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Grand re-opening celebration for Community Boys and Girls Club

A Wilmington facility celebrated its recent renovations. The Community Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington held their grand re-opening Thursday night. The gym was built in 1979, received an extreme makeover, much to the delight of Mayor Saffo and the more than 200 children who attend each day. A new floor and a fresh coat of paint highlight the changes. The total cost of the renovations was $276,000, which came from grants from the city and a North Carolina based capital improvement foundation.

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boys and girls club

Does anyone realize that the boys and girls club is supposed to help at risk kids (kids who would be out on the streets after school) but kids in that community are being turned away? People who can afford after school care are taking advantage of the system because there is no sliding scale in place. It's only $10 a year to join and we taxpayers are paying for this. A wealthy family making in excess of $250,000 a year send their kids to the afterschool program for just $10 a year for each child and you and I are paying for it! Our school budget is being cut and teachers are losing their jobs but the gymnasium just got a $276,000 renovation. We are being robbed. The Community Boys and Girls Club needs to put a sliding scale in place. This way no one is turned away but people pay according to income. Why should at risk kids be turned away and taxpayers be paying for free lunch and afterschool care to those who need it the least?

No at risk kids get turned

No at risk kids get turned down at the club. Thats the most idiotic thing I have heard in awhile and shows that you dont know much about the club. The yearly rate is 20.00 so that any of these kids can afford it. They accept all children in need! I for one, being a taxpayer myself, am proud to have helped these kids instead of paying 10 times the amount later to house them in prisons.


I agree with Guesty. The poor in this country and the have-nots can only live off those of us fortunate enough to make good money for so long. I totally agree with your example too...if I pay more for things because I make more...then I should get better service. Faster response time from the fire dept, police, better parking spaces, oh and how about my vote counts more because i pay more. If we do a sliding scale based on income then it's only fair I get more voting power. Perhaps then I can vote out unions that produce poor quality goods for high wages, vote down paying for other people's health care, vote to end religous institutions completely, vote that my kids (if I had the little burdens) should get better educations and be the first to get into colleges. As a white male from a wealthy family it really ticked me off that it was harder for me to get into a state college than a black or poor person. Anyway...climbing down off my box now


I feel sure that most of the people reading your so called point would prefer that you be climbing anywhere, as long as it's away. Who made you so perfect and wonderful and full of yourself??? Just because you came from money doesn't make you any better than anyone else. Maybe if you had had to earn your way through life, you'd have a whole different perspective of everything!

By your logic

So the people that make more should pay more? Great dimocratic way of thinking. So if I were to use your logic and I make $250k and have to call the sheriff's department I should get a faster response time because my house is bigger than yours and I pay more in taxes. If we both decide to take the bus, I should pay more than you pay because I have wealth. Who are you going to blame once all the wealth has been stolen from the rich?