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Hagan suing Dole over TV advertisement

READ MORE: Hagan suing Dole over TV advertisement
A political war of words is headed for a courtroom. It involves the US Senate race between Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole. A fighting mad Hagan has filed a motion to sue Dole over her campaign's refusal to pull an advertisement. You can view the Dole campaign's TV advertisement here. Kay Hagan had this to say to a Raleigh radio station Thursday evening: "I think Elizabeth Dole has gone to the lowest of the lows. This is an attack on my Christian faith. I teach Sunday school. I'm an elder in my church. I am so incredibly outraged that she has done this. I never heard anything about this PAC until she sent out a press release." Hagan later said she did attend the fundraiser in Boston. Dole's lawyers said Hagan accepted $2,300 from Godless Americans board member Woody Kaplan. As for the lawsuit, the Dole campaign issued this statement: "This lawsuit is frivolous and we will file a motion to dismiss. Kay Hagan knows that the Dole campaign ad is accurate and she is trying to confuse voters until Election Day." The Dole campaign refuses to pull the advertisement.

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This is just silly.

I moved to NC in the past year and will be voting for the first time in a general election here. This campaign between Hagen and Dole has gone beyond silly. I have to shake my head whenever I see the campaigns ads back and forth about Hagen's faith or lack of it. I thought we had separation of church and state. This is not an issue for me. I am voting for Hagen as I have not been much of a Dole fan even when I was not living here. My favorite commercial of all this year though has to be the one with Dole and Bush flying around the country in that two seater plane. Cracks me up every time!

Not a matter of religion

This is not a matter of being a beleiver or non beleiver it is a matter of political posturing. Whom you vote for and why is your business and yours alone. If Ms. Hagan recieved campaign donations from a special interest group that would further work to take your rights to freedom of religion and religous practices out of the public eye (and public places/venues) and restrict those liberties to your private home and church then you really have something to discuss. I for one will never vote for anyone who is more concerned for whom I offend than my right to my individual freedoms and liberties including freedom or religion and speech. I am protected by the constitution and I intend to vote for the one who will help to protect the constitution.


This is hysterical. All the christians saying "tho shalt not bear false witness". You are not suppose to judge people either are you?? Take religion out of politics. No one should have to be of any religion to serve in public office.

What is the big deal? Are

What is the big deal? Are candidates only supposed to take money from people who are christain and believe in a fictional being? I realize that Kay Hagan maintains her christian beliefs, but I'd much rather vote for a christain that is inclusive than an old biddy that excludes people who do not share the same beliefs. Let's face it.... more bloody wars have been started in the name of "christianity" than for any other reason. I don't see the atheists out there starting wars. Let's leave the fairy tales out of politics!


Although I do not agree with how this commercial was presented, this shows how little the American people know about who is donating to candidates and if these donations buy influence that harms our political process. Kay Hagan needs to know who is donating to her campaign and who she is meeting with.If she does not the fault lies squarely with her. As an elected official that represents the people, her responsibility is to the people that will vote for her.Campaign finance should be an open book for the people to view.

Dole a Disgrace

This calous and malicious manipulation is disgusting and speaks to the worst of the republican party...but more importantly, while Dole is in office, she is my Senator from North Carolina and has disgraced us Nationally for doing this horrid thing. You can wage a campaign on issues, but to attack a peron's christianity is the lowest form of slime. Kay is our hope to restor NC back to a place of Honors with Richard Burr and balance out our state and have two fighting for us in Washington who care about US!


has Senator Dole disgraced NC by airing an ad which correctly reports on a source of her opponent's campaign funds? Second: who will have more potential impact in Washington after January 3rd? A neophyte from NC whose experience to date has been on a state level. Or a returning Senator with Seniority who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee. A Senator who previously held a cabinet position in the Reagen Cabinet. A Senator who previously led The American Red Cross. At a critical time, we need someone with Washington experience; not someone who will take 2 or 3 years of going along to get along and who will likely need a year just to learn how things work in the Senate. Think about that before you vote/

Who will be most effective?

SurfCityTom raises a good question. Who will be the most effective representive of North Carolina? Is that a worn out Kansan who has disgraced herself and the State and who is already known as a bit player in the Republican party? Even if she was a more effective politician, her party will have less influence in the new Congress than they have had in years. I suspect Kay Hagan, a fresh, energetic voice in what is sure to be the majority part, will be far more effective? Ms. Hagan will not have Ms. Dole's seniority and we know that seniority helps deliver "Pork." However, on this issue I agree with John McCain, effectiveness has to be measured by the overall good of the country, not by how much "Pork" is delivered to one's State.

For the record

Senator Elizabeth Dole is a North Carolinian. Senator Bob Dole is from Kansas. Now you state she is a disgrace. How about some meat on the bone or substance to your accussations? SPECIFICALLY, what has she done. No Innuendo No half statements What, Specifically has she done which is so disgraceful? Time to put up or shut up

Hagan later said she did attend the fundraiser in Boston...

Why is it that when the TRUTH is discussed, it's a negative add? The truth is only negative if you don't want the truth to come out. There are a LOT of truths a LOT of Democrats want to conceal.

RE: Hagan sues Dole

Go Kay go! We have the chance to elect a real Senator who will work for NC. Let's not blow this and give Dole another 6 years to do nothing.

