something that we have never seen before. Economist on the left and right are saying that this Democrat-made, mess of an economy, is the worst since Herbert Hoover's Great Depression.

The only folks satisfied are college professors, the political class and the non-productive, burdensome class.

Let's hope that Bev gets a movie deal for herself and stays in California. She and Hollywood deserve each other.


Wonder why she wouldn't come here to talk to the people when she was running for office.

Gov Perdue Visit to Wilmington

Gov. Perdue should not hold her breath if she thinks alternative energy jobs are going to pull NC out of this deep recession and reduce state unemployment significantly. Those type jobs may be government subsidized, but they end up not being cost competitive to the consumers, and for every job of this type created, about two in conventional energy are lost. I'm afraid she is out of touch with reality.