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Healthcare rally takes part at Hugh MacRae Park Sunday

As the battle over health care reform rages on in Washington, community members continue to fight for health care here in Wilmington. Many local organizations, including Cape Fear Citizens for Health Care and RISE Community gathered at Hugh MacRae Park Sunday urging citizens to get involved and support reform. Supporters say that the time for change is now, and that health insurance reform is a big problem that is going to require a big change to fix. “I understand the concern. It's a huge problem. It's a huge issue,” said Allie Nardella of RISE Community. “And so it is going to require a great change, but it's a change that needs to happen. We really need to do this now, and again, what are we waiting for? If not now, when?” The event featured live music and food. It was part of the kick-off for the National Hands Across America for Healthcare campaign.

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Take the "What's In Reform for You" Quiz

Here's what YOU will get out of healthcare reform. Take the quiz and learn the truth.

Sure! Trust Obama, Pelosi, and Reid

The White House quiz is simply more of the same previously digested vagueness and false promises. It's political, not scientific, and is not based upon the facts contained in any of the pending bills. READ THE BILLS, PEOPLE! Start with H.R. 3200. You'll be shocked!

H.R. 3200

Have read the whole, eye-glazing thing. Wasn't "shocked". Why are you?

If you're not shocked... are either unconscious, totally unaware of the concepts of freedom and liberty, or simply subscribe to the theory that the government should run everything. The bill is nothing but shopping list of the government's FIRST steps in taking over your health care. Obama gets outraged over all the claims that he says aren't in the bill, but what he DOESN'T mention is how the vagueness and nebulous nature of the bill will allow judges and appointed bureaucrats decide policy and processes that will allow most of those horror stories that are not in the bill to become a reality in short order. I invite everyone to read H.R. 3200. Here's a link that offers the bill in its entirety, along with some concerns that are being raised. This IS a partisan website, so don't automatically take it as gospel. Read the bill, read the concern, make up your mind.

If you....

If you think public schools, the VA, public fire and police protection are "socialist": then oppose health care reform If you enjoy getting double digit increases to your health insurance plan: Then oppose health care reform If you prefer getting less salary/wages because your employer has to pay more for health insurance every year: Then oppose health care reform If you think it’s a bad thing for individuals to discuss living wills and end of life care with their doctor: Then oppose health care reform If you think it’s a good thing that you pay higher insurance premiums to inefficiently subsidize the uninsured: Then oppose health care reform If you are genuinely concerned about the federal deficit, does it bother you to know that health care costs currently eat up 16% of GDP, and will be 20% of GDP in just 8 short years? If not, then by all means, oppose health care reform. If you are genuinely a believer in the “free market” and competition, are you aware that health insurance companies are exempt from the Sherman Anti-Trust act, and therefore CAN collude, and CAN have monopolies? Is that really the “free market” at work? If you think the government is going to ration care, are you aware that the “free market” currently forces patients to wait for results on cancer biopsies and cancer treatments before getting treated to make sure their insurance can cover their treatment? Do you think those patients are getting “the best possible care” right now, having to wait for cancer treatments? If you like the fact that our country has worse mortality and morbidity compared to every other industrialized country, and pays more for the privilege of those worse outcomes, then by all means, oppose health care reform. If Canada, France and England have such a bad health care system, then why aren’t they clamoring for their politicians to institute an “American style” health insurance system? If you are religious in any religion, do you believe “Love your neighbor as yourself?” If you love yourself enough to care for your own body, do you love others as your God or your Savior commanded you to, and are you willing to help them? If not, perhaps consider a religion that doesn’t ask you to sacrifice for others. If you do not wish to have government sponsored health care for yourself, then by all means, say no. But please stop trying to prevent the option for those that do.


Very well put....

Reply to If you

If you want socialized medicine, that is fine with me. I have no intention of trying to stop anyone from obtaining socialized medicine. It is not up to me to dictate what kind of healthcare you or anyone else has. I reiterate DICTATE. Which is what Obama and his minions are doing. I do not want it - I take offense that I would most likely be forced to take it. My issue is that I do not want to be forced to take part in this. The government needs to keep out of things they know nothing about. Example - the car business. I really do not think the Cash for Clunkers worked out very well since the government owes dealers thousands upon thousands of dollars. I don't want to take part in any 'business' run by the government. At least a government headed up by Obama. God help us.

