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Gun found in UNCW basketball player's car

READ MORE: Gun found in UNCW basketball player's car
WILMINGTON -- A UNCW basketball player accused of gun possession says he's sorry after he was temporarily suspended from school, and kicked off the team. Power forward Kevin Swinton wouldn't comment on the facts of his case today. he says he's waiting for the appropriate time for him to tell his side of the story. Swinton faces two felony charges: possession of a firearm on educational property and possession of a stolen weapon. Campus police arrested Swinton earlier this week in front of his on-campus apartment, after they received an anonymous tip that he was carrying a firearm. Police reports indicate that he agreed to let police search his car. They found a loaded .38 in his center console. He's temporarily suspended from UNCW. The next step is a hearing, where he can plead his case in front of the dean of students. Swinton said, "I know the allegations against me are very serious and I understand why the university has taken this temporary action. But I also want people to know that I am a nice person and I am not the type of person that normally has these types of charges." Swinton would not address why he had the gun. His lawyer says his client is a first time offender and that expects the matter will end positively. Swinton is scheduled to appear in New Hanover County district court on November 15. He may have a clean criminal record, but Swinton does have a history of violating university policy. Swinton transferred to UNCW from Wake Forest. The school's athletic department confirms he was suspended from playing in four games for the demon deacons, for violating university policy. Swinton's attorney, Woody White, claims that suspension was for playing paintball in the dorms, and that four football players were also disciplined. He adds his client has no criminal record and that his current predicament will end positively. Swinton will now have a hearing, where he will plead his case in front of the dean of students.

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Come on people if he wasn't

Come on people if he wasn't a basketball player you think it would even be questioned whether he would ever be allowed back. Special people, special treatment. I happen to go to UNCW I also happen to have a legal CCW. I have to drive a half a mile down the road and do a U-Turn just so I don't drive on the campus with it. Its not an issue of gun control, its an issue of crappy judical practice. There is no reason he should be anywhere but jail right now. He makes everyone that does legally own and carry a firearm look bad.


This young man should be thankful that this is all that has happened. So many times these young people have a gun and something really tragic happens and their life is ruined. This is a slight bump in the road, he can recover from this. Pray that he has the smarts to figure that out.

Gun Found

So okay; a gun was found in his car; and it was stolen. A good lawyer will get this taken care of. Claim -- what gun? I didn't know it was there. Would I have let them search the car if I'd known it was there? See the comments; his lawyer says it will end "positively". What's next? Will the Campus Police request county and city officers be placed on Campus? But seriously, you an not lay blame on the school administrators for this; there is only so much monitoring that can go on.


ok, so he's a nice person,and he is not the type of person who normally has these types of charges. looks to me like he needs to go home and rewrite his resume because in the state of nc nobody cares how nice of a person you are because if you carry a gun, especially a loaded one, on school premises its a felony. next time he's caught he can still claim to be a nice guy, and only been caught once at school with a loaded gun. the judicial system has a place for you. thats why you don't see court houses and probation officers going out of business.

handguns are made for

handguns are made for killin', they ain't good for nothin' else, and if you like to drink your whiskey, you might even shoot yourself, so why don't we dump 'em, people, to the bottom of the sea, before some ole fool come around here, and wanna shoot either you or me? Ronnie Van Zandt----1973

Wake didn't want this piece

Wake didn't want this piece of garbage for a reason. Why did UNCW give this thug a chance. Give a criminal a basketball uniform and an opportunity to get an education, and at the end of the day you still have a criminal.

In Canada no one has a gun

In Canada no one has a gun and their crime rate is practically zero. I don't think everyone should carry a gun. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

You have absolutely no idea

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. There are tons of guns in Canada. One Canadian gun company alone, Cooey Firearms, produced over 6 million between 1920 and 1970. Get a clue before you make the rest of us look like ignorant Americans.

Does that mean...

there are no hunters in Canada or if there are, do they hunt with slingshots? A blanket statement such as "In Canada no one has a gun..." is false.

UNCW kid gets busted with gun

What's wrong with kids today, you think your tough cause you have a gun, my three year old can pull the trigger of a gun, does that make her a tough and rough one ? You punks need to go back to the old days, fighting with fists, that shows who is tough and bad, a two month old child can pull the trigger of a gun, you idiots who carry a gun and threaten people, you are cowards and afraid.... you want to be tough, USE YOUR FISTS !!!


It should be mandatory that all tax payers in this county own and cary a legal, registered gun. The violent crime wave would end the next day.

Making it mandatory....

...would be just as big an abuse of governmental power as making it totally illegal. Law abiding citizens have a right to carry a concealed firearm, but they also have the right to decline to do so. Let's not lose focus on this issue at UNCW. This isn't a "gun rights" issue, it's a criminal issue. He possessed a STOLEN firearm in a location that is specifically barred from having firearms.

That would only exacerbate

That would only exacerbate the problem and cause more death.

Cause more death

Sure thing it would. After a few thugs died during attempts to take from others they would be dead. The problem would shortly be reduced. Criminals prey on the innocent, helpless or most defenseless among us. Tipping the scales would upset their reign of terror in our streets. It's a sad thing that state and fed government laws right now are intent on making us a culture of helpless victims waiting... Do you think you government should make you a target of crime by law? Then speak up for your rights to defend yourself.

I agree, there is a town in

I agree, there is a town in GA that requires it's residents to have a's crime rate is zero......I carry now legally of course

Why? If they know you are

Why? If they know you are packin' they won't come attackin'?

I agree

I agree 100%. Everyone should take a gun class and get certified in shooting, just like the military. Violent crime would end.

Just stop and think for a

Just stop and think for a minute. You're a criminal who knows the person you are about to rob has a gun. The criminal also has a gun because it is the law that he own one. Shoot first and then rob? We're trying to save lives, not take them.


Hmmmm very flat earth thinking, a criminal is a criminal because he commits crime, if the criminal knows a person is armed he will think twice abut robbing, raping etc....I'd rather carry my gun and take my chances than not have a gun.....besides...if you can cap the criminal will save the tax payers a bundle by him being dead and not in prison that taxes pay for.....


And what is your solution... Run and hide?


Naaaah... I originaly said "every taxpayer" and I'll add property owner... just like God meant it. An armed society is a polite society.

I agree

Yep, if soceity starts to take out the trash then we will have a better world. I carry 90% of the time.

One problem...

There would also be several innocent people getting shot by scared gun carriers. Carrying a gun and being able to use it on someone are two completely different issues. It's easy to say I will pull my gun out and shoot someone, but it's totally different to actually do it

Bullets should cost $5,000 a

Bullets should cost $5,000 a piece.


Why dont you come up with something original, instead of something that Chris Rock said in the 90's. what a loser.

Can you even back that

Can you even back that comment up with any kind of intelligent answer, or are you just taking out your .... because you know nothing or have never fired a gun in your life and are scared of them? Please go take a ccw class and then let me know if you feel any different. You might find its fun to go to the range and send some lead 1300 fps down range. And to your question it only takes one so 5k is not that much for someone’s life. We would just load out own ammo.

that would'nt work

Only rich people would have guns. They would shoot all of the poor people, then they would have to fight all of thier wars by themselves. Oh No! That would never do!