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Health Department starts flu shots

READ MORE: Health Department starts flu shots

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Flu season has arrived, and the New Hanover County Health Department is trying to do everything it can to make sure you're ready. This year, the H1N1 strain is included in the regular shot, so there's only need for one needle.

Harry Storms has struggled with respiratory problems his whole life, so he makes sure to get his flu shot every year.

"It's really a good thing to do," Storms said.

The health department's Clinical Services Supervisor Betty Jo Bennett couldn't agree more.

"You can also protect yourself by covering your cough and washing your hands, and that is helpful, but the easiest and most effective thing to do is get your flu shot," she said.

The flu is not something mom Molly Nguyen wants her family to experience.

"I had the flu about ten years ago, and it was a horrible experience," she said.

So she makes sure they all get vaccinated. It also comes in a mist form for those who are healthy enough and would rather not be stuck.

"It wasn't too bad," Spencer Nguyen said. "It tastes kinda weird."

"We hope that this year, more people will come to get the vaccine, because they have a heightened awareness as a result of last year's flu season, and they'll see the benefits of coming and getting the flu shot soon," Bennett said.

It's important to get your flu shot before the peak of the season, which is from October to December, especially before the holidays, when you're more apt to be around large groups of people.

Starting today, appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Call the New Hanover County Health Department at 798-6646 to schedule one.

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Flu Shots

Doubt if I will get one this year. Last year they advised Seniors not to take the H1N1 since they did not need it. Now they combine it with the regular vaccine. Also, they have an experimental high strength dosage for Seniors. No thanks.

flu shots

Please everyone get a flu shot, there are many children and others that for other health issues that cannot get this shot and need not to be exposed to the flu by us that can get it and just choose not to, you protect yourself as well as others by getting this vaccine so please do so.If it does not help you it may help someone else not get exposed to a deadly virus that for medical resons cannot get vaccinated.I feel everyone needs to do this for yourself and for others,none of us like to have shots but we all have to think of our health and others.Very seldome does anyone get the flu from a flu vaccine, with all drugs there is a risk of side effects but you have to remember the risk are better than the outcome of getting this virus may be to you and others.

flu shot

Dont think i will be getting one this year either, im skeptical about getting a flu shot that is by now, outdated to the new flu season strains. Ive seen alot of people get the flu after getting vaccinated.