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Governor visits New Hanover Co. Monday

For the second time this month Governor Bev Perdue visits New Hanover County today. The governor will hold an education rally at the Minnie Evans Arts Center on Halyburton Memorial Parkway. It starts at 10 a.m. Perdue will talk about her budget priorities. During rallies last week the governor tried to build public support for tax increases to prevent big cuts to education. It's believed perdue wants as much as $1.5 billion in new revenues. She will finish her six-city tour with a rally this afternoon in Greenville. We will have a complete wrap-up of her visit to New Hanover County tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3 starting at 5.

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Bev's been a disaster....

....and she's just getting started! The only way she can redeem herself at this point would be to do a 180 and start aggressively cutting the state programs that exist as "make work" agencies, and reduce government spending at all levels. No need to fire teachers if you fire some inefficient bureaucrats instead. And CUT taxes! Let people keep their hard earned money so that they can shop, save, invest, and maybe even create some meaningful jobs for their fellow citizens. Unfortunately, Perdue and her cronies in the legislature would rather put the squeeze on the taxpayers. Let's see what she has to say when she drives more jobs out of the area. Not to mention all the productive citizens who will seek out greener pastures.


let the governor learn what budget priorities mean. She was a lot of nerve to hold an "education rally", other wise known as a "I am going to raise your taxes rally". Well gov. I think we need to focus on real issues like getting that pier built up in Nags Head. Could I see the tab that it will cost today for the rally in six cities? So who's fault is it the the budget is short? Hmmm isn't that you and your co-horts jobs. Think progressive NOT regressive!

They wasted the surplus

Bev was Lt Gov when just three short years ago, there was a special legislative session held to try and figure out how to spend a $2 billion surplus. I guess saving during the good times was never an option. Ol' Bev just wants to start more giveaway programs that are going to require higher taxes and fees later. She then uses the same tired pitch line of the money is for children or the elderly. Well GOVERNOR WE ARE SICK OF IT. NO MORE TAXES!!!

Pull at the heartstrings for tax increases...

Really odd how they do this. The government wants to increase taxes to pay for shortfalls. The only alternative is to cut education for children and services to the elderly? What about research funding for the migration of the Piping Plover or the Great Horned Owl. What is being done to reduce the drain of illegal immigrants on our healthcare and school system. There are thousands of ways for the state to save money, but we'll never see that list. They will pull at the heartstrings of adults that have children and aging parents, it's almost threatening, but it's the strategy used time and time again.


I don't think this lady gets it. CUT THE WASTE. cut the waste. CUT THE WASTE. NO NEW TAXES!!!

No new taxes

I'm in complete agreement -- No new taxes during this economic downturn. That's insanity! Hope the audience laughed at her when she suggested it, but I doubt they were listening that closely.


Since the Governor chose to hold her meeting on a Monday during normal working hours, the people who pay most of the state's taxes weren't even there. There is no telling who was in the audience, but the ones most likely to provide the reality check that Governor Purdue needs to hear were at their workplaces, working hard so they can continue to pay their (already high) taxes. Let's hope she met with some resistance to the idea of raising taxes. The right answer is to downsize state government, eliminate wasteful spending, and crack down on corruption. Raising taxes should not be an option.

the audience

The audience was state workers and more importantly, the state workers who are with the children every day that they are in school. We all understand that cuts need to be made but making cuts that will affect children's education isn't the way to go. Some of us have come to the realization that in order for our children to receive the best education they can, we are going to have to pay some out of pocket. What if you had to pay for your children to ride the school bus? That is a total luxary that doesn't have to be given. Think about how things could be and then weigh the differences. If you don't want the best for your children, what do you want?

the people in the audience

the people in the audience were the ones who teach your children, we were there to fight for our jobs so that your children will get the education they deserve, we also work an pay taxes, we just have a few weeks off!

Thank you!

Thank God for teachers! I apologize that I didn't consider you when I posted my original comment. I know you are a hard-working tax-paying citizen, and I greatly appreciate you spending your vacation time to attend this meeting to represent all the other taxpayers who couldn't be there. Thank you for being there and representing the rest of us, and God bless you for teaching our children.