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Hard Rock Park bankruptcy

The Hard Rock Park has not even been open for a year, but its doors are already closing. The owner of the Myrtle Beach amusement park filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday. When it opened in April, park officials planned to stay open through “Rocktoberfest”, and even planned to have some programs during the Christmas season. The $400 million park was possibly the largest investment ever in South Carolina tourism. It turns out that the park did not have enough money for promotions when it opened in April. A bankruptcy judge will decide what will happen to people who hold annual passes and other tickets. The park, which included rock-n-roll themed roller coasters, plans to reopen in 2009.

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What did the Led Zeppelin

What did the Led Zeppelin band members have to say about this?

They Said...

You need coolin, baby, Im not foolin, Im gonna send you back to schoolin

Myrtle beach

There are so many empty abandoned stores there that couldn't make it either. The HUGE empty outlet malls for one. Myrtle beach seems so old and rundown with cheesy stores and attractions, its looks like redneck heaven. I was surprised to see that they were building this place at all. Every time we go there for a weekend most of the people seem to be there to play golf not ride roller coasters.

Pricey Myrtle Beach

My family and I have enjoyed Myrtle Beach for many years. We like to take our 30 ft travel trailer to the many campgrounds in MB. The cost of a full hook up camp site is $58 to $62 a night in the peak of the season. We remember paying $30 to $36 some years ago. Add the cost of the Hard Rock Park and we found other places to go. With gas prices as high as they are how can people pay $50 + another $10 for parking. This is not Orlando FL!! For my family of 6 there is no way at that price. The old Pavilion by the beach was a classic and I miss it. I can say more but I miss the old Pavilion and boardwalk. This same transition is in the works for Brunswick county.

Hard Rock

Heard about the prices before we went. Carolwinds deals aren't that much. They need to do something about the parking price and the price to get in it....

We saw the prices and turned

We saw the prices and turned around. We'd rather spend that kind of money at Disney. It wasn't something that really held our kids' interest either, and that is really important. Drop those prices and make it look fun.

So whats going to happen to

So whats going to happen to the season passholders?

I heard last night that they

I heard last night that they haven't decided if they're going to refund season tickets or not. I'd be pretty upset if I'd bought them. As it is, we thought about going but it would've cost almost $200.00 for my family of 4 to get in and that's ridiculous!

what happens?

read the article. It clearly states the Bankruptcy Judge will determine their fate.

No Surprise

When we went, it was $10 for parking and $48 to get in. Burger, fries and a drink was $15, each. Other much larger parks we have been to were less costly. Sounds like they were trying to cut a hog in the tail and failed.