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Have breakfast with your State legislators

READ MORE: Have breakfast with your State legislators
Having breakfast with State Legislators gave local residents an opportunity to discuss politics in an informal setting. It was a standing room only crowd of residents and representatives at the second annual "Have Breakfast with your State Legislators." Instead of pancakes and eggs, politics was on the menu. The event was hosted by The League of Women Voters of the Lower Cape Fear UNCW's on campus. League President, Audrey Albrecht says "people don't realize that they really can have a voice in the decisions that representatives make and we wanted to give them an opportunity to see that the representatives are from our area, they live right here among us and it's possible to talk to them." Many people came ready to talk. Wilmington resident, Jimmy Faison even brought a list of questions and at the top of it, education. "I wanted to make certain that everything I wanted to cover would be on my list, because I've got a list of major concerns." More than a dozen State Legislators were on hand to speak one on one with residents about their concerns. Hot topics ranged from national issues like the economy, gas prices and healthcare, to more local questions on increasing teacher's salaries, providing more safety in schools, and tackling the state of our roadways. 9th District Senator, Julia Boseman says "we are going to have to find a new governor before we can fix the problems of metal health and the department of transportation because those two areas of the state are totally messed up." 16th District State Representative, Carolyn Justice agrees. "We just need to completely revamp the Department of Transportation and how its leadership is appointed and remove the politics from it, right now it's pretty much political appointment." The breakfast was also an opportunity for newly appointed state lawmaker, Sandra Spaulding-Hughes to have a chance to hear from the residents she now serves. "This has been a great breakfast to make me aware of some of the real issues, down to earth issues that we need to take back to Raleigh as legislators to talk about."

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Why should my kid have to go to school in the ghetto?

I just would like to add a comment. I am furious that my child cannot go to our neighborhood school which is a very good one! But no, my child has to be shuttled to the ghetto to attend school. It is not my fault that people live where they do. I moved to my neighborhood for a reason and that was location and good schools. Now the clowns on the school board want to move kids around town????? What a joke!

They shouldn't have too

They shouldn't have too, but this is the new America. The socialist one. Everyone suffers equally no matter who they are (unless they are government employees, teachers get to pick their kids schools, research it, it's true.) You local Democrat party has made this possible through their reasoning. And if your a Democrat then STOP B*tching already!


What Ghetto are you referring to? If its Gregory, Williston or Hanover. Those are probably some of the city's best schools. No no matter where they are located, your child isnt being taught in an alley. A school closer to your nice neighborhood, doesnt mean its automatically a good school. The teachers & parents is what makes a difference.

special needs

Let me tell you something the money is there. the ones that manages it. That is what needs to change. Carolin justice was one that wouldn't talk to me about special needs in school. I feel that you aren't in the country legally you need to leave. Don't blame the person below for mis spelling. HIS funds were cut and he was a child left behind. the tax $ are there, the red light camera money is there the lottery . You have to go to these meetings, PTA, Did you know that schools that have PTA and charge you $ 5.00 to join. $ 1.00 stays at the school and then $ 4.00 goes to national PTA, look into how many grants they put back into the local school 0... My son does have special needs in the Pender school system and it has been unreal to get help for this FREE PUBLIC education system that gets $ 4000 per child with special needs, and 98% goes towards salary to teach the children, GO TO THE MEETINGS STAND UP FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING

We have a troll Mom

We have a troll mom here.


What is that? An one line on a message broad that is for issues? Where your funds cut also?


I want to know when are they going to have maore schools for children with special needs.Also Have class rooms for life skill 2 that the child don't have to leave there school district to go 30 to 45 minutes way from where they live.I don't think a child have to leave a good neighood to go to a bad neighood to go to school.

Well if you don't like it put them in private school

It hurts me to see how some "people" really feel about their communities. If we did that we would be right back where we started from segregation is that really what you are asking for or is that really what you want? Say what you "REALLY" mean!!!!!!1

Special needs

When it comes to the financial burden on our government schools, 3.8 million immigrants – I'm guessing the majority are illegal -- are enrolled in the most expensive government classes – non-English speaking. They are the most expensive because they require schools to hire specialized teachers, to train those teachers, and absorb the administrative costs. It is estimated that $1,030 is spent on each immigrant or illegal in government schools ... that's about $3.9 billion. Want more on that government education you are so in love with? Of the 48.4 million government school children in this country, 19% are immigrants or children of immigrants. But get this, in the next few years, immigration will account for virtually all increases in government school spending.

You have proven your point well

Your diatribe proves the point well that there are problems with the government run schools we have today. If you are beyond the third grade then some teacher should have been fired for the poor job of teaching English and composition.