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Greensboro girl bitten by shark off Topsail Island

READ MORE: Greensboro girl bitten by shark off Topsail Island

TOPSAIL ISLAND, NC (WWAY) - A 13-year-old Greensboro girl is recovering from a shark bite in Topsail Beach. Doctors think it was a six-foot bull shark that took a big chunk out of Carley Schlentz's ankle.

"I felt like something grabbed my foot but then it got really sharp and it wasn't letting go so I pulled away and by then it had already bitten me twice," Schlentz said.

She was swimming in four feet of water Friday afternoon when a family swimming nearby spotted the shark. At first, she thought someone was pulling her leg.

"I pulled it out to see what it was and it was actually really bad. The ligament was like spread out and you could see it," she said.

Schlentz has about an eight-inch and a four-inch cut on the top of her left ankle and had to get 60 stitches. She'll be on crutches for a couple weeks until the wound heals.

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Vacation last week about 2mi toward south end

My daughter and son in law both got bit on instep of foot by small sharks. Bite radius was about 2". Not a crab- have pics. While there we saw 2 sharks about 4-5' range in shallow knee deep water feeding. Both looked like black tips. There was another report which cleared the water down the beach from us. Grew up surf fishing at topsail and never caught a black tip until about 5 yrs ago. Now pretty common especially since you get fined if you catch one and dont throw back.

Another Carley

They seem to like the taste of Carley's. Another Carley was bitten by a shark in June 2010, made the news.

Sharks July 24th to August 1, 2011

My family and I were at Surf City from July 24th to August 1st, we just got home. While we were there there were about 4 shark spottings a day, some 6 to 7 feet according to the surfers. Not one shark bit. One 5 footer swam right past me and my family's feet (knee deep water) and didn't bother us. They did clear the beach once because a 7 footer was swimming in the shallow water (reports are both of a Tiger and a Great White, but who knows who to believe)but after it was cleared out, everyone entered again. We were all aware of the shark sightings but not one person got bit. It was pretty cool, there was a shark swimming around a bunch of surfers (they said again about a 6 or 7 footer) and all of a sudden a dolphin came swimming right to the surfers and chased the shark away. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I've heard about it happening on the discovery channel, but I never thought I would ever get to see such a thing. I only wish I would have had my phone on me at that time to take a video of it. But there were plans flying over all the time and like I said not one person got bitten while we were down there even with all the HUGE sharks that were spotted. It's the ocean, you will be swimming with all kinds of creatures, including sharks. If you can't handle it, stay out of the water!

I would bet anything it was

I would bet anything it was a Nurse Shark. They lay in 4ft of water and sometimes get a bit annoyed when stepped on. They 'bite'. There are reports that this was a 'bull attack'. To say this was a bull shark 'attack' is completely insane. If a bull shark ""attacks"" you, you don't walk out of the water with a few stitches on your foot. They are rather aggressive when 'attacking' 13 year old girls. If a reporter or anyone for that matter states ""attack"" in the same breath when talking about sharks in NC, you are generally listening to a moron. Was this young girl 'bit' by a shark; probably. Is she giving Topsail a bad rep: hell yeah. The United States should chill out a little bit about a person getting nipped by a fish here and there. I'd rather take 60 stitches to a foot by a passive shark then hit the debt ceiling in 12 days.... just saying.


i was at topsail about two or three weeks ago with my kids when i saw a shark. it had a black fin and i saw it clearly through the wave behind me. i was bodyboarding with a friend and he said he didnt see it but knew something was wrong when i got jumpy and paddled back in. maybe now they will believe me. saw two am positive about the second one since it was about four feet away.

We were there on vacation,

We were there on vacation, though I grew up there, it happened after lunch time, around 1 ish. I was taking the kids out so we could have lunch across the street at the park. We were at South Topsail. There was a strong rip current, big waves for the area, we had a storm a day or two before. This stuff just happens. If she were meant to be eaten, she would have. The water was very murky and very strong current, the fish were also stirred up, the shark was probably feeding. And to the person that suggested killing them, learn a bit about ecology. And if any of you freak out over this, you should stay home and please don't go to the beach!! Leave it for the rest of us to respect and enjoy.

thank you someone that

thank you someone that understands. i mean its the ocean its gonna happen. oh well. from the teeth marks it looks like the shark that bit her was probably a bull shark. they tend to be very territorial.


How can a doctor decide the length and type from the bite? They aren't biologists. Most sharks around here are black tips and don't get much bigger than 4 ft. Still have sharp teeth, but not human hunters.

Sharks on Topsail

This is my wifes are very correct!

shark scary shark mean

we have cancelled our family vacation at topsail and are staying home and watching tv. it's safer. but they just reported on the news that someone was shot by a burglar in their home. maybe we should not stay it not safe? can a shark bite me if I stay on the beach? do burglars go to vacation homes? please help me i'm scared. what time do burglars come into your home? what time do sharks bite? what time of day should i wrap myself in bubblewrap and hide in the closet?



