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Gun sales up after election

READ MORE: Gun sales rising after election
Amid a struggling economy, there is one industry still spiking. Gun sales have reached record highs across the country, and our area is no different. Since Barack Obama's win, gun sales are booming, especially at Shooters Choice in Wilmington said manager, Ricci Wright. Some gun owners are worried that once Obama is in office, they won't be able to buy certain types of weapons. Andrew Thompson said he has bought two new guns since the November 4th election. “Just like every body else, I'm hearing the same rumors. I'm getting what I can while I can just in case.” Rumors are that once Barack Obama gets in the White House he will tighten restrictions on buying guns. Obama said he supports the right to bear arms. "I believe the Second Amendment means something. I do think that it speaks to an individual right," said Obama. Obama wants to revive and make a permanent ban on assault weapons. He also supports a national ban on concealed weapons, and the right of local governments to set their own gun laws. However, the Obama team said guns are not at the top of the president-elect's priority list. The economy and health care are. But for Andrew Thompson, he is not going to wait and see. “I’m here just to see what he's got on the shelf that may not be available in months to come.” Virginia, Illinois, Michigan and Texas are also states where gun sales are on the rise.

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Donkey - When the

Donkey - When the Constitution was written, and the right to bear arms was given, there were not assault rifles like the one Andrew was holding. There were muskets, that took 3 minutes to load. Again, there is no reason you need to own an assault rifle like that. They are for hunting? Are you joking me? What in the world are you hunting with that gun? They are for THEM? What's that mean? Is that that southern hick, I just got out of bed with my cousin, attitude shining through? I said it before, and I'll add you to the punk, baby list. If you own a gun like that, and use the excuse that its to "protect yourself" you are one weak individual.


I don't think I ever said that assault weapons were for hunting...they aren't. What they ARE FOR is to number one, have the ability to ENSURE our Constitutional rights are always there and will never go away. protect myself against a Katrina like circumstance when criminals are threatening my home and family. A group of criminals pull up to your home, what would you pull out a Semi-auto assault weapon or a 12 gauge pump? I said they are to protect us against THEM...THEM would be ANYONE wanting to take away a SINGLE Constitutional Right paid for us by the blood of brave individuals. I feel sad for you, I really do. You don't have any CLUE as to how we attained the freedoms we have today. You act like freedom just fell out of a tree and hit our founding fathers on the head and EUREKA...we were free. Our founding fathers were TRUE PATRIOTS, unlike MANY of our elected "leaders" today. ANY of our founding fathers would have LAID DOWN THEIR LIVES to ensure the freedom of this country. I HIGHLY DOUBT that 98% of our leadership would even THINK of doing such a thing. I guarantee you this, if your wife/child is getting chased around the mall parking lot by a guy with a knife...and I pull out my concealed weapon and kill will be ETERNALLY THANKFUL! Concealed weapons allow LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to have an upper hand on those who have no intentions of following the law.

And when the constitution

And when the constitution was written, the goverment didn't have tanks, machine guns, armor and a massive military. The way I see it, owning a simi-automatic weapon just levels the playing field...........

Don't be a Dip.......

When the Constitution was written, you could only get your printed information from a printing press. Why do you need the Internet? LET'S BAN THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to alienate you, but don't be an Alpha Sierra Sierra. Neither of us are Constituitonal Lawyers, but we don't need to be. Second Amendment protects the First. Most everyone who carries a weapon are prepared to make "the other guy" lay down their life for their beliefs - whether that's a foreign enemy or some mutt who believes he has the right to kill, rape, or rob you or me. Your rights end where mine begin - and I currently have the right to bear arms - oh yeah, and it's legally concealed. I hope you never need me to exercise my right, but there's always the chance that one day you're pumping gas or buying a present at the mall and all hell breaks loose. You'll pray for a Sheepdog to protect you from the Wolf. Don't understand what I'm talking about? Google "On Wolves, Sheep and Sheepdogs". Sheepdogs aren't always in uniform and, no disrespect to the Thin Blue Line, but they aren't always there. They're busy answering barking dog calls and investigating wrecks and all the other stupid Sierra Hotel India Tango people call them about because we live in such a Kumbaya-Nanny State.

The Anti-Christ

Sadly, he'll probably get assinated, than all hell will break lose, riots and wars.....Really Scarey....I hope that doesn't happen, "but there's a lot of nuts out there". My question. In your opinion, how many people think he is the Anti-Christ? Skin color was not part of me deciding who I feel should be President....