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Gun sales up after election

READ MORE: Gun sales rising after election
Amid a struggling economy, there is one industry still spiking. Gun sales have reached record highs across the country, and our area is no different. Since Barack Obama's win, gun sales are booming, especially at Shooters Choice in Wilmington said manager, Ricci Wright. Some gun owners are worried that once Obama is in office, they won't be able to buy certain types of weapons. Andrew Thompson said he has bought two new guns since the November 4th election. “Just like every body else, I'm hearing the same rumors. I'm getting what I can while I can just in case.” Rumors are that once Barack Obama gets in the White House he will tighten restrictions on buying guns. Obama said he supports the right to bear arms. "I believe the Second Amendment means something. I do think that it speaks to an individual right," said Obama. Obama wants to revive and make a permanent ban on assault weapons. He also supports a national ban on concealed weapons, and the right of local governments to set their own gun laws. However, the Obama team said guns are not at the top of the president-elect's priority list. The economy and health care are. But for Andrew Thompson, he is not going to wait and see. “I’m here just to see what he's got on the shelf that may not be available in months to come.” Virginia, Illinois, Michigan and Texas are also states where gun sales are on the rise.

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Obama doesn't disappoint

So much for "I support the Second Amendment," and so much for the notion of "change." Media reports say President-elect Barack Obama has selected Eric Holder as his Attorney General, and that Holder may already have accepted the offer. Holder, as Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno during the Clinton Administration, said that the Second Amendment does NOT protect an individual right, but instead protects the right to have a firearm when serving with a militia. After leaving office, Holder stuck to that assertion when he signed Janet Reno's brief to the Supreme Court in the Heller case, which stated, "The Second Amendment does not protect firearms possession or use that is unrelated to participation in a well-regulated militia." Any doubt what's ahead?

The recipe for tyranny

Here's Obama's recipe for disarming America. Start with baby steps, such as banning "semi-automatic assault weapons." Why would a hunter object to that? (He will, if he realizes that there is no functional difference between and AK-47 and his Remington 742 which will be added as the list expands.) Go for "common sense" gun control, such as banning concealed weapons. Now, when you ask how that would be common sense, how the feds can overturn thirty-eight state laws with no constitutional authority to do so, or point out that crime rates against persons have dropped in those states, stand by for the ol' "brotherhood of man, we need a less violent society" lecture. They'll cherry-pick a few stories from the very few cases of licensed people committing crimes, but ignore the thousands of cases every year where a person defended their life. Use vague, technologically impossible terms such as "child-proofing guns" or "ballistic fingerprinting" to basically outlaw any firearm that can't meet these ridiculous goals. Redefine everything. A bolt action, scoped rifle is no longer a hunting rifle. As Senator Charles Schumer pointed out a few years ago, it's a "SNIPER rifle!" Make them unaffordable. As we can see from Obama's voting record, he likes the idea of a 500% excise tax on firearms and ammunition. Here's your worst case scenario - use the U.N. If you read the Constitution and review federal case law, you will note that a treaty with a foreign power carries a weight equal to a constitutional amendment. Fow the last twelve years or so, a treaty designed to restrict firearms has been floating around the U.N. If Obama and his Democratically controlled Senate sign onto this SALW treaty, they can incorporate any restrictions they want to to prevent the illegal transfer of weapons. That could mean registration...or it could mean that you have to store your own weapons at a centralized, "secure" armory that the government will maintain. For those of you who say that Obama will not do any of these things, remember this: The same old gang that has fought so hard to disarm law abiding Americans is still there. Diane Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, et al. Do you remember Feinstein sitting on Sixty Minutes saying, "If I could have gotten the votes for an outright ban - Mr. and Mrs. America turn them in, I would have done it in a minute." Guess what? She may now have the votes.