Nice try, but no religion on Earth....

...commands us to give our money to the government first, to take care of our fellow man. I give away thousands every year. Let the government try to step in as a middle man and my checkbook will slam shut like it's spring loaded! Take the time to look at health care in Canada, the UK, and France before you preach its virtue: Thousands of Canadians coming to this country for treatment. The UK negotiating with private insurers to assist in making National Health more affordable for the Crown. France thinking of raising taxes even above their current punitive rate because their healthcare system is so expensive. Your entire post is nothing but rhetorical silliness until we reach the last paragraph. At that point it decends into total nonsense, because as everyone who has read the bill knows, YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO OBAMACARE IF IT PASSES! The good news is that most of your countrymen are saying no NOW, before it passes.

Can you believe this?

This an example of why we must sever the link between health insurance and employers. David Shepardson at the Detroit News writes: Northville-based wheel producer Hayes Lemmerz International Inc. wants permission to pay more than $10 million in bonuses, including as much as $6.7 million to its top five execs. Just Friday, however, Hayes proposed canceling its retiree health and life insurance coverage for households covering 2,200 families. That move could save the company $140 million. Hayes bankruptcy plan also assumes the government's insurer will pick up its underfunded pension plan. ... In the meantime, Hayes has proposed creating a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association, which would allow retirees who are ineligible for Medicare to keep coverage at a cost of $900 to $2,100 a month. Hayes would contribute as much as $4.8 million over four years to cancel its accrued liability of $147.5 million.

tell the whole story

What drove them into bankruptcy? Which union sucked them dry? The mediocre performers never do like bonus-based compensation, do they? They might have to work to get a bonus!

The rest of the story...

What drove them into bankruptcy? Obviously it was inept management. They are the ones who are responsible for revenue generation and expense control. Evidently they failed.

Right you are!

It was weak management who dared not stand up to the thugs at the UAW, who for years and years bled them dry under threat of strike. (You skipped that part.) In other words, the UAW members and retirees who are losing their healthcare and pension played the biggest part in killing their own golden goose - union greed, the terminal disease for industry.

No Obamacare

All of these posts really crack me up people! Am I overweight - yes I am but that is my business. Am I gainfully employed - yes I am (for the moment). Do I pay for my healthcare through my employer - yes I do. Do I want government-run healthcare - absolutely not! I have always had healthcare and have never had any health issues with me being overweight. BESIDES, IT IS NO ONE'S BUSINESS BUT MY OWN. I am telling you people - be afraid, be very afraid of Obama and his minions. They will force you to take part on Obamacare - the cost of this care will be drafted out of your bank account. As far as I am concerned, that is illegal, but I'm telling you, Obama and his minions want to control everything about your life. Get a grip and see through your rose colored, foggy glasses. Most of us have a hard enough time making ends meet without paying for the care of others. This is lunacy - WAKE UP AMERICA!

Has anyone else noticed?

When you ask the Obama crowd how they plan on paying for health care reform, they never respond and just shut up. My theory is that they have absolutely no idea or want to remain silent to prevent you from hearing their plans to loot the productive half of society. That's what Boortz calls them looters!

Sedentary lifestyle

It seems the sedentary lifestyle of the liberal with their arms held out in a palm up position is what is causing all this. If everyone were to work, pay for their own healthcare, take care of themselves (not get fat and lazy), and take responsibility for their actions, then I think this great country would be in a better position. But, since we have those of you refuse to take resposibility for ANY action they have, then it is up to the rest of us to support the fat and lazy liberal, who expect entitlements and handOUTs. If the fat and lazy liberals had to pay once in a while and DO something (other than mooch off society), then I think they would realize what a raw deal they are giving to everyone else. Also, I agree with the others who have posted that if the US Government cannot manage social security, then why should we entrust them with our HealthCare. From Capitalism to Socialism in 8 months. Thank you for your horrible change Mr. Obama. You are not a real president to me until you decide to listen to the people and not cherry pick what you want to hear.