Wow, you guys totally missed

Wow, you guys totally missed the point. He's not talking about there being no safe place, he's talking about the futility of being afraid, especially of things you can't control.

can you say sarcasam?

can you say sarcasam?


your pretty funny! but your right, are we safe anywhere in this country anymore?


i hope this is a joke

Exactly which part of

Exactly which part of topsail did the shark attack happen

Shark Attack at Topsail

Does anyone know where along the island this happened? Surf City? North Topsail?


i know for a fact it happened in south topsail. i saw the girl being loaded into the ambulance

The attack happened early in

The attack happened early in the morning. Before 8am. It happened in Topsail, but it was a bull shark, a shark that attacks unprovoked. Everything is fine there though. I spent the week there, and had a wonderful time. No other sharks have been spotted, and it is breeding time for the shark. This means that the girl could have been too close to the babies.

Shark attack on topsail island

July 3 2011
I had heard about this little girl being bitten and I was standing in knee deep water talking to my friend about it. Just wondering what end of the beach and what time of day this happened.She pointed and said"whats that..a fish" I looked and there in knee deep water was a 6 or 7 foot shark rolling in the water no more than 9-10 feet from us. At the same time we started running out of the water everyone on the beach had spotted it and was running toward the water yelling SHARK.It was rolling and thrashing around in shallow's tail flew out of the water a good 2 feet.Everyone got out of the water and it was pretty clear that we all saw the same thing.About an hour later a patrol came by on his 4wheeler and a man down the beach stopped him to tell him about it....then he stopped at us and asked if we had seen a dolphin.We said NO WE SAW A SHARK!! I told him it was brown and I have lived on the ocean all my life and I knew what a shark was. He said he would report it and we would be seeing a plane fly over soon to see if there really was a shark problem.He then rode to the water and asked a man fishing if he had seen a shark...and that man also said YES.The 1st guy he spoke with walked down to our group and said that we would not see a plane because it was July 4th weekend and that would ruin the beach crowd for Topsail.This has really upset me because I would like to know if I need to be putting extra care in my beach weekend with my family. I'm sure if there was a cop killer staying on Topsail they would like to know as well.It is the ocean and sharks do live there...but we should be informed of activity and let parents take those risks or not....Don't shrug our concerns ....I would rather step on a glass bottle(that you are trying to write a ticket for) than have my child bitten or even killed by a shark that the town knew was in over abundance near shore.Just do your I can do mine as a loving and protective parent.

Shark bite at Topsail

We heard the sirens and we were at North Topsail. We thought they went to the very north end by the sound.

The shark attack happened

The shark attack happened about 1 p.m. and 911 was called right away.

Shark attack

Does anyone know what time of day this attack happened. I have been told attacks are more likely after 5pm and I am curious if she was bitten before or after 5pm

Sharks are more active at

Sharks are more active at dusk and dawn because their light sensitivity makes the low light conditions at dusk and dawn ideal for hunting. This attack happened just after lunch. Most likely the shark was hunting in the surf and in the situations the shark will nip at everything to taste it. Sharks don't have the benefit of using hands to touch things. The reason I say it was only an exploratory bite is because it bit her foot and then apparently was scared off or decided it wasn't something it wanted. A Bullshark (if thats what it was...I dont believe that) would of done more damage and not let go so easily if it really wanted to eat her. Sharks are not any dangerous then any other animal..hopefully this helps anyone out. Any thank you wway3 for being a fear monger and scary people about a beautiful animal...

Not more dangerous?!

Sharks are too more dangerous than most other animals. It is preposterous to suggest otherwise. They should ALWAYS caught and killed when discovered near beaches. ALWAYS.

DOGS attack and harm more

DOGS attack and harm more humans than sharks do every year. Should we start killing every dog we see because they harm us? According to your logic, yes, but we aren't going to. HUMANS kill other humans every day. We aren't immediately putting those people to death, are we? No. Don't ostracize all sharks because a few have attacked us. We kill millions of sharks every year, yet it's unacceptable for them to kill a few of us.


Drink a margarita under a beach umbrella and stay out of the water if you are so afraid of sharks. God put them in the ocean and that's THEIR home you moron! I suggest we go after of all the idiots who are destroying the planet with their ignorance and greed making it a bad place for all species.

yeaaa "too more" dangerous

yeaaa "too more" dangerous than what? you? i hope ppl with a mindset like yours stay away from my beaches

your far more dangerous

your far more dangerous walking around with thing above your shoulders you call a brain

sharks, bears, snakes, bees

Yeah, lets kill everything including humans, they kill more people than any creature.