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Health care for those who lack proper insurance

READ MORE: Health care for those who lack proper insurance
Health care experts say the link comes down to dollars and cents; those with more money tend to be healthier, but that doesn't have to be the case. Scott Groves has been uninsured for five years. He tried getting insurance assistance through the state, but was denied. Groves told WWAY, "I was told I needed some serious surgery in order to maintain employment. I was turned down flat." To get affordable health care, Groves now goes to New Hanover Community Health Center, which receives federal funding to provide care to those who are either uninsured or underinsured. "I'm not insured so they'll adjust my payments to my income." Groves is not alone. In the past five years, the number of uninsured patients coming into the center has tripled. Althea Johnson, the Community Health Center deputy director said, "That number continues to grow we've already exceeded 6 thousand patients that don't have any insurance." Johnson says tight budgets cause people to put off going to the doctor for preventative care. "They seem to only go to the doctor when they're sick, and by that time they're very sick." She believes that would change with different health care policies. “North Carolina does not provide right now through Medicaid or any other type of insurance for people who are single with no children they can't afford any health care if they're not getting it through their employer." But insured or not, Johnson believes making healthy choices, like choosing not to smoke, can go a long way in living a healthy a life. Johnson said it will be hard to change people's lifestyle, but just talking about the importance of preventative care will help. If you need care and are under or un-insured, you can visit the New Hanover Community Health Center in downtown Wilmington.

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sick of being uninsured

I lost my job, lost my insurance. Now to get reinsured I have to pay over $800 a month with a $5000 deductable and no pre-existing condtions for 3 years. I am self employed, make over $40k a year, pay taxes. I recently had a reoccuance of a heart problem that had me in the hospital for 4 days, my bill was a little over $23,000. I got a handful of prescriptions that add up to about $250 per month and to get a doctor to talk with me it is $100 just to say hi. I am 56 years old and without proper medical treatment I will more than likely die before I am sixty. I live with that, no sour grapes but where is my clinic at? Where is my medicaid? I make too much money. My wife has just entered back into the workforce clearing $300 a week working at a retail store. And no she doesnt have insurance because she is only given 35 hours a week of work, since she is not working 40 hours she is not a full time worker thus unable to qualify for health insurance. The kids are grown and wonder if they could list us as a dependant. Who knows, its worth a try. Thanks GE.

fat chance on getting health care!@

good luck with that, i tried they are not taking any new patients due to lack of funds. so we are just stuck with the need for medical care and dental care. we have no biological children together so we can't qualify for help from medicaid. we both work minimum wage jobs, anyone got any suggestions? i am in college to get better job opportunities but until then what are we supposed to do?

It's your choice

You have made a conscious decision to spend your income on college classes, investing in a better tomorrow. For today, however, you have to play the odds, that being young and healthy you won't get sick; or you can reduce the number of classes you take and use your wages to buy health insurance. The simple fact of life is that with both of you working minimum wage jobs, you can't "have it all." You have to set your priorities and live according to what your income allows.

let me guess, your living high off the hog?????

I am a single mother. Raising my family on my own and always have. Let me also add that I am disabled. I am also a student trying to get a better education to have a better life for my family... The other person going to school should be commended for trying to better her life. That is no reason for them to be uninsured or under-insured. I lost my mother 3 years ago because to Cancer because she was under-insured, and the damn doctor didn't want to tell her the truth of what was wrong with her in order to prevent having to treat her with the type of insurance she had. It does not matter. INSURANCE IS INSURANCE,,, IF THE DAMN GOVERNMENT WOULD GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE DARKENED AREAS THAT THEIR IN THEN THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY, AND LEAVE THE OTHERS TO DEFEND FOR THEMSELVES.

Tileston Clinic

that is your answer. They ONLY accept patients without insurance. Services are usually provided on a first come first service basis. Some area doctors visit this clinic to provide service.

Take a look at the movie

Take a look at the movie "Sicko" by Michael Moore. It will open the eyes of everyone that watches it about our Health Care system here in the states, and how much $$$ our Government is making off the system by the insurance companies denying coverage more times then you can imagine.

Did you ever wonder why

Did you ever wonder why Moore didn't talk to any sick people in other countries about their treatment and compare them to that of people in the USA? He didn't present that side which would have been the rational thing to do. His premise and argument are one sided which made his movie flawed.

Ever Hear of

Department of Insurance? If you have insurance and file a claim which is denied, you have the right to appeal to the DOI and ask for an independant review. As the DOI serves the consumer's interests, rest assured if there is any way a reasonable claim can be covered, they will find it.

Would you care...

to back up your statement with facts...and using Michael Moore as your basis for factual information doesn't count. How would the Government make money from insurance companies who deny coverage? So much ballyhoo is raised about health insurance companies denying coverage or charging higher rates for those with pre-existing conditions. It's no different than you trying to get insurance for your car/truck if you have multiple moving're a higher risk and should pay more than those who don't.

Q:"How would the Government

Q:"How would the Government make money from insurance companies who deny coverage?" A: The Pharmaceutical Companies! If you've not watched this movie...please do. Moore films eye opener documentaries that so many people just won't accept when the truth is revealed. If you watch Sicko...take note of the monies handed out to Senators, and yes...even President George Bush for a whopping $800,000 + by the pharmaceutical companies to help keep the denials intact by insurance companies. Take note of individuals that were denied coverage for cancer treatment due to some lame excuse by the insurance companies such as (i.e.) a pre existing yeast infection(???) that had nothing to do with her claim for treatment coverage. It goes on and the ones taken to Cuba by boat by Moore for free treatment with their sickness. It goes on and on and it's sad our country is in it for the dollar only, when peoples lives are at stake. Watch it...then comment back as to what you saw on screen, and if it was a lie, or the simple truth.

Are you a doctor...

or is that a nickname? If you are a MD, how can you possibly consider Michael Moore a credible and factual producer of films? He's really nothing more than a fat liberal slob who caters to the whims of the far left. I would also assume that you find Rosie to be unbiased and entertaining?

It's statements such as

It's statements such as yours that proves why North Carolina is rated bottom of its class in education within our nation. Do you think calling him what you did makes you a better person and one that stands out from the rest in a higher form of intelligence. Right wing/Left wing...whatever you want to categorize life to your eyes bud to what's going on in our health system before you are a victim yourself. 8 whole years of Bush, and there are still those that condone his administrations tactics on health care. Have fun in your world of darkness.

too bad

It is too bad m moore didn't stay in Cuba.

wasn't he one

Wasn't moore one of the cry baby bed wetting liberals that promised to leave the country when Bush won re-election in '04?

"It is too bad m moore

"It is too bad m moore didn't stay in Cuba" Typical statement from narrow mindless. Which part of the movie did you disagree with guesty?

Won't watch

If guesty is like me, he/she will not watch moore's trash and refuses to let moore get any of his money by renting it.

very open minded

I'm very open minded, but I don't need to listen to the lies from a dimocrat. Tax and spread the wealth.