Right and wrong

Regulations and laws are something criminals try to get around everday because there is something missing in their soul.The laws and regulations are there for them to follow just like the rest of us.It is up to the police to capture, the courts to prosecute and the prisons to house the criminals.Using criminal behavior as a means to take away the rights of law abiding citizens is not going to deter crime but just leaves those willing to follow the law without the right.


is a scary thought. Obama loves big goverment more than anyone I have ever seen. Taking away the country's right to bear arms will be a huge mistake. If this happens you will still see the criminals obtaining the guns just as easy as they are today. Take away the guns and they will find other means to kill. Meanwhile the law abiding citizens will be unable to defend themselves. I don't own a gun of any sort but I will stand beside my fellow Americans and fight for their right. Prohibition is the sole reason gangs and the mafia were formed all because the goverment wanted more control. EVERYONE loses when we have big goverment.

Gun Facts

I own a gun and am responsible. I am also a doctor who has seen too many families lives altered in my 30+ years of practicing because of the loss of a loved one due to gun violence and/or negligence. The facts are indisputable. We must have more regulation. Among 26 industrialized nations, 86% of gun deaths among children under age 15 occurred in the United States. Every two years more Americans die from firearm injuries than the total number of American soldiers killed during the 8-year Vietnam War. In 2005 (the most recent year for which data is available), there were 30,694 gun deaths in the U.S: 12,352 homicides (40% of all U.S gun deaths), 17,002 suicides (55% of all U.S gun deaths), 789 unintentional shootings, 330 from legal intervention and 221 from undetermined intent (5% of all U.S gun deaths combined). These Numbers were obtained from CDC National Center for Health Statistics mortality report online, 2008 as well as independent studies. Do we need the right to bear arms? I say yes. But at the same time, we need real regulation.

If you are a doctor, I am a

If you are a doctor, I am a Neuro Surgeon(Brain Surgeon). I manufacture medical equipment, I know physcians on both sides of this issue, but you, all you have is Brady Bunch talking points. Get an education or a job.


How many of those deaths were at the hands of illegal weapons or subject that are felons that are not allowed to have a firearm to begin with? The funny thing about statistics is you can make them say anything you want them to.

Hey Doc!

Why don't we try to enforce EXISTING law before we enact MORE laws?


Are you being serious? "Every two years more Americans die from firearm injuries than the total number of American soldiers killed during the 8-year Vietnam War." I don't really CARE that criminals are killing themselves...that doesn't concern me ONE BIT. Your numbers are SKEWED my friend. They are just a number meant to get a knee jerk response. How many die from AUTOMOBILES, baseball bats or knives...guess we need MORE regulations on that evil baseball bat huh? Here are some more numbers from 2007 Fatal firearms accidents age 0-5...17 Fatal firearms accidents age 5-14...121 Fatal firearms accidents age 15-24...401 WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT THIS? These numbers are basically ZERO when put as a percentage of the US population...Your numbers include ALL DEATHS...murders are at 14,000 and THOSE are the individuals that don't really CARE we have a law against this or that type of gun! LET ME SAY IT AGAIN...GUN LAWS WILL DO NOTHING...NOTHING...nothing at all but allow the government MORE CONTROL over LAW ABIDING CITIZENS...during the assault weapons you actually THINK that a CRIMINAL had a problem getting even a AUTOMATIC weapon? You guys deserve to be preyed on by these guys...your just TOO NAIVE!

RE: Really? Guest7969

Guest7969, although I enjoy good dialogue, conversation and debate, your comment was innappropriate: "You guys deserve to be preyed on by these guys...your just TOO NAIVE". Even though you address "you guys", you insinuate I am naive and should be targeted for a criminal act of gun violence. You wish harm on others and pass judgment on a person's competence, guile and knowledge, just because that person does not agree with your views. Why is that? Why can't you just state your side?

I certainly do not agree

I certainly do not agree with Obama's view on concealed weapons. If you can pass whatever application process is necessary to carry a concealed weapon, then that should be your right. It isn't the people who are legally carrying concealed weapons that are the problem. There are many cases where it is necessary depending on line of work, etc. Do you think the criminals are going to obey a ban on concealed weapons? Does that mean his security force will not be allowed to carry them? I doubt it, so why does he want to ban them for the law abiding public?