Wish I'd heard about this sooner!

What a great cause! I wish Americans could come together and support adequate healthcare for all citizens in our great country.


THERE IS adequate health care available to ALL citizens of this great just have to actually WORK to get it...HUuuuhhh...I actually have to DO WORK...


No way! Obuma promised me that if I voted for him I wouldn't have to do anything for myself. The government is supposed to take care of all my wants and needs. Work is for suckers.

Wonderful dream

Who pays for it? Pay for your own healthcare. It's not my responsibility.

Fix it!

Why do you assume that everyone supporting reform expects someone else to pay? Clearly you don't understand how the current system functions. Let me explain. Estimates are that it costs between $550 - $750/mo. to pay for health insurance. Many employers subsidize 75% (or more) of the cost and the employee pays the balance, or about $150 - $190/mo. If you quit your job, you can keep COBRA coverage for 102% of the cost to your former employer, or $$560 - $765/mo. Those are GROUP rates. If you then have to buy an individual policy, the rates are SIGNIFICANTLY higher to begin with since you don't have the bargaining power of a large group. After you submit an application, you will be charged a rate which is 1 to 7 times the published rate, depending on your history and POSSIBLE future health expenses. Whereas employers can demand that pre-existing conditions be covered, you have no such bargaining power. EVERY DOCTOR VISIT prior to submitting that application is now a pre-existing condition and you will be charged for it, as well as what COULD happen in the future. It doesn't matter how long you've been insured previously. There is no portability of insuranace. Also, if you get sick, the insurer will find a way to cancel your policy (recission). Again, this doesn't usually happen with larger GROUP policies. The current bills put an end to recission and pre-existing conditions, and eliminate pricing based on factors other than age. These protections need to be implemented now. Many workers are losing their jobs. Once COBRA runs out, many will find they can't get insurance. (In NC all but 1 company can, and will, deny coverage. After all, they didn't get your prior premiums...why should they pay now?) US companies have a burden of health insurance that foreign companies do not. To be competitive internationally, the US must eliminate employer paid health insurance. If not, jobs will continue to be offshored or US companies will eventually discontinue health benefits. Reform is needed now and is supported by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Surprise, surprise!

Another one claiming that those of us who oppose Obamacare "just don't understand." Trust me pal, I didn't get to where I am today by not understanding how things work. Let me state this once again - I fully support anti-recission legislation. Insurance is about risk and they should not be allowed to cancel just because they gambled wrong. I am, however, 100% opposed to making an insurance company accept any pre-existing condition if they have to place you in the same cost structure as people without pre-existing conditions. They are not charities, they are businesses trying to earn a profit. If you have a pre-existing condition, you SHOULD pay more! You are a higher risk. As far as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, yes, they support reform, but tell the WHOLE truth. They do NOT support reform as it is currently envisioned by the Socialists in Congress and the White House.

