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HEALTHWATCH: Disputed autism study sparks debate about vaccines

READ MORE: HEALTHWATCH: Disputed autism study sparks debate about vaccines

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- More than a decade after a British doctor linked vaccinations to autism in children, his study is being called a fraud.

Since Dr. Andrew Wakefield's study was released in 1998, many parents have been convinced the measels, mumps and rubella vaccine could lead to autism. But that study may have done more harm than good.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, more cases of measles were reported in 2008 than any year since 1997. More than 90 percent of those infected had not been vaccinated, or their vaccination status was not known.

Holly Reiber is seven months pregnant. She said she has always believed in the benefits of vaccines, regardless of Wakefield's study.

"The big picture is vaccinations prevent children and everyone from a whole range of diseases and illnesses," Reiber said. "So that one tiny piece of information or someone's opinion is not going to be enough to prevent me from getting my child vaccinated."

A Wilmington pediatrician we spoke with says many parents believe that mercury in vaccines and a combination of several vaccines may also be corrolated with autism. She says that is completely false.

Dr. Susannah Aylesworth also says if you've avoided vaccinating your child but are now changing your mind, it's not too late.

"We have families that come in, and their child's about to start kindergarten, and they've realized, 'OK. We're ready to immunize.' It's never too late," Dr. Aylesworth said.

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Big Picture

If Children are born perfect, and humans are born with the natural ability to develop an immune response far better than any chemically manufactured immunity, why would you inject them with a substance as impure as a vaccine. It is truly disturbing to read the contents of the vaccines we are injecting our children with. How could it possibly benefit them? Another important point is to not just work to eliminate vaccines containing harmful toxins, but to eliminate all environmental toxins that can hinder with a childs neurological and immunological development. Epigenetics.

there is no such thing as

there is no such thing as 'chemically manufactured immunity" vaccines stimulate your body naturally to know and recognise these diseases so that in the future they can fight them.

Follow the money

It seems to me that the only profitable lie would be the one claiming the vaccinations are safe when they are not. What could that man possibly hope to gain by saying they cause autism, if they did not? I would sooner trust him than the drug companies. I know for sure that many adults die every year from having been exposed to live vaccine for polio, when there is a perfectly safe (Salk) alternative. But the drug company who manufactures the live vaccine has more political clout than the other one does, and so not only the babies, but their caretakers are needlessly put at risk all the time. (in the USA - most of the rest of the world had the good sense to use the Salk vaccine).

You haven't been paying attention

Since the lawyers responsible for the MMR lawsuit were paying Wakefield, I think his profit motive was well obvious.

Ok I'm paying attention

So David are you saying that the lawyers are paying Dr Wakefield to cover his court costs in this case? Wow if thats the case he's not a very bright man. I would think a man of his credentials would make more money just doing what he's trained to do and that's look after people's health and help cure diseases.
Could you send me to the information you claim to have on the idea he is doing this for profit ? I would like those this. I like you believe in finding the facts
Yours truly
Terry Yep here's the detailed information explaining how he was being paid by the Legal Aid Board on behalf of the parents who claimed their children had developed autism after receiving the MMR, an outrageous conflict of interest. Furthermore, Wakefield had applied for a patent for an alternative vaccine to the MMR, and so would have stood to gain a lot of money by sparking a scare story about it. Good enough for you?


Seatbelts also have the ability to injure or kill if used improperly. Extremely rare, but possible. A million times more often however, seatbelts save lives. Are you going to let your child go unbuckled because of those few instances? Apparently some of you would! You are jeapordizing your child's wellbeing because of your need to be trendy and unique. How disturbing! Fine, don't get your children immunized. Unfortunately, that is your right. But then make sure you keep them quarantined in your house and away from my child! Because having them out in public where they can infect my child is NOT your right!

If your child is vaccinated

If your child is vaccinated then why are you worrying about someone's un-vaccinated child making yours sick??? You child should be "immune" hence the term Immunization. Just saying! And I am not anti vaccines either.

Kids die from the shots too

Sorry, still don't trust the vaccine program
Check out the VAERS Database
Found 289 events where Vaccine is MMR and Patient Died

autism and immunizations

While the study may have its flaws, I do believe that these shots, especially when multiple types are given, cause issues.

I have a childhood classmate whose first child died shortly after immunizations.

I have a professional acquaintance whose son was normal at birth but after immunizations, experienced changes that lead to being diagnosed as autistic.

I have a close friend of my son's that has ciliac disease which was diagnosed soon after childhood multiple immunizations.

So, that is 3 examples that have crossed my life path since 1989.

I believe there is a connection.

Anecdotes don't hold up against evidence

That autism manifests around the same time these vaccinations take place doesn't even come close to causal evidence. There has never been a connection and there continues to be no connection between autism and vaccines. There has, unfortunately, been a pretty nasty connection, especially in Britain, between unvaccinated children and the type of outbreaks of diseases we thought we beat decades ago cropping up and taking lives once more.

Vaccine Safety

This is the kind of ignorance that fills syringes with neurotoxins and injects them into our children injuring them.

Dr. Bernadine Healy, Former NIH Director in a CBS interview "I think public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the hypothesis as 'irrational,' without sufficient studies of causation...without studying the population that got sick," Healy said. "I have not seen major studies that focus on 300 kids who got autistic symptoms within a period of a few weeks of the vaccines."

Are vaccines safe? They are not.

Recently the government's vaccine court conceded the case of Hannah Poling, admitting that vaccines triggered her regression into autism by exacerbating mitochondrial dysfunction.

To date, the CDC has conducted no safety testing on the possible harmful effects of simultaneously administering multiple vaccines to infants, and has steadfastly refused to state a preference for mercury-free vaccines to be given to children and pregnant women. It's time for HHS and Congress to step in and take vaccine safety away from the CDC.

Is there any proven scientific link between autism and vaccines?

Using infant macaque monkeys, University of Pittsburgh's Dr. Laura Hewitson, Ph.D., described how vaccinated animals, when compared to unvaccinated animals, showed significant neurodevelopmental deficits and "significant associations between specific aberrant social and non-social behaviors, isotope binding, and vaccine exposure."

Researchers also reported, "vaccinated animals exhibited progressively severe chronic active inflammation whereas unexposed animals did not" and found "many significant differences in the GI tissue gene expression profiles between vaccinated and unvaccinated animals." Gastrointestinal issues are a common symptom of children with regressive autism.

Vaccines can cause serious injury or even death. Though the risk is small, there are risks. Parents must be informed. Ignorance and lies about this can and do kill.

If you are a parent of an infant, weigh the options, become informed. Yes vaccines save lives, but they can also seriously injure your child.

A challenge for Dr. Susannah Aylesworth

I wonder if Dr. Susannah Aylesworth would allow hereself to be injected (on a weight adjusted basis) with the same amount of mercury our children were injected with. What do you say Dr. Aylesworth? You could do it live on the TV!


Typically people don't have to look any further than their own backyard to determine where autism comes from. No one wants to admit she may be responsible for some neurological disorder in her child. I have two girls with autism; and with the history of Bi-polar, gifted, ADHD, ADD, and speech delays on both sides of the family, there is no doubt in my mind why. Hopefully this will cause people to take a second look at many of the decisions they have made, the treatments they do and don't administer, and the bandwagon they choose to jump on.