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Hard Rock Park Grand Opening in Myrtle Beach

READ MORE: Hard Rock Park Grand Opening in Myrtle Beach
This isn't just any ole' theme park. It's the world's first "rock & roll" theme park. Hard Rock Park has been open for a few weeks, but this week marks its official grand opening. Hard Rock Park is all about the experience. Some say, it's where rock comes to play, but to play, you have to pay -- $50. Don't let the admission price fool you. Once you're in, you get to choose from more than 50 attractions, including the famous Led Zeppelin roller coaster. There is also a slew of entertainment opportunities with the rock n roll theme, of course. Stephen Goodwin, Hard Rock Park CEO, saic, "If you come in the evening you get to see one of our emerging artists, they play all summer, tonight we have the Moody Blues, the second part of our grand opening, last night we had the Eagles." Big name bands definitely bring in big crowds, and that's important considering the cost to build the park was just over $400 million. Myrtle Beach is known for tourism, and Hard Rock Park is definitively turning up the volume on tourism in Myrtle Beach. The park's goal is three million visitors a year to this 55 acre facility. Lori Parker-Scott from Fayetteville said, "My husband has been very sick, in and out of the hospital. My boss called me today and said 'Lori I've got two tickets to Hard Rock Park's grand opening, why don't you take the day off and go?'" Brandy Taylor from Enid Oklahoma, said, "I think it kicks butt, we had a great time. It was awesome, loved every minute of it, loved the music." That is what it's all about, and the folks at Hard Rock Park want me to remind you -- The family that plays together, stays together.

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Loved it!

The park was such a thrill. To be honest, I can't stand theme parks but had such a great time at this one! It really was a blast for me, my husband AND my kids!


Actually, Harsd Rock is settled on 50 acres and Busch Gardens VA. actual park (not including the Brewery) is 100 acres. But you are correct... Hard Rock has very littlemajor rides and in my own opinion, without a concert is about $20 too much to pay for what they have.... Not worth it...

50 flippin dollars?

Have you seen how small the theme park is? How few major rides and attractions it has? (By the way.. Aerosmith beat Zeppelin to a rock and roll roller coaster in Disney..) So how does that stack up? Busch Gardens 8xs more rides, 8 x's larger only $6 more. Carowinds, larger park, about same amount of rides except more major roller coasters and %5 less... How can a small theme park (and I am talking smallas in about six legion stadiums stacked 2 deep) charge $50 and expect people to come? Oh.,.. because the tourist in Myrtle Beach will already pay that amount to go see alligators and fish in a tank in one day... Wow. What a tourust rip-off trap! But if you must blow your money.. Its right there behind the old wacammaw pottery and in fromt of midieval times (Yep.... that small....) Don't believe the hype..