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Hagan tours locations of local projects

READ MORE: Hagan tours locations of local projects
With federal stimulus money heading our way, Senator Kay Hagan toured sites in our area where the money will be flowing. She made two stops in our area that will see major changes in the coming months. There is $ 6.1 billion headed to the state of North Carolina in stimulus money. Of that money, more than $800 million will go toward improving our streets, highways and bridges. The town of Shallotte is lucky enough to get a piece of the pie. Senator Hagan toured the site where millions of dollars will be used to improve and extend an intersection along Main Street. “These funds are going to allow our North Carolina DOT to improve our infrastructure and relieve the traffic congestion in Shallotte,” Hagan said. The intersection in Shallotte is just one of the many "shovel ready" projects across the state, impacted by the stimulus bill. Another project is Nesbitt Court, the Wilmington housing development which closed in 2007. Senator Hagan surveyed the site where more than $1 million will be spent to demolish buildings. The demolition will make room for future development, and then create jobs. "When you think that we can build more single family affordable housing units here, that's going to put people back to work, that's going to put construction work going on,” Hagan said. “That's going to have people buying furniture for housing, appliances...all of that is what will stimulate the economy and create more jobs." The Nesbitt Court property was built back in the 1930s. Now, what some call an eye sore will go away. "We have on our agenda, is to take this blight and to turn it back into something wonderful for the Wilmington community. With the stimulus money we are going to be able to do that and we are very excited to be able to start that engine rolling,” said Bo Dean, the WHA Chairman. The Wilmington Housing Authority is receiving a total of $3.6 million in stimulus money. Officials said the Nesbitt Court project along with Hill Crest, Sunset Place and Taylor Homes properties will all benefit from the money.

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What Are They Thinking....

The city is getting over one million to tear down Nesbitt Courts, which at present is not hurting anyone and has been resourcefully used to train firefighters. (**"The Wilmington Housing Authority is receiving a total of $3.6 million in stimulus money." **) At the same time the city is talking about cutting services that city residents pay taxes for and will see these services cut. It makes no sense at all. What would we rather see? Firefighters and police officers cut from the budget, leaving residents vulnerable or a piece of property that will see demolition and will take quite a bit of time to develop post-razing? Why not keep the currently employed in their jobs and protecting our city and this project at Nesbitt Courts put on hold? It is a sad day for the City of Wilmington when we see our politicians work in this manner and its residents left vulnerable. Steven (Stevie) Grimsley **Source - WWAYTV3 News "No one is thinking if everyone is thinking alike." - General George Patton


the WHA accountable for the stimulus funds. Make them account for every dollar they receive. At the same time, why not get some of the able bodied inhabitants of other housing projects on the job at Nesbit Court. Put a shovel in their hands; make them do some healthy labor; credit the funds they would earn to the costs of the public housing or food stamps which they recieve. Let's begin to stem the thought that Section 8 Housing and Food Stamps and the other give away programs are a lifetime entitlement without the need to pay back.

"Affordable Housing"= slums of tomorrow

Why replace a slum with more welfare apartments that will be crime infested slums in just a few years? Build something worthwhile in those locations that will benefit taxpaying citizens of this city instead of contributing to another 'welfare generation' of lowlifes. Since those projects were fumigated and the vermin moved on, it has become reasonably safe to drive by them again. Build more upscale housing without welfare assistance and require them to pay their way or go back to living with mama again.

Kay Hagan Visit

We should all remember Senator Hagan supporting all this stimulus money when it disappears and we begin to wonder where those new jobs are that were supposed to be created.

She's going around

She's going around celebrating a communist waste of our taxpayer money, and I am willing to bet that her supporters are too blind to see what they elected.