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Governor visits Wilmington to see how technology helps students

READ MORE: Governor visits Wilmington to see how technology helps students

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Gov. Bev Perdue made a trip to the Port City to speak with teachers and students about the pros and cons of a new hand-held device. She even tried it herself. Perdue made a trip to Snipes Academy in Wilmington to see how effective these hand-held devices really are in the classroom.

"The technology is essential because you see what it can do for a teacher and a student," Perdue said. "It adds power. It lets the teacher understand exactly where the kid is and what skill sets the kid needs to improve."

The governor wants to spend more than $30 million on these hand-held devices. Teachers say the Palms can be difficult for the student, but also rewarding. Perdue says teachers need to make sure every student has a basic understanding of math and reading before they advance to their next grade.

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Isn't that cute, she comes

Isn't that cute, she comes to a charters school, takes pictures with "diverse learners" and act like she cares about education! If she cared about education she would not be cutting even more teachers and funding (to the tune of approx. 9 million dollars a SCHOOL!) next year. 30 million to palm pilots! What about a few thousand to finish the secondary curriculums and EOC tests that are unfinished because there is no funding! Or to buy new text books since they are all over due for replacement! Or, you know, something crazy like putting more qualified teachers in the classrooms so that everyone who teachers anything over third grade does not have classrooms of 40! As a parent and as a teacher I am appalled that she claims to care about education at all! Particularly when she refuses to even accept questions from teachers at public speaking appearances!


Which will be around in two years, Palm, inc or Gov Perdue? is this the best we can do for bringing new technology to the classroom? Give me a break! Maybe the governor could donate her Gateway Computer with floppy drive and Windows 95 to a school. I am sure they would just swoon for that "new" technology.

So the reason our schools

So the reason our schools are failing is the lack of $30 million in Palm Pilots. Wow! Nobody educated in this state in the last 200 years was taught with a Palm Pilot. I guess nobody in this state was taught math properly.
What a incredible waste of taxpayers money!

Re: Bev Perdue, Technology, and Education

Bev Perdue wants to give teachers power? She can start with salary increases. We can't afford to pay teachers what they deserve but we can find an extra 30 million to go forward with new technology purchases? Teachers having to work an extra job to stay ahead of approaching debt is insane and that's what Perdue has pushed us towards: insanity. The governor should enjoy her remaining time in office because I'm confident she will be voted out during the next election.

A Couple of Points

First, I can not believe someone other than me is taking shots at the Education Governor.

Second, don't assume she found the $30 million to fund the palm pilots. The budget she presented was so far from reality her own party indicated it would require a major re-write; and that is what the Legislature is in town for.

Third, her "floated" proposal to borrow $100 million from the Education lottery to be used for teacher raises and to repay them for lost time last year, was quietly shot down. The Senate relaized the second portion of the proposal to require each county to repay their proportionate share of the funding would never float.

Fourth, hate to tell you this, but the budget coming out of the Senate calls for several teacher furlough days. By the way, those days can not be taken on instructional days.

With the new found transparency in education, I assumed everyone could see through this. Thursday at Lejuene; 3 day week-end at the Coast or her home in New Bern; Monday in Wilmington, then back to Raleigh until her next junket.

With the work to be done on movie incentives, who knows, she may need another trip to Hollywood to be certain she has it right this time.

Watch the sky.

Your Education Governor at work for you.


"The technology is essential because you see what it can do for a teacher and a student," Perdue said. "It adds power. It lets the teacher understand exactly where the kid is and what skill sets the kid needs to improve."

Isn't that what tests and homework are for? We're just making kids not have to work for anything. Some "lucky" kid can guess the right answers to the multiple choice math problem on the device, but never really grasp the concepts. Truth is, no amount of technology will help if the kids do not have the desire to learn.