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Governor to visit Snipes Academy


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Snipes Academy will get a visit from the Governor. Monday, Gov. Bev Perdue will observe teachers using mCLASS, a handheld device that assesses math skills in kindergarten through third graders. The technology allows teachers to upload assessments to a website, and use data to help create better lesson plans.

The governor is scheduled to arrive at Snipes at 10 a.m. Monday.

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Politician, and that is ALL

This lady is ruining NC Schools. She has no respect for educators or principals and no concept of the work they do, The schools are totally unequal and she thinks we need to race to the top! On the way, fire everybody teaching the children, Yep, a grand politician she is....

Must need

a week-end away from Raleigh. Visiting the Marines today and Wilmington on Monday. Why go back to Raleigh and try to work with the House and Senate on the financial Armageddon created during the last 8 years of freebies and give aways?

I wonder if she'll break the news about teacher furlough days being written into the current budget?

I wonder if she'l break the news that the proposal to "borrow" $100 million from the Education Lottery Fund, to be used to pay back teachers for last year's fiscal adjustment and to give teachers a raise, got shot down too?

Oh well, why face the harsh realities of the state's economy when you can get on a plane & fly away?

But if she doesn't show her

But if she doesn't show her face down here, people will complain that the politicians in Raleigh ignore southeastern NC. People like you that don't like her will find a reason to b1tch and moan either way. I voted for McCrory, but I still don't go looking for stupid reasons to complain about her every move.

Stupid Reasons??

How about sense of priority?

The Senate and House are in session trying to draw up a budget that complies with the State Constitution requirement it be balanced.

Her own party stated the budget she proposed was not realistic and needed quite a bit of work.

The budget has to be in place by July 1 or state government shuts down -- which may not be a bad thing.

BUT, until the budget is written and approved, her place is in Raleigh -- not all over the state.

And remember, last year she threatened not to sign the Budget, which effectively could have shut down government if she did not get her way on certain budget items.

So again, I say, sense of priority.

As to liking her, that is not the issue. I'm still waiting for the Governor to show a sense of purpose and direction.

And, I listed a couple of the items which are apparently going to be in the Budget which will have an impact on Education.

So while she addresses her priorities, maybe you should address focus and not take things out of context.