Look At The Bright Side

When Barack Hussein Obama leaves office, all sorts of roads, airports and comumunity centers will be named after him. Just think BHO Parkway...pronounced Buh-ho. Fitting for what he is getting ready to do.

A Federal Ban on Concealed Weapons?

There's your new president elect, people! He wants to make sure that you don't have the means to defend yourself against his buddies when they try to rob you. Thirty-eight states now allow concealed carry by law-abiding citizens, but Obama feels that the Ninth and Tenth Amendments don't exist. As imperial ruler, he wants law abiding citizens stripped of their rights, so that only criminals have guns. How long before the revolution starts?

New American

New American Revolution...Civil War. I say hoo-rah. Succeed from the union lets start over. The government doesn't want to listen to its people like it was "intended" to. They want complete control. Look at Hitler, he convinced his population to turn in thier weapons, "my army will protect you". Once that happened, nothing to stop them. Easy to take over a nation that can't defend itself. Not to mention the several times in the past where a country wanted to invade America, but wouldn't because every corner they turned would be a population armed to the teeth. So yes lets disarm America. not only what the criminals say(homeland terrorists), but it's what our enemies dream of happening. When is enough enough?


Don't freak out yet Common. I couldn't find that info anywhere, this is what i did find: "Obama, "Sportsmen": Barack Obama believes the Second Amendment creates an individual right, and he respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms. He will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own, transport, and use guns. On the issue of urban policy, Obama says he favors "commonsense measures" to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and children, and that he would bring back the expired "assault weapon" ban and make it permanent: Obama, "Urban Policy": Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets." I agree with the assault weapons thing, we do not need those in our homes.


"I agree with the assault weapons thing, we do not need those in our homes." Would YOU need an assault weapon to defend your country from both foreign and domestic intruders? Could you defend yourself against the government, and don't say that our government isn't capable of attacking our freedoms MORE than they have since 9/11. We are spiraling OUT OF CONTROL! "while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them""making guns in this country childproof." since we are SO GOOD at making CRIMINALS follow our laws...I guess that will work. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS!! THAT is what makes them CRIMINALS! SO why do LAW ABIDING CITIZENS get laws passed on them....CONTROL that is the only reason! MAKING GUNS CHILDPROOF? YOUR KIDDING RIGHT? MORE CHILDREN DIE FROM CAR ACCIDENTS and a MULTITUDE of other things...the TOP FIVE Causes for death in this country are AUTOMOBILES Poisoning Falls Choking DROWNING This whole gun thing is about CONTROL because it sure isn't about the CHILDREN...that just makes it sound nice...if you say it's for the CHILDREN...then you are supposed to roll over and let them walk over you. The whole CHILDPROOF statement is just STUPID and anyone that falls for something like that is also not very savvy. IN addition, the Democrats like to link the Second to HUNTING or SPORT SHOOTING...people that don't know what the Second is for take it hook, line and sinker....the Second has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THOSE THINGS as it was written in the Constitution...its SOLE PURPOSE is to ensure the PEOPLE have the power against their government. You know what...this country DESERVES to fail, fall into depression and be taken over by the Chinese, Russians or Arabs...WE DESERVE IT..because we have forgotten EVERYTHING about ourselves. We are willing to just GIVE IT AWAY when it took THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of lives to get it!...IT happens to be going away in this country and we are all just watching it sent down the river...


Could you defend yourself against the government, And an assault weapon would help against a tank how?