Re: Surprise, Surprise

In response to several of your comments: 1. You certainly make assumptions that are not substantiated by facts. Your biases obviously cloud your perception of the world around you. For example, you said, "Why, by the time COBRA had expired, had you not found another job?" How did you conclude that I was unemployed? That is inaccurate, but consistent with your other comment, "So will you feel better if I say, "...lazy, inept, and mixed up on their financial priorities?" It appears that you believe that all the uninsured are lazy and irresponsible. That's hardly the case. For example, my wife and I each have advanced degrees and have been employed for our entire adult lives. 2. You said, "Pay for your own healthcare. It's not my responsibility." Webster defines insurance as a "contract by which one party agrees to guarantee or indemnify another against loss by a specified contingent event or peril." It is a shared risk concept. If you'd prefer not to participate, then don't. However, it's not a one-way street. Don't expect the rest of us to protect you if you aren't willing to reciprocate. Furthermore, 40% of Americans do not have employer-paid health insurance. Why are they required to subsidize your insurance premiums via the tax code? Since employee insurance premiums are a form of income that is not taxed, 40% of Americans (many of whom are poor) are subsidizing the other 60% (many of whom are financially well off). 3. You said, "You cannot expect insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions that guarantee an endless stream of red ink somewhere in the future." In reality, they do already. Most folks participate in GROUP plans that accept those with pre-existing conditions. It's already priced into those plans. The Congressional Republicans support this concept of portability. Even the Chamber of Commerce has endorsed it. "... the Chamber supports some of the proposals currently before Congress, such as ...guaranteed coverage without regard to preexisting conditions,..." This issue is not only about expensive illnesses. Preexisting conditions include such conditions as being overweight, having high blood pressure and having high cholesterol. Individually these conditions may not result in denial of coverage, but in combination they will result in higher premiums, denial of coverage or a waiver for specific conditions. A Star-News article recently stated that lower back pain is a common condition that can lead to denial of coverage. The "consumer protections" in the various bills (end to rescission, accepting those with preexisting conditions, and eliminating pricing based on factors other than age) have been agreed to by both sides of the aisle. This is simply an issue of fairness. Why should those who have been insured for their entire life find themselves without health insurance simply because their insurance company went out of business, they changed jobs, or they moved to another state? Is the current system fair to the tens of thousands of salaried retirees of the automobile companies and their parts suppliers? They now live with the fear that their health insurance will be cancelled before they are eligible for Medicare. I have deliberately not addressed the emotional issue of helping those who are too poor to afford health insurance. All I can say is that one's position on that subject is a reflection of the compassion within their soul.

So if you both have advanced degrees....

...and you've both been employed all your lives, you must have saved quite a nestegg, no? Good. Use it to pay for your health needs. If you don't like the tax code's treatment of health insurance, CHANGE THE TAX CODE! Don't try to reinvent America into some European Socialist Utopia where we all get the same medicre, marginal treatment. There are MANY ways we could make healthcare work better in this country, but unfortunately the Socialists won't get off their "all things for all people" bandwagon. That's why Obamacare as envisioned is dead. Too many promises, too many unanswered questions, too much deception, and too few people paying for it. Let's go over the humanitarian issue one last time. It is **MY** job to help my fellow man. Jesus told **ME** to do that. He didn't appoint Caeser as my proxy, and I don't need a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy deciding where my charity should go.


I would love to see you scramble if your work told you "Pay for your own healthcare. It's not my responsibility." I bet your holier than thou attitude would change then........ I'm sure they hate paying most of your insurance for you as well.......

It's called "managing your own finances and life."

Well, due to contractual terms it's a near impossibility, but if I lost my insurance coverage I would then pay for my own healthcare needs. Next!


I am very happy you have the luxury to afford your own insurance. I am lucky in that aspect too. Some americans are not. Before you start spewing your bit about they should have gone to college or taken care of their money better, realize for every one of those who have all those things, their are 10 who have to work at the restaurants you eat at. Their are the men and women working at the gas station. These jobs are necessary. They don't pay a lot. Are the people at these jobs "lazy" and "inept" like you seem to think anyone who can't afford the outrageous cost private insurance rates?

Let's go over this once again

Fully one-half of the estimated 45 million uninsured Americans are uninsured because they CHOOSE to spend their income on items other than health insurance. So will you feel better if I say, "...lazy, inept, and mixed up on their financial priorities?"

Some don't CHOOSE to spend

Some don't CHOOSE to spend their income on other things! Some put housing and feeding their family first. Sometimes there isn't enough even for that. Some work 40hrs a week, some even work overtime. Some aren't lazy, inept, or mixed up on their financial priorities. Some just don't get paid enough to service people like you!

So, if you are that poor...

..why are you having children? Here's a thought: Poor people can't afford everything rich people can. We should ALL live within our means. In other word's, it's not the government's job to make your life better. It's YOUR job.

Pay for your own healthcare!

It's amazing that while the aniti-Obamacare crowd can spit out numbers and figures to shoot down this fiscal nightmare, the pro-Socialist crowd can only chant, "We need change, now." BTW, I saw that group on Sunday and assure you that the best reform most of them could make to their healthcare would be to lose fifty pounds or so.