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Group presents petition against redistricting plan


The debate over New Hanover County middle school redistricting continues. Students, parents, the New county chapter of the NAACP and other organizations presented a petition today in front of New Hanover High School.

More than 850 members of the community have signed the petition. The group says the current neighborhood school map separates socioeconomic groups.

"Resegregating our schools will not work," New Hanover County NAACP president Harold Beatty said. "Diversity is a must have for our school and our students."

The group will present the petition to the school board tomorrow night at the special redistricting work session. It's at 5 p.m. in the Spencer Building on South 15th Street.

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Didn't "Neighborhood Schools" win????

Didn't the 4-3 vote supposedly favor Neighborhood Schools? The Neighborhood Schools supporters on the board HAD the votes - so what are all these people complaining about? You have the majority, and your map is still not at all "neighborhood". I actually think the map is not a Neighborhood map at all but drawn totally to appease certain areas/voters.

The real issue is that the school board built a huge ($35 million dollar) school in far north end of the county in an area that is sparsley habitated. Now they do not have the courage to fill it with the children that live closest to it - understanding that those children may or live closer to another school. Noble and Trask are full - someone has to go to Holly Shelter. The board left 293 empty spaces at Holly Shelter because they did not want to make the parents east of Market Street down to Middle Sound Loop unhappy. Not filling Holly Shelter effects everyone else because the space left empty there could allow more children to stay at their current schools in the southern end of the county.

How about instead of "neighborhood" or "bussing" we use common sense, oh wait - it is the government.


I am an avid supporter of neighborhood schools. Personally I am just sick over how the new map affected our area, because it actually pulled our little group of neighborhoods out of long time Myrtle Grove, and moved the kids accross to Willston. Twice the distance and three time travel time one way. It breaks my heart. Anyone from Carriage Hills/Merestone/Stonington/Echo East-SPEAK UP! I really want to know though, what in the world can be accomplished by bussing my child to Williston. How is he going to help the situation there? I want a specific scenerio from the gentleman with the NAACP, as well as the three board members that support him. Although I appreciate and advocate equality, he is saying he wants something taken from my child to satisfy the need of another, and I just dont see that adding up.
Also, imagine the board and their situation, seriously, trying to blend so many requests, along with all the back room variables we do not know about. This is such a difficult thing for all of us, and primarily as parents, we know how much of an impact a school has on our lives and our childrens lives, so the decision carries alot of weight for us all. The board has heard all of the great reasons neighborhood schools should remain, and I dont think the majority will change their mind. I do however, strongle urge them to make some tweaks to this map.


I agree with everything everyone is saying!!!! I have been saying this for 4 years now. My 8 yr old and 10 year old are in there third school is 4 years. This school board is a bunch of morons in dress clothes. KEEP NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS!!!!!!


I've lived in NHC since the 60s. During the 70s the school board decided that we had to desegregate the schools. I was going to Carolina Beach school, 10yrs old, they moved all 5th & 6th graders (white kids) to Mary Washington Howe (black kids). But didn't move any black kids to CB school. Needless to say it was a 20ml ride & we were definitely not welcome even by the principal. They made our lives miserable. The principal lined all white kids against the wall before school, all black kids went into the class first while the principal reminded us that she didn't want us there but was made to take us. This surely had an effect on my life for 2yrs. I even got sick & the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom to clean up my pants & made me go on the bus in soiled pants, just because I was white. Don't get me wrong, I don't care what the skin color is or where you're from because that's not the way I was raised, it's who you are inside that counts to me. I believe that neighborhood schools are better. All schools in the county should be made equal for all students. In these economic times bussing kids across the county instead of going to school 6 blocks away is down right wrong & wasteful of our hard earned tax dollars. Why don't all the parents get together that are affected by this & keep your children home & bug the board & our leaders to death until they can make wise decisions for our kids future. Education should be equal for all.

Neighborhood Schools

I just want everyone to know that my family is in full support of neighborhood schools. We are willing as a family to support any schools that do not have enough support coming from parents of the children attending those schools. Please let our children grow and learn in the schools close to their homes. Thank you, The Swiney family.

On the right

The boy on the right is holding a sign that states "All I want is what is best for all.." Got to love the liberal mindset. Life isn't fair.

These Kids...

look like they are real excited ro be here. (That was sarcasm.) They look like there about to say "Mom, how much longer do we have to stand here???"

Then move

If you don't like your socioeconomic homes...move. I don't have kids in school, but when I did..I got so sick of them being shipped all over the place. MOVE and quit pulling the race card. That doesn't have anything to do with it.

NAACP needs to stay out

The NAACP should not be allowed in a meeting about schools..


shouldn't even exist anymore, what an archaic bunch of racist idiots they are

Here we go, again & again, the NAACP is passing the buck!

The NAACP should focus their entire attention on improving the problematic lifestyle of these troubled minority neighborhoods. The answer is not to simply mix things up, because the problem is not the schools in these neighborhoods, it is the lifesyle.


Why wouldn't the school board want to keep our children off the dangerous New Hanover County roads as much as possible and keep them close to home? Why would the board not want to save monies in diesel as much as possible? This is a no brainer... what's going on with the board??


What is the matter with the school board? It took them months and months and months to make a decision then POOF!! they changed their minds. Can't they make a decison and stick with it? Are they ALL blonde????

Re: Petition

I don't know what agitates me more: how ignorant the petitioners are or the photo of the kids holding signs they don't understand.

Neighborhood schools are what is best for communities. Not only are they more economically efficient, but they set an example that later in life you don't get bused to a different workplace because it's more integrated. Why would we spend thousands of dollars sending kids to schools far from home when there are neighborhood schools that teach the same thing?

If you think schools are unequal because of their location, fix the kids that go to those schools. Teach them to act right in public, speak proper English, and wear clothes that fit!

And more

I agree guest84 but in addition to teaching the children how to act, speak and dress we need to teach the "parents" the same lessons. Boo hoo, you are on welfare and not doing anything to fix the situation you helped cause/create. If you don't want your child to go to a "bad" school, get a job, get your life straight and move to a better neighborhood.


In our endless search for diversity I feel we are losing our sense of community.I grew up going to a neighborhood school and because of that my brothers and I knew,played with and formed lasting relationships with people we know to this day.our commnity has now grown to cover nearly the entire country.and it happened without the government telling us how to do it.weird,huh? My children will not be used to fill buses and even the racial,economic or cultural quota.If the school board caves in to the idea of 'somebody-else's neighborhood school' re-redistricting there will be 3 less kids on that 45 minute bus ride next year.I encourage everyone opposed to consider home schooling.I encourage those opposed to consider speaking up speaking out and speaking must be heard to for anyone to listen.