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Health care reform takes to College and Oleander

College and Oleander is one of the busiest intersections in Wilmington, and it regularly attracts people with a cause. Wednesday night it was the location of a health care reform. It was part of a nationwide vigil in more than 300 cities. At a minimum, most of these community activists want to get the public health care option back on the table. Wilmington primary care physician Marsha Fretwell is one of them. “I think that everyone in this country should be able to have the option to be able to go to a doctor and not have to worry about if the have the money to do that,” said Fretwell. “I personally think it's a moral obligation for our country to provide this. I think at a minimum we need to have a public option to go into competition with the private insurers.” Dr. Marsha Fretwell is a geriatrician. She said the country is spending enough money on health care, but it needs to be spent differently.

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This healthcare reform is

This healthcare reform is for the birds!! That's all there is to it!



It sounds great, Doc

Here is the Democratic plan for America, and for many of you who have lived or traveled in Europe, it will sound quite familiar. Everyone gives forty to fifty percent of their pay to the government, and in return, the government gives them free medical care, free education, and insures that everyone has a free belly and sleeps warm and dry. Ah, but there's a problem! Bill Gates giving forty percent of his income is quite a bit different from ol' Common giving forty percent of his income....yet we reap the exact same benefits. Pretty soon, Bill Gates is ticked off and moves to Costa Rica, or some other tax haven. I stop doing much of anything and dedicate my life to fishing, because I know the government will carry my lazy butt and treat me well, even if I contribute nothing. Then the government starts going broke from all the give-aways. So they raise taxes....they increase benefits.....they go broke....they raise taxes.... That's the inherent problem in this nonsensical Socialist healthcare reform. You pay in big bucks, the guy next to you pays nothing, but you get the exact same benefits. What fool is willing to accept that? At this moment, the national debt is $11.7 trillion dollars. That baby born three minutes ago at NHRMC is on the hook for over $38k of that. Our projected deficits over the next ten years adds another $9 trillion. So how do we pay for this latest entitlement without raising taxes to pre-Reagan levels and economically crippling our nation? What's truly amazing is that anyone making the salary of a physician would support a political party that has its sights set on her wallet. Doc, they appreciate your support for their Socialist agenda, but trust me...they're much more interested in getting their hands on your money.

Oh, but look at what kind of

Oh, but look at what kind of doctor she is commonsense, a geriatrician. They are the group who will profit the most as now they will get the big bucks telling all the 65s and older how to pack it in and drop dead. Their services are not normally convered, you know the "end of life counseling". I read an interview with one who said it normally took 6 to 8 visists at least to cover everything and if the family has questions, even more than that. Not too many people on a $600 a month ss check shelling out for her sevices but Obama's plan will be cutting her a check each week. That is why she is giving her support.

what a hollow argument,. you must be a doctor commonsense...

After several decades of pharmaceutical companies and the AMA preying on the public like wolves on a sheep ranch, this argument sounds exactly like what it is: AMA propaganda to scare the public into keeping things just the way the medical industry likes it. Fat profits for fat pigs who long ago sold their souls to reap unseemly profits off the poor. I'm against socialized medical care in its current form because what's required is a total overhaul of the entire medical care system. Of course we'll go broke if the current system is socialized. The same fat pigs will be working behind the scenes for the same results we have now. They need to allow herbal medicines (the AMA has currently lobbied to make herbal medicines *illegal*) and alternative medical care to have equal footing with those ridiculous pill pushers who sell bandaids to keep people ill and the profits pouring in (I.E. the pharmaceutical *criminals* - Phizer just had the highest fine on record levied against any corporation. What more proof do we need?).

Pfizer is the entire the industry?

Pfizer sinned, Pfizer got caught, Pfizer will pay. Case closed. You obviously have your own agenda, which is fine, but guess what? I don't want to pay for your Echinacea or Saint John's Wort, either! EVERYONE! PAY YOUR OWN WAY THROUGH LIFE AND STOP SPONGING OFF OTHERS!


This is socialized medicine which will be disastrous!View the YOUTUBE site where Obama states he favors a single payer system and eliminating private insurers over a ten to fifteen year time span. He states that private insurers will slowly be phased out. He has no intentions of having any competition in the healthcare industry. These words came out of his mouth not mine!

Public option=Fair Health...

that is the funniest statement I have ever heard. A public option is available now if interested and look at its success.??? Our sick care system gives NO incentive to get well. The public should not have to pay for a third triple bypass of a smoker and twinkie eater. That is the moral and ethical responsiblity not of the public but the individual! I have a hard time understanding how this system will cost less and get great health care from a govt. run "public" option. There are a lot of things that need to change to make it affordable. All the way from the provider education, business insurance, and the cost of documenting ones care to a individual. Then the major problem of the AMA, pharmaceutical industry, and insurance industry. Please take a look people and see how close it is all tied up. It is a business interest and the public will be the consumer. I have billed Medicare and Medicaid for 15 years, and the public really thinks we will get fair health with a cheaper price.? Looks fair now but will drown you later.

People Wake Up!! Before its to late.

Do people not understand that the sort of reform they are wanting to pass, can bankrupt our country. Where is the money going to come from? Single Payer is Socialism. I cant believe some of our US citizens are wanting to move into a socialistic direction. What about giving illegal immigrants healthcare and SS benefits? If we do that we our paying out more than we our taking in, and it is assured to fail. Some of these polices don't make sense, its almost like a conspiracy to ruin the capitalistic democratic country of the USA from within.

People Wake Up!! Before its to late.

The government first needs to do something about the illegal immigrants in this country. If they weren't paying for their medical care, schooling, and Lord knows what else, maybe they could find a few million/billion/trillion dollars to pay for some sort of healthcare reform. I agree everyone should have healthcare, but if in giving healthcare to those who don't have it, they cause employers to cancel their insurance for employees/retirees, then what has been gained?