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Grassroots project takes to the phone to educate on healthcare

READ MORE: Grassroots project takes to the phone to educate on healthcare
The Democratic National Committee says it hopes to educate the public on the issues, and ultimately gain support in Washington. One by one, members of the group "Organizing for America" called senior citizens, and folks typically home during the day, to help campaign for the president's healthcare reform plan. "We're not interested in drastic change in the health care system. We want to do something that is going to help average citizens and is going to improve our economic future," said Linda Barnett, an Organizing for America volunteer. But opponents want to know exactly what this group is campaigning for. Wilmington resident Carolyn Bordeaux said, "If you're asking me to do something, and I don't know what the ramifications are, then I think that's ill advised." Opponents like Bordeaux say it doesn't make sense to push for a reform plan when Congress has so many ideas it's considering. “I would probably ask them what exactly they are promoting," she said. Members of the democratic group say they're simply speaking in generalities, to get a feel for where the public stands. "There is no specific bill. There are five bills. They haven't been merged yet. They're very similar. They all show that they are going to be a deficit reducers," Barnett said. Right now, they say it's a good way to get folks talking with local leaders about the issues at hand. Barnett added, "People are going to be calling Congressman McIntyre who normally wouldn't call, and that's what we want. We want normal people involved." Organizing for America set up its phone bank at the Martin Luther King Junior Building, which is owned by the city of Wilmington. The MLK staff asked the group to shut down at 3:00 p.m. instead of 5:00, because the city was wary of hosting a politically-charged event. We were told, the group did not fully explain what the phone bank was all about.

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Who is Obama's Hero ?

I bet it is Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías... Do you know who that is? That is the President of Venezuela.. What is he trying to do? Take everything from Business and the so called rich to give to the people.. I like most people work hard for what I have. I teach my kids that if they want to have anything in life they will have to do the same. If you don't want to work then you should be homeless and hungry. I have no pity for you. You go out and pay $100+ for a pair of Tennis Shoes, but you want us to pay for you food.. You could get a job and take that money and purchase your health care with it.

Too Much Government Intervention

The federal government has their hands in too many things. The have fared very poor in all their endeavors. I am a little fearful of so much government involvement in so many industries When the people fear the government it is tyranny! When the government fears the people it is liberty! Folks , it is time for LIBERTY ! The phone call center will read from a script prepared by the DNC trying to sell reform.

So these are the people I

So these are the people I have been hanging up on all week. Good, it wasn't important then. Here is a message you can take back to congress, lady......come next election, YOU ARE FINISHED.

Please call me !

I hope they will call my home because I am going to let their ears bleed. It will be the worst phone call they ever made.I know more about this issue than they do!!!!

No way

From the story: "We were told, the group did not fully explain what the phone bank was all about." You mean a dimocratic group was lying by omission? That is unheard of. Not. But then again that is SOP for the lefties.

First of all, I'm not sure

First of all, I'm not sure how Organizing for America, which takes its marching orders from the Obama administration, is considered to be a "grassroots" group. Second of all, I would wager that the majority of these people pushing this thing haven't read the bill, and have no clue as to what it's going to do. Well, to be fair, most of our elected representatives haven't read it either. Anyone who is interested in trying to make sense of the 1500+ page bill can do so here: Let's hope this thing doesn't get signed into law.

Gov't managed healthcare? Look at this!!!

US Postal Service: Est. 1775, 234 yrs to get it right...BROKE Social Security: Est. 1935, 74 yrs to get it right...BROKE Fannie Mae: Est. 1938, 71 yrs to get it right...BROKE "War on Poverty"- Started in 1964, 45 yrs to get it right...BROKE Medicare and Medicaid: Est. in 1965, 44 yrs to get it right...BROKE Freddie Mac: Est. 1970, 39 yrs to get it right...BROKE Only the tip of the iceberg.... So with a perfect 100% failure rate and a record that proves that "services" the government shoves down our throats are failing faster and faster, you want Americans to believe you can be trusted with a government-run health care system? 20% of our entire economy? With all due respect, Don't you get the picture now or are you still crazy???

Just a thought

Not to poke at you, because I agree with your message, but Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are technically private companies that are Government sponsored.

