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Hagan to visit Nesbitt Court during trip to Wilmington

Senator Kay Hagan visits our area Monday. She will tour and survey the old Nesbitt Court Housing Project in Wilmington, which closed in 2007. It is one of the Shovel Ready projects impacted by the federal stimulus bill. Money will go toward demolishing the current buildings. Demolition paves the way for rebuilding the site. “Wilmington Housing Authority’s Bo Dean said, “This is something that's quite frankly been an eyesore for a while that people complain about on a regular basis. We can finally do something with - how wonderful.” The project, and others like it across the state, will create thousands of jobs. Nesbitt Court is the oldest housing project in North Carolina.

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Well this is how i feel

Well this is how i feel about Nesbitt Court, I do not feel it should be torn down but instead renovated because to me it is not any eye sore and i drive past it twice a day 5 days a week. I have a lot of memorys there and my mother and her sister were raised there and it would be like losing a part of myself and my family history to see it gone. Please do not allow anyone to tear it down as there are still people here in New Hanover county who do care about this place and don't want to see it gone.


the first to receive shovels should be the Housing Authority clients who enjoy the benefits of subsidized or free housing while being physically fit. That requirement is present in Habitat for Humanity projects. Why not put the housing authority receipients to work? Healthy physical activity coupled with a wage which can assist them in getting off the public dole. Either apply the amounts they earn to the costs of public housing or deduct the amounts paid when computing Food Stamps and other freebies. Tough Times demand tough decisions