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Group protests Titan Cement at Monday meeting

A large group gathered to protest the proposed Titan America cement plant in Castle Hayne before Monday’s NHC Commissioners meeting. A UNCW group called ECO, which stands for environmental concerns organization, organized the demonstration, but many community members joined them. The group said they have a few goals they want to accomplish through this demonstration. Firstly, they want to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions regarding the environment. Secondly, to show support for a recent bill proposed by Senator Julia Boseman, which would put a moratorium on cement plants in North Carolina. They also want to raise awareness about clean air and water, and promoting green jobs. “This is the wrong thing to do and we need to keep the environment as safe as possible,” said Rosemary Toumey, who was protesting the cement plant. Demonstration organizers asked people to speak up during the public comment period of Monday’s meeting.

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yeap, agreed...with given

yeap, agreed...with given rate, 20 of this 80 jobs will be management and yes, be real - 60 jobs will really help double digits unemployment. Way to go people!!!!!

It's too bad that whoever

It's too bad that whoever the mother of the little girl in the above picture is did not feel that her daughter might have enjoyed a day at the park or the playground playing with her little friends. If you want to stand on the side of the road and hold up signs and protest something that could benefit the community by bringing employment to an area with double digit unemployment and that would also help keep building construction costs down by having a local supply of cement, then do your small children a favor and at least hire a sitter instead of dragging them along for the day. That poor little girl looks like she'd rather be anywhere else. And don't use your kids as props. Very tacky.

titans bringing in 80 jobs,

titans bringing in 80 jobs, many of which are already occupied.

Re: Comments about UNCW students

Thank you so much for all your support! Yesterday's rally was a great success, and we owe it the diverse group of community members who came out to protest Titan Cement. To those who question whether UNCW students should have any say; that we do not pay taxes: Who are you attacking here? A democracy is a democracy. I am a resident of Wrightsville Beach. Although I moved here for school, I plan to make Wilmington my home because I fell in love with the area. It is my, and ever other citizen of this country's Constitutional right to protest Titan Cement. Shame on you for chastising any demographic of the Wilmington community for voicing their concerns. Even if students will only live here for 4 yrs, they will still be exposed to a maximum of 1,052 lbs of mercury while at UNCW. Do you value human life or do you value your bank account? I pledge to you, as UNCW ECO's community outreach coordinator, that we will continue out efforts to spread the word throughout town, and to the 10,000 plus students, staff, and faculty at UNCW. I welcome you to join us in the fight for clean air, clean water, the health of our children, and a thriving economy in Wilmington. Visit for how to join us. Best, David Pinsky


Don't come in here and post up something like this "Even if students will only live here for 4 yrs, they will still be exposed to a maximum of 1,052 lbs of mercury while at UNCW." WITHOUT posting up some information on your resources...lets see 'em....POST EM UP!


I take it by your comment that 1,052 lbs of mercury is a lot? If that is the case why on earth would you want to stay here? Where is this exposure coming from exactly and what are other cities exposure rates?

I'll be totally honest

I'm more concerned about MY bank account than YOUR life. Got it?

I appreciate your concern,

I appreciate your concern, but isn't your opinion just a bit biased. After all, don't you get paid to protest businesses like titan? Therefore, aren't you also really concerned about your bank account as well?

I am protesting Titan America on my own dollar

Preface: Let's not make this about the people protesting Titan. Let's make this about truth. However, I will indulge you with a few comments: I am 100% not concerned about my bank account. The work I do with UNCW ECO is VOLUNTEER. EVERY MEMBER of UNCW ECO is a VOLUNTEER. We are paid by no one. At one point in time a Titan attorney tried to donate to our group. We refused immediately. I have spent hundreds of dollars of my own money to further the great work done by UNCW ECO, and to further the work done by Stop Titan. I gave up on caring about making millions when I decided that life is best lived when you are doing something you are passionate about, and helping others. Some people who want to use their talents to make change, rather than money, decide to become community organizers. - Van Jones, The Green-Collar Economy (pg. 107) I am a college graduate student in $30,000 of debt from college loans. I am a concerned tax-paying, employed resident of New Hanover County. I am completely disinterested in whether I have $3,000 or $300,000 in my bank account. I am doing what I do for the better of our community. I am a community organizer, and proud of it. David Pinsky


"I am completely disinterested in whether I have $3,000 or $300,000 in my bank account." Son, I was born into poverty. I worked very hard and became rich. I lost most of it. I worked harder and got even more back. I have known poverty, fantastic wealth, and now I'm somewhere in the middle. While I agree that life is what you make it and money doesn't make you happy, I can absolutely, 100% guarantee you that a good, happy life WITH money is a whole lot better than a good, happy life WITHOUT money. So please put the idiotic sattements on hold. If you're $30k in debt while at the same time not caring if you have $3k or $300k in the bank, then you're totally irresponsible about your obligations and individual success, and have zilch credibility. Young, dumb, and idealistic is no way to go through life.

can you adopt me?

can you adopt me?

don't care

Common, they don't care about what is in the bank because obama is going to send each one a check.

I apologize about

I apologize about insuniuating your were getting paid. However, its not about having money in your bank account. Its about being able to provide for a family and the tourism industry in this county simply does not pay enough money to allow someone to do that. You people are doing more damage to the atmosphere by driving to these silly meetings than by letting Titan come here. I to am an educated fellow and guess what? I have a biology degree and i have done the research. You want to help the environment. How about opposing all the new shopping centers and stores going up. you do realize that trees have to be cut down for this, right?