Hagan is pro-atheist

Lets face it, dufus. Kay Hagan is a worthless liberal hag who does support taking God out of our American culture. She has shown her stance in many other godless issues like the murder of unborn babies. She, like Obama, despise the moral foundation that this country was built upon. Both support an agenda that promotes anti-christian values and supports many of the very things that are aborrant to true Christians. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. But don't vote for her.

Deal with it

Well Hagan if you can't deal with negative ads towards yourself then you def can't handle The Senate. A real Christian knows that Vengence is the Lords. What good does it do to sue??? She is def using this as a campaign ploy to try and get votes. Sorry, Liz already got my vote!

Well Deal with it...

A real Christian also knows that it is wrong to bear false witness against a neighbor. At least if Hagan sues then she can make Liddy Dole accountable for a message she has approved. I would not brag about voting for the 93rd most powerful senator in the US Senate. 93 out of 100 that is a great number to strive for.

Fund Raising

Why did Hagan go to a fund raiser where these people apparantly played a big part in? Does she not care where her money comes from, as long as it just comes in.

First, are there FAKE

First, are there FAKE Christians??? Second, a Japanese Proverb.....If you believe ALL you read....don't read. Third, we now have a lawsuit...let's wait and see who IS telling the TRUTH and who is LYING. Fair enough??? The reason why I'm posting is to let all know that...almost ALL politicians are CROOKS...I personally know a few of them quite well....think about this...they spend MILLIONS of contributed Dollars for a job that pays a fraction of that in Salary...They are POWER HUNGRY....and to them END justifies the MEANS...FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

RE: Deal with it

Why vote for someone that hasn't done ANYTHING for us? Why don't you name a few bills she's sponsored? How often does she come back to NC and hold town-hall meetings? What has she done for NC besides embarrass us?



You sound silly yelling

And you really never make a point. Name calling is something Dems are really good at. Squeal piggy!

A real Christian wouldn't

A real Christian wouldn't bear false witness either, would they? Well, that is just what Lizzy's ad has done. She (and her supporters) should be ashamed of this advertisement. Her lack of contrition has lost her my vote, and that of my family's. So she might have had yours, but she's just lost a dozen. Hope it was worth it to her.

False witness????

Straight from the news report: "Hagan later said she **DID** attend the fundraiser in Boston." How is telling the truth "bearing false witness," you brain trust?

Her inference was meant to

Her inference was meant to portray Kay Hagan as "Godless". That is bearing false witness. Her sensationalizing the truth to imply a falsehood is typical politics, but shouldn't be part of what a good Christian stands for. If Dole is going to stand on that platform, she better get the plank out of her eye first.

I fear you have a false brain

Have you seen the ad? It reports that Hagan attended the meeting. (Which she herself admits) and that she accepted a contribution. That's not false witness. That's a simple statement of fact. Telling the truth is not bearing false witness. What kind of Democrat Sunday School did you attend? Stop checking your morality at the door for the sake of political expediency. Embrace the truth.

You're not getting it, are you?

Try comprehending my point instead of trying so hard to be onery. I know you love scoring your "board points" and all, but my point really isn't *that* hard to follow. The commercial infers that Hagan is somehow Godless because of her association with this thing. That is false. Hagan is NOT Godless, so by making that inference, Dole is bearing false witness. See? Easy. Maybe if you would check your ego at the door, you would have gotten the point the first time.


With Hagen being a Democrat I wouldn't put anything above her.

She didn't get my vote for that alone

Hagan participated in something I couldn't forgive her for. And I AM a Democrat.

You better look up infer and imply

A commercial cannot INFER anything. YOU are the one who is inferring that. The commercial doesn't even IMPLY that she's godless. It simply states fact. See? Nothing to do with my ego. EVERYTHING to do with you not realizing that the to INFER is to reach a conclusion. YOU infered that the Hag is Godless. Dole simply told you that she attended a fundraiser and accepted money from the Godless Americans. Your "point" is thus nonsense. No false witness was given.

You are not getting it

Nowhere in the ad does Senator Dole, or anyone representing her or her campaign allege, infer, imply or state that Ms. Hagen is not a Christian. The Ad reports, accurately, that Ms. Hagen attended a fund raiser; notes some of the others who were in attendance; and notes Ms. Hagen received a donation. Funny, but there has been no report she returned the donation.

Well, all I can say is that

Well, all I can say is that we each have to vote our conscience. We could split hairs all day long but we aren't going to agree. I believe the information was presented in a way as to imply that Hagan is Godless, or at the least supports the notion that "there is no God", and that my friend, simply isn't true. SurfCityTom, why should she return the donation? If these candidates represent the interest of ALL the citizens of NC, doesn't that include non-believers? If this country were a theocracy, then yeah, maybe she should return the donation. But it isn't, and I see no reason why any candidate should shun this part of their voting public.

Splitting hairs?

Hahahaha! You not knowing the meaning of "infer" is NOT splitting hairs. What it amounted to was YOU bearing false witness against Elizabeth Dole, Mr. or Ms. Holier-than-thou! Dole simply stated the facts. She IMPLIED nothing. YOU concluded that the Hag was godless, then accused Dole of wrongdoing because she dared tell you the truth... ...but I LOVE the way you change your tack after your little faux pas and now it's, "shouldn't she represent non-believers too?" You are obviously much more of a die-hard Democrat than a theologian. If evidence came out that Hagan engaged in canabalism, you'd defend her.... ...and no, I'm not IMPLYING that Hagan is a canibal, so don't INFER that. I could personally care less if Hagan was a witch who bathed in blood. My opposition to her is that she is part of the planned Socialist destruction of America, as we know it.