Review your military history

As the Russians learned in Poland and Hungary, and we learned in Baghdad, tanks operating against irregular forces in an urban environment are destroyed quickly when they are not supported with an adequate infantry force and are restricted in their movement by the environment itself. No armor commander enters a city without fear and trepidation. He knows that tanks in cities are at a big disadvantage. Without unrestricted movement, tanks become very slow, very large targets more similar to fixed fortifications than battle tanks. There was an incident in the '56 Revolution where Hungarian patriots trapped and destroyed three Soviet T-54 tanks by using explosives to collapse the surrounding buildings onto the tanks. (After the tanks were trapped in the rubble,they used gasoline to roast the Russian crews in their steel coffins.) So you use the "assault weapon" to take out the supporting infantry and then engage the tank with Molotov cocktails, tank traps, improvised or conventional explosives, and the anti-tank weapons you take off the bodies of the dead infantry. Let's just hope we never see that in America. As long as the left-wing loons don't go crazy with CHANGE, we likely won't. Also, don't sell the military short. Just as the French troops turned and fired on the Bastille, you could well see American forces turn and start heading to Washington.

Zippy, please answer this question

For most of my adult life I had at my disposal an M-4 carbine and/or an MP-5 submachine gun. I carried a 9mm with a fifteen round magazine. Now, which weapons do you think I would be most familiar with, most confortable with, and most profficient with? Why should I be denied the right to equip myself with the weapons I can best use? Clinton's "assault weapons ban" was a load of nonsense. They outlawed the AR-15 because it had a detachable magazine, black plastic stock, and pistol grip. Meanwhile, the FUNCTIONALLY IDENTICAL Ruger Mini-14 was legal. (Surprise, surprise! It was manufactured in the home state of a key Democratic Senator!) At the time of it's passage, assault weapons were used in less than one percent of all crimes. They restricted magazine capacity to ten rounds. The difference between firing thirty rounds from one magazine and thirty rounds from three magazines is about two seconds time. Unless you have dealt with firearms extensively, you cannot know the technical realities and dangers Obama and the Democrats represent. Their proposals sound so simple...but they mask a far bigger plan. Look at S.397 which he voted for in 2005. It would have outlawed any handgun round that could penetrate a Kevlar vest. Sounds very noble, right? Unfortunately, several manufacturers make single shot pistols for hunting that are chambered for rifle rounds, immediately qualifying them as "handgun rounds," and effectively banning all centerfire rifle ammunition in the country. The simple fact is that anyone willing to face the judicial consequences of robbing, raping, or killing you is not going to be disuaded by a gun control law that naturally carries a lesser penalty. The only people who obey gun control laws are those who obey the law. What in the world is the purpose and value of disarming law-abiding citizens? Oh, if you want a link to his view on concealed waepons, try this one:


Common that is YOU. YOU are a responsible gun owner. Remember Halloween night when a little boy was shot 30 times through a door he knocked on for candy with an AK47? The guy said he saw people with masks approaching his door. (Halloween) In SC I think. NO ONE needs that type of gun and there is NO way we can stop them because they can be bought illegally at any time. Honest people buy them legally. Gun control is a crock anyway. I am not worried about you or my neighbors. You are not out to cause harm.

...and guess what, Zippy?

Thay guy was ALREADY violating the law by possessing a firearm after a prior felony conviction! Did THAT law work? We catch felons with firearms all the time and do NOTHING, even though federal law says the guy should go to federal prison for five years. Had that loser fired one single round from a .45 that child would have been just as dead. BTW, it's not "only me." Every man and woman getting out of the Army or Marines is most familiar with the M-16 (AR-15). That's likely the weapon they can best use. When a guy can commit a second offense classic burglary (occupied dwelling during hours of darkness), yet be allowed to plead guilty to B&E and serve sixty-three days of a six-month sentence before release, don't tell me the problem is guns.