Talk about pay: Ask Daddy Warwick and the Gang of "bizness" folk

Please..these citizens, some of whom are students..ain't gettin paid...but ask ole daddy Bob Warwick and his gang what's his benefit? It ain't altruism and the love of his community that if for dag um sure. Bob Odom the genergal manager, who is paid well, for Titan but right now only manages to pay for charity events and show up at society functions is schmoozing his way into the good graces of the elite and they are buying what effect for the citizens living near this plant. To be sure those that allowed three mile island did not summer there.


The comments against these college students are laughable. Since those making comments probably never made it to college, let alone finished high school, they should pack up their budweiser coolers and head back to the trailer park! It is the collge students and transplants from other parts of the country who are going to keep the integrity of the Wilmington area, rather than selling it to the highest bidder for a few bad paying jobs. I say to the people that want Titan -- go to Bladen, Columbus or one of the other more rural counties where you can can find like mind people and you can talk about the greenies, gays or whatever other groups you find distasteful. Go! Now!

From a reader who had to respond..

"I say to the people that want Titan -- go to Bladen, Columbus or one of the other more rural counties where you can can find like mind people and you can talk about the greenies, gays or whatever other groups you find distasteful. Go! Now!" Regardless of your standpoint I find it abominable you would put down Bladen or Columbus county like this. While there are close minded individuals everywhere, it is unfair to lump this population so cruelly in your post. I myself was born and raised in Bladen County. I now have two Masters and live and work in NHC. Though the median income may be lower, the people are no further beneath you then anyone else. Many people in this county are FROM the places you are putting down. Having lived there for 18 years and still visiting regularly, I caution you in mocking the people you do not know. While I concede you may have met some who have poorly represented the area it continues to be the home of proud, educated, honest, hard working individuals just like your county.

well that was rude...

well that was rude...

UNCW Students?

How much property do they own? How much property tax do they pay? Whether Titan, national defense, tax policy, or any other political issue, why do we give any credence whatsoever to non-productive they welfare recipients or college students?

having a good day

Wow ... common ... several post today ... and they all make good valid points. Do you have a ghost writer on other days ... lol

Nonproductive parasites?

Are you honestly suggesting that college students are nonproductive parasites? You have obviously not attended college. I would like to point out that among the protestors along with an exciting bunch of highly educated , ambitious , energetic young people there were also several mothers with young children, many senior citizens and many healthcare professionals all of whom pay their share of taxes. One of the speakers was a local doctor who had gathered signatures from hundreds of local physicians and nurses. Again sense common or other wise you clearly lack. Please educate yourselves on the issues before you make ridiculous comments.

Dear Alberta (Einstein)

I commented on college students. Were the mothers with young children, the senior citizens, or the doctor college students? I think not. Your reading comprehension places you in a position where you should not look down on ANYONE'S education.

you know that answer

Sit back and think of the news organizations and then think of the mindset of most college students. Both are liberal, therefore their tantrums equal news. But we must be nice to them because these are our next group of fast food workers holding B.A.s in communications or art.

titan cement





have to realize that these guys are the same nitwits that voted for the cannot expect them to think rationally.

Kudos to UNCW students

Congratulations to these students and their interest in our environment. It most definitely will take a community response in order to stop this project. Where is the activism and outrage from some of the other so-called "green groups," like Cape Fear Green Building. I hear they are taking money from Titan these days. That sucks!!

Outsiders determining your future

Isn't it wonderful that non-resident students who are here for a brief period of their life will determine the future economy of the Wilmington area.....

Health and safety

You obviously don't actually have much common sense if you believe that either some students protesting or the Titan cement plant will determine the future economy of the Wilmington area. What will determine the future of Wilmington's economy is real vision and understanding on the part of the community and it's leaders that the Cape Fear region is a tourist mecca. People don't come here to see cement plants or other types of heavy industry. They come here to walk and shop the waterfront, come to Azalea Festival, go to the beach , swim and fish and hopefully eat in lots of restaurants. They will be less and less likely to come here as they learn about how polluted and air and water is becoming. We need to attract industries that enhance our resources. What the county commission did last spring was just plain stupid. They didn't read their own economic impact and planning studies.

So your argument... that everyone should be employed in services and tourism, and industry can just go elsewhere? You seriously advocate a single niche-based economy? The idea of attracting only "green," white collar industry is ludicrous. A healthy, vibrant economy cannot be based only upon college educated office workers and high school dropout maids. We need ALL kinds of industry and business here, and with our current rate of unemployment, you had better be willing to accept some compromises. BTW, people are going to be reluctant to vacation here anyway, because we're starting to resemble Calcutta in regard to population. Out-of-control residential growth and overpopulation will do far more to destroy this area than Titan.

to plant or not to plant

You should also remember that the so-called tourist economy usually only really helps the business owners. Not the minimum wage workers that they employ. But I have no problem with that either, if you don't have the initiative to obtain a skill, or education, that's what you have to do. What I do have a problem with, is a bunch of Michael Moore types distorting facts and stating half-truths so they look like they care. It's the same thing with the beach erosion deal. The rich people with houses and businesses are acting like they care about the environment, but really it's their bottom line that is the issue. The beach will be fine ... it's the stuff on the beach that people worry about.