Republican Lies

At least we are not getting bombarded with the Republican lies that have come from every echelon of their political HACK machine. What a good thing, people volunteering to help with the mess left unattended by the Republicans for 8 years. While Obama and the Democrats mop up the mess, people should either help or be quiet. And thanks for keeping us safe, President Obama!


You DO KNOW that the Dems were in control of Congress the last TWO years of Bush's term...RIGHT...You leftist loony birds are a HOOT!

Don't tell me to be quiet

hahahaha "And thanks for keeping us safe, President Obama!" that is the funniest thing I have heard today. You should wake up and smell the *#@ that is really going on. And the nerve of you to say people should either help or be quiet. HELLO did you know this is the U.S.? There is a right we have called freedom of speech. Oh yeah which the government is trying to controll now.We will not keep silent. Never. If you want silence go live in the desert or something, please

More Lies

That is why I am registered as an independent voter. Both major parties are full of liars and they are all responsible for the mess this country is in. Them and the people that keep voting for them no matter what they say or do.

I don't know you my friend,

I don't know you my friend, but judging from your comments, you are truly a brainless individual. I am going to pray for you.

You don't?

Ole Willie here is famous across the state. Goes by many names.... Very "popular" on some of the "bigger" sites....... He is a hoot when he gets wound up!! Yes sir.... a real hoot...


FIRST question to them if they called me...have YOU PERSONALLY read the bill....I am SURE not ONE of them have and are just reading from a script handed to them...they expect the sheep to keep following them over the cliff...

Shame on the City of Wilmington!

"We're not interested in drastic change in the health care system. We want to do something that is going to help average citizens and is going to improve our economic future," said Linda Barnett, an Organizing for America volunteer. >Well Linda, it's obvious you haven't read all 1502 pages of the Senate Bill. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid! "The MLK staff asked the group to shut down at 3:00 p.m. instead of 5:00, because the city was weary of hosting a politically-charged event. We were told, the group did not fully explain what the phone bank was all about." >By allowing this group to use a City-owned building, the City is passively endorsing what this left-wing liberal group is promoting. Shame on you City of Wilmington!

Deficit Reducers

I think I am sick now. WHAT bill has any information about being a deficit reducer??? If you think healthcare will be better run under ANY FIVE of those bills, then I am sorry you are SADLY not looking at reality. Ignorance is one thing but please be careful when passing this ignorance to someone else! We don't know what we are asking you to vote on but just do it????????????????? The most important thing to remember is to never stop questioning.

Indefinite deficit

I am opposed to the healthcare reform plans being proposed! Under the public option plan, your private insurers will be eliminated in a 10 to 15 year time frame because they will not be able to compete with the federal government. The federal government can run an indefinite deficit for years to come , therefore eliminating private insurers. Government projections have historically never been on target with any program. There have always been extreme cost overruns.Are you willing to turn 1/6 of the American economy over to a dysfunctional government that has mismanaged our affairs too many times. Private insurers will have to be profitable to remain in business and any legislation proposed will probably have provisions which impair insurers ability to operate efficiently.Even your elected officials do not know all the details of these proposed bills. They are briefed by their staff on the highlights so they can have an intelligent dialogue with their constituents about the bills.The other bills will have many pitfalls as well.If it were such great legislation , then why is there such a big sales job being conducted by the Democratic Party? They have the votes to pass it folks! They desire a bi-partisan bill because of the political ramifications. If it were such a great idea , why is it not going to be enacted until 2013? !!! I will tell you why because the next Presidential election cycle will have passed and Mr Obama will be a lame duck President. At this point he could care less about the consequences! Why will lawmakers not let the American citizens review the proposed bills online. With such historic legislation being proposed , why not let the people have a thorough review of the facts. Max Baucus said it would be too time consuming to place online.Nothing is too time consuming when it effects 1/6 of our economy! Once we go down this road , our course is irreversible ! You can not go back and shut down a bureaucracy ! I do not need the DNC to do my homework on the issue and I will take the initiative to do so!

To educate????

Don't you mean to brainwash with lies? This is nothing but the government trying to take over one-fifth of our economy, coddle the "life mismanagers," and have YOU pay for it. I really wish they had called me.....I have a survival whistle that can be heard at over a mile....