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Hagan fires back at Bunning, plans Wilmington visit

READ MORE: Hagan fires back at Bunning, plans Wilmington visit

A North Carolina senator is sounding off about one of her colleagues. Kay Hagan is not happy with the way one senator, a baseball Hall of Famer, played some serious hard ball with Senate rules to delay a bill to help the unemployed.

Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning said he objected to the bill because Congress had not found a way to pay for the $10 billion package.

"He held the Senate and the American people hostage for days because he wanted 100 percent of his demands met," Hagan said, "and that is not the way our democracy is supposed to work."

To avoid procedural delays the Senate tried to pass the extension using a move called unanimous consent. But under Senate rules a single senator can block the approval. Enter Bunning.

Hagan, a Democrat, said Bunning prevented federal unemployment benefits and health insurance benefits. Bunning created furloughs for thousands of federal employees, suspended highway projects and caused cuts in Medicare payments to doctors.

"We have got to stop playing politics with the lives of North Carolinians and get back to work on creating jobs," Hagan said. "I am working with my colleagues to do just that."

Late last night Bunning agreed to end his holdout and the Senate voted in favor of the bill 78 to 19.

Sen. Hagan will pay the Port City a visit later this week and meet with constituents. She will hold office hours on a first come, first served basis from 1:45 to 2:15 Friday afternoon at Cape Fear Community College. The meetings will be in Room G-101 at 402 North Front Street in Downtown Wilmington. Representatives from the senator's office will be on site from 1 to 2:30 p.m. to assist constituents who need assistance with federal agencies.

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Bunning and healthcare

Mrs Hagan, I was glad to see Bunning standing up for what he believed in & thinking farther down the road then next week. He was acting responsibly & instead of the rest of you working with him to find a way to pay for the bill, everyone blasted him. (For the record, I'm one of the people affected by the bill.)

Also, please do NOT vote for the healthcare bill as it is. Congress needs to start over!!

Wanda Hamilton

This is how our democracy works!

Quote "He held the Senate and the American people hostage for days because he wanted 100 percent of his demands met," Hagan said, "and that is not the way our democracy is supposed to work."

Senator Hagen, debate and filibusterer is part of American democracy. Its been done for a longtime (maybe we should have a history lesson). Though you or I may not have agreed with Senator Bunning, he has every right to stand up for what he believes is right or wrong for the country and the people he represents. If he truly believes a bill is wrong, he or any other senator, democrat or republican, has the right to try to stop it. This right protects the interest of a minority in the senate which might have the overwhelming majority and support from the public (health care bill for example). I hope you realize the majority of people do not support the current health-care bill on the table, even though the majority of senators might.

They won't have to use it

The senators support it because they won't have to use it. They will get to keep their golden medical plan.

Blame the Seventeenth Amendment

She has no concept of her role as a Senator, and simply wants to pander to the party line.

Once Senators were directly elected by the populace, common sense and ANY interest if protecting the interest of the states went right out the window. Our Founding Fathers set it up right - the House of Representatives represented the people and the Senators (appointed by the state Governors and Legislatures) represented the states.

Do you think we would have one-tenth of the idiotic mandates on the states if the Senators still represented the states? Do you think Obamacare or even No Child Left Behind would pass?

Kay Hagan

I have sent numerous emails to Kay Hagan expressing opposition to the Obamacare plan, but in every response, she has indicated she supports the party line. She needs to be voted out of office at the first opportunity.

Kay Hagen

I have sent numerous emails and made and will make more phone calls to Senator Kay Hagan encouraging her to help pass a health care bill with a public option. I gave to her campaign and will do so again if she runs for office again.


As the bill stands now, it does not have a public option.

30 minutes

Why bother coming here for 30 minutes? Isn't the travel time several hours? More time meeting with Wilmingtonians would mean more tough questions. I'm sure it's easier to pretend to be listening than to really listen.

Song and Dance

It was OK for the Democrats to do a hold out on the health care bill until they got special items put in the bill for their states. However, when a Republican does it because there is no money he is acting badly.
I have a question. How much is it costing the tax payers for her trip to just spend thirty minutes? I am sure she doesn’t want to hear from her constituents about how we all feel about the job her colleagues and she is doing. I am willing to bet that all the spots are taken by the good old boys wanting to tell her the great job she is doing.

What did she not understand

Senator Bunning's position was the funding should be present before the bill passed.

How hard is that to understand?

Don't take on more debt when you do not have the funds to pay for it.

She overlooks Prince Harry Reid had it within his power to fund the bill which would have avoided all this furor. He chose not to use his power.

Better media attention if the Republicans appear to wear the black hat.

Bunning was right

You idiots in Washington better stop playing with the lives of our grandchildren. You JUST past Paygo last week, then immediately ignored it when it came to this bill. Bunning simply wanted you to pay for it NOW, with money already on hand. (Thanks to the Chinese.)

But think we should stick it to our kids and grandkids, and simply tack it onto an already insurmountable debt.


Can you believe it!!!! kay hagan is coming all the way to Wilmington. And this is unreal, she is going to devote an entire "30 minutes" just to listen to whoever gets there first. Makes you idiots who voted for her proud don't it.

Refresh my memory, how much

Refresh my memory, how much time did Sen. Dole, Hagan's predecessor spend here? Don't include fundraising visits.....

Hate to admit, but you are correct

I am a Republican, but you are correct when you ask how much time did E. Dole spend here in the Port City? That's why she is gone.

Yes, Hagan will be a one term senator. Too bad there is not a way to recall her from office if she votes for this health bill.

Sen Hagan visits

Hate to admit it too, but Sen. Burr isn't exactly Mr. Appraochable either. He is just sitting back trying to not make waves and win by incumbantcy. He wasn't holding any Town Halls this summer and his calendar secretary even told me he "didn't have to meet with constituents that summer."

Who paid for Hagan's campaign? DC. Whose marching orders is she following? DC's.