Already a law in place

In the case of the Haloween shooting, the mutt that killed that little boy was a convicted felon. By law he shouldn't have had any weapon in the first place. We have more laws on the books that are not enforced already. Why add to them? Laws will only contain those that wish to follow them. If guns are banned, then I will become a criminal because I will not turn mine in. Dad: Slain SC trick-or-treater saved him, siblings

Ya think

"A gun in the hands of a free man frightens and angers the GOVERNMENT, not because they fear the power of the gun, but, rather, the spirit of the man who holds it." I think Obama wants to make sure that a revolt can be quickly quelled when he starts ruling instead of governing. Law enforcement will show up with AR-15s and automatic weapons to shoot you with while you are holding a 22 or video game controler.

Yep, CS, looks like you hit

Yep, CS, looks like you hit the nail on the head. Maybe all these gun sales are for personal protection for what is to come.........

What a bunch of fools

This sure makes me giggle. Look at that guy, Andrew Thompson, what a dope. I can't wait for the day Obama can ban idiots like that guy from owning guns like the one he is holding in the video. What possible reason could someone like this dope need a gun like that for? There is a difference between owning a gun to protect your family, and owning a weapon like that. There's ABSOLUTELY no reason for it. There is only one thing we can hope for. This guy mishandles the gun and ends the story on this sorry excuse for an individual. Mr. Thompson is a scared baby and a punk. End of story.

WHAT REASON ????????????????

What is the reason someone needs a Hummer when he/she don't hunt or go off roading? What reason someone needs a very large nice boat when a smaller boat will fulfill he/she needs? What is the reason someone buys knives they will never use? First of all its NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. I own an assault rifle that I will not give up. I hunt with it, and just for the fun of it I'll go an shoot at paper, cans, and bottles. Shooters Choice is a place where gun safety classes are held. The clerk would have said something to Andrew if he had mishandle the rifle. It took a person with a gun to give us our freedom, and it will be a person with a gun to keep it. End.


You can call Mr. Thompson a scared baby and a punk from the safety of the internet, but if the day comes that you're in danger and he's nearby, you'll suddenly be the scared baby begging him to use his firearms to protect you. Happy submitting your life to the will of the government!

Trust me, I wont need Mr

Trust me, I wont need Mr Thompson, and his 90lb frame protecting me. Guy obviously bought that gun for the same reason men buy the flashy cars - missing a little something "in the pants"


you even an American? Do you even KNOW or have you even READ the Second Amendment? Do you know what it is even THERE FOR? Let me educate you since education is OBVIOUSLY not your strong suite in life. Our forefathers, you know the ones who started this whole freedom thing, felt it NECESSARY to include the right to keep and bear arms to the PEOPLE. WHY? You might ask. The reason is VERY SIMPLE, so simple someone like YOU might even be able to understand it, since that IS how the Constitution was written. The reason is that our forefathers felt the people needed to always keep the upper hand on the government. The only TRUE way to do that was not thru democratic elections, not thru representation, but by giving the people the ability to rise up against their government to ensure freedom always lived in this great nation. The right to keep an bare arms is there so YOU and I can ensure ourselves freedom no matter what happens in the halls of government. Those guns aren't for HOME protection, they aren't for HUNTING. They are for protecting US against THEM. So when you say something so STUPID, ask yourself this...if the government went total NUTZO tomorrow...WHAT weapons would WE the PEOPLE need to defend ourselves from it? Let me include the Second Amendment for you to read over.... "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." me simple but you should be VERY afraid when a government plans to put restrictions on gun ownership of ANY KIND...when the CONSTITUTION PLAINLY STATES....SHALL....NOT....BE....INFRINGED....PERIOD! If you think it is OK for our government to attack this part of our Constitution...then don't cry out in agony when they start stripping out OTHER parts...The SECOND REVOLUTION is coming...some of us are prepared...some are not...some will do what they always do...ROLL OVER...I happen to NOT be one to roll over for my freedoms...I happen to know the price that was and has to be paid to keep them...the silent MAJORITY has been stirred...and I have a feeling you will be hearing from us a little more often as we are TIRED of being ignored!

Our forefathers

Our forefathers also fought the American Revolution war because they didn’t want to pay taxes. Look at what we have now..