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ONLY ON 3: Gulf oil spill impacting local BP business

READ MORE: Gulf oil spill impacting local BP business

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Although the Gulf oil spill has not reached the Carolina coast, the disaster is affecting our gas pumps. We called three BP franchise owners today to find out how the oil spill is affecting their business.

The manager of the Forest Hills BP on Market Street in Wilmington, Vicki Ahmed, said the media's bad publicity on the spill is affecting locally owned and operated BP businesses.

The owner of Scotchman BPs in Wilmington and Leland Jeff Turpin did not return our call this afternoon.

The Camerons who own 10 BP gas stations in Wilmington released this statement: "We are focused intently on BP's efforts to fix the leak and clean up the spill. As the efforts to solve the problems in the Gulf progress, we hope customers will continue to shop with us."

Some customers say BP is now at the bottom of their list.

"I've been avoiding BP," Jeremy Wells of Wilmington said. "I feel like they should've fixed the problem by now, and I'm sure we're going to end up paying for it at the pump at every BP and the rest of the world at every BP. We're all going to pay for it as far as seafood and everything else for God knows how long if not forever."

Others are still willing to roll up to the BP pump.

"Things happen," Melvin Evans of Wilmington said. "Exxon had a spill, and people still bought Exxon gas, so same people. You gotta buy where it's the cheapest and the closest."

Mookie Keith says BP needs the business.

"Matter of fact, they might need to shop more 'cause they're getting hit with a lot of fines," he said.

Station owner Rob Cameron said he should know in the next few days if the oil spill has in fact, affected his businesses.

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Unfortunately, local BP owners made a choice. They could have been firefighters or police officers if they cared about personal glory, but the fact is that they chose to sell gas; they tapped into that market, knowing it was profitable, and knowing that it was a risk. As consumers, we ALWAYS have a choice. Voting isn't where your voice is heard, money is. Like it or not, we all need gas, but as consumers, the best thing we can do for our economy and ecosystem is research business policies and the effect certain companies make on our world. BP screwed up-- big time. If you want to support BP, buy their gas. If you don't, don't. Either way, you're making a statement, like it or not. Everything you buy makes a statement.

Boycott BP all you want to

You're hurting no one other than the local station owners.

BP makes less than 7% of their income from gasoline sales. The big money is in OIL, and if you don't buy it there's a Chinese or Indian cartel waiting with checkbook in-hand to purchase as many barrels as they pump.

This is a tragic accident, not some intentional effort to foul the Gulf of Mexico. BP has already said that they will pay the costs. The best thing you can do is pray that the leak can be stopped soon. Boycotting BP isn't going to do a thing to help all those poor birds, marine mammals, and the residents of the Gulf Coast who rely upon the water for their income.

Your frustration is understandable, but the anger and quest for vengeance is totally misplaced.

Exactly and If

they could hurt BP then maybe they go under and not be able to clean it up or even pay for it. I guess they'd rather pay the government to do it. Probably better they get their Bounty paper towels and lend a hand.

By the way "gas is gas" and what makes it brand specific is the additives that are blended into it as it being loaded into the truck that delivers to the point where you buy it.

Please tell me how you know from what crude oil the gas in you car came from????

So if these people feel do strongly about the BP franchise locations that they would boycott them to cause some people who live here and are making a meager living at best to potentially lose their job then they are nothing but shallow and spiteful.


BP Gas Stations

I have mixed emotions on this. On one hand you have a company that has not been completely forth coming with information and is at least complicit in the cause of the accident. Then on the other hand you are talking about locally owned gas stations that happen to sell BP branded gas. The local BP gas stations had no role in the oil spill and all people are doing by avoiding those stations is effect a local business person.

What's the old saying, lay

What's the old saying, lay down with dogs and you'll get fleas? BP (along with other big oil companies) has been gouging consumers for years at the pump, and showing record profits. Now they're screwing up the entire Gulf region's eco-system and its' residents. I have no sympathy for them.

Unfortunately, small business owners like the gas station owners will get caught up in the fallout. But, when you have those big green "BP" signs all over your station, people will avoid your store, since the profits funnel up the chain to a company they now despise like never before. Ce la vie.


I do not buy from Exxon and now not from BP. True It will hurt local business but they can sell something other than BP gas. Before this I filled up only at BP stations. BP has an unlimited budget and I say hurt them anyway we can.


We have had an idea here I have'nt even seen them use. You think I'll buy gas from there? Don't buy it from CITGO either.Suck an egg. Look at idea's out there that people have,besides your unknowledgable people in place right now. Get A Dutchee with a big thumb,and a deep diver getup to stick his thumb in there. You got better chances.

I had no problem with BP

I had no problem with BP until tonight on the news. It was told that BP and the Coast Guard had kept videos from the media and the public, trying to downplay the situation. Seems they attempted to avoid heavier fines by not letting the public know the real story. I don't understand why the USCG went along. Guess it is big business and big government doing business as usual.

go to "boycott bp" page on

go to "boycott bp" page on facebook and check out the photo gallery of the coastal area. It is enough to make even the most rugged manly wartorn marine weep.