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Group wants to bring public market to Downtown Wilmington


A meeting in Downtown Wilmington tonight hopes to generate public support for a market on Market Street.

Wilmington Downtown is proposing the Wilmington Public Market. It would be a permanent structure that would sell local produce, art and crafts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It would be on the median between Front and 2nd Streets and be similar to the market that gave Market Street its name.

"This is a concept that's over 100 years old," Wilmington Downtown Executive Director John Hinnant said. "We tore down the original market in 1881. It's something our forefathers and previous leaders have regretted, and what this is, it's a open-air market. It becomes the thing that everybody must do. No two visits to the market will be the same, because the artists, the crafters, and the farmers will constantly be changing their products out."

The project would cost the city between $600,000 and $800,000. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. at 112 Market Street. It is open to the public.

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city market

Byron would love it!!!!


24 hours a day, seven days a week ??? DO WHAT? WHY? No one is down town 24/7 except bums and criminals, do they buy produce and flowers? LMAO OMG


Obviously there wouldn't be vendors there 24/7 everyday. The idea here is that it is flexible for the vendors to set their own hours for what works well for them and their customers. I guess you would rather the government dictate business hours? Should the market shut and lock it's doors at 5 or 6 like so many stores do? Why do you think chain stores do so well? They know that people shop at all hours....JUST GIVE PEOPLE CHOICES! Think outside the box for once please!

Absolutely not. There is

Absolutely not. There is hardly enough room on that street. We already have a City Market, and it needs to be used.


There is enough room. Lose the median and erect this building. Downtown has no reason to improve, if it is not made tourism friendly (i.e. shut down Front Street between Dock and Grace).

Downtown should be a walking district. If everyone is forced to park in the decks, we are all then encouraged to walk and enjoy more of what downtown has to offer.

Enough of this, "Keep it the Same" mentality. This is one are where the conservative values are not needed.

You mean a Mugging District.

You mean a Mugging District. How would you like to be "forced" into walking back to your vehicle late at night?

Amen. I Agree 100% Downtown

Amen. I Agree 100%

Downtown is great but we need to keep up with the times and encourage tourism.

The homeless..

will have a better place to hang out. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Hmmm. Who will be staffing this establishment?
Maybe the $600-800,000 would be better spent hiring more officers, getting the crime cleaned up, and making it safer to actually go downtown. 24/7..what a joke


Bring more people downtown and it will be safer. Hiring more police isn't always the answer. Create a vibrant inviting place and people will come.

Downtown is Safe

I live downtown and go there to relax and have drinks every weekend. I live on 5th St (on the other side of Red Cross) and have never had any issues walking home alone or with friends. THe crime situation in DT has been trumped up way to much by mostly residents of Wilmington who live nowhere near downtown. Has there been crime? Of course there is and will be, but not to the alarmist level that some would have us to believe. (consensual bar fights do not count as crime in my opinion)

Market Design

I think the design is perfect for a open air market. I like how open it is. Too bad it's taken so long....other cities have one, why can't we.

Market on Market Street

I think it would be a great idea. I have visited Charleston, SC and been through their marketplace many times. Theirs is not open 24 hours a day and I think that this should not be open 24 hours a day as more policing would be needed. If a structure is to be built, it should be more historical in appearance using recycle brick and stone to give it a more quaint feel. It should have more open-air areas and not closed.

What a Great idea this will

What a Great idea this will bring tons of much needed money DT

Just wait and use the empty convention center

Saffo was whining about the city being broke just a few weeks ago, but you've got $600-800k to spend on a public market?


Sure they can get the money from the stupid people in this town that think they still own something.

What an ugly rendering.

What an ugly rendering. Surely a better design is in the works.