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Governor stole spotlight on new movie announcement


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Gov. Bev Perdue's office first announced last night "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" will film in Wilmington. We wanted to know why the local film commission did not step in and make the announcement before the Governor.

Wilmington Regional Film Commission director Johnny Griffin said the state and the film commission were both working closely with the producers of the film, but it just happened that the Governor's office found out first that the deal was final.

"The Governor's office, it's kind of a little bit easier for them to get the attention of the studio when it's the governor who's wanting to make an announcement and put pressure on them to try and get that information," Griffin said.

Griffin said the film commission found out about the final decision around 5:30 p.m. Monday. That's about a half hour after the Governor's office sent out a news release.

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She should be fired

She should be fired....she's a terrible leader...enough said...she does'nt deserve anymore of my time!


Really, "Her Highness," and when that gets old, "the annointed one?" You really should come up with some of your own schtick instead of parroting the Big Talker guys. Bev Perdue can't win for losing with you - she goes to CA to lobby for film work in Wilmington - and you slam her. She actually SCORES some film work for Wilmington - and you slam her. Not that I think she looks for SurfCityTom for her approval ratings - thank God.

She took

an entourage of 23 with her to California. And still unanswered is whether the Wilmington Film Guy was included.

And this is all she scores. Check out the reports; much of the filming is being done in California and Hawaii.

Why not check the facts before you take a shot.

And the day she leads Government rather than respond to whatever the hot button of the day is, perhaps she'll be less likely to be slammed.

Tom, taking a shot is the only ammo they have

In the past years I can only recall one guy who even tried to convince me I was wrong. Go count on all the other boards and see how many will actually argue against the points:

* The never-ending interstate/international bidding war
* The relatively small amount of money that circulates in a very tight knot of the same people all the time
* The true function of government and ethics of "working special deals" with any corporate entity.
* The propriety of returning millions in tax revenue while we're scrambling to find money for basic services that ARE a function of government, such as road construction and maintenance.

No one discusses the philosophy of this issue. They just attack you because you're goring their scared cow.

You're right there

so let me stake out my 2 sacred cows. They were a hot topic of discussion last night with a number of Surf City locals who see the value, the economic stimulus, and the creation of jobs.

1. The International Curling Association Headquarters and Museum. To be constructed near the Sea Turtle Hospital. Picture all of the foriegn tourists, athletes, and foriegn currency, likely more valuable than the dollar, flocking to our little pocket of eastern NC.

2. The Duchy of Topsail. We save the state money by blowing the bridge and not replacing the exisiting structure. Long term jobs from the casinos and gentlemen's clubs which will flock here.

The possibilities are endless.

No doubt some politicians are giddy at the thought.

Perdue, Part 2

This is the typical way a republican deals with anything. Like ignoring the fact that Governor Perdue was the one who lobbied for more movies in Wilmington (good for our economy, good for putting creative folks back to work, good all the way around), and not giving her (a DEMOCRAT) the credit for such good news, only crediting when there is BAD news.

Just one more reason I'm voting a straight Democratic ticket.


the message is Mr. Griffin should seek other career opportunities.

Her Highness does not share the limelight.

Still no word on whether he was a member of her 23 person entourage.

Still no word on why that trip was even necessary. Did he not have all the required information at his finger tips?

Either way, the local

Either way, the local community benefits with this project coming to the studio here.


This is the typical way a democrat deals with anything. If it is good news take credit for it even if you had nothing to do with the good news. If is bad news blame it on the someone else even if they had nothing to do with the bad news. Just one more reason I'm voting a straight republican ticket.

This is typical politician,

This is typical politician, party affiliation has nothing to do with it. They like to take credit for popular accomplishments, and deny or limit responsibility for unpopular items.

A straight party ticket is often a foolish way to go. Just because someone has an R by their name doesn't mean they're the best candidate. In the last election, I voted mostly democrat, but voted for McCrory over Perdue. She's definitely wasn't the best one for the job.


I guess the studio gave them the tax incentives and other breaks they got. Also if they didn't have anything to do with it why would they tell them before the studio?

Good grief!

The studio doesn't give incentives to anyone! They are a BUSINESS, not the STATE and certainly NOT the Film Commission! This film is here in Wilmington primarily because of the water tank on stage 10, but who cares why or who got them here. It's coming and it will employ hundreds of people!


I know the studio don't give incentives,I was replying to the post "Perdue". Get a grip.

Her EXIT date can't get here

Her EXIT date can't get here fast enough. She has done absolutely nothing to benefit this state. One of the worst in history. I hate the site of her face. One and done Purdy Purdue.