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Help redesign Wilmington's Front Street

The City of Wilmington wants your help redesigning part of Front Street. The city plans to make Front between Market and Chestnut Streets more pedestrian friendly to help attract visitors. The project, scheduled to start in January and take about eight months, includes replacing 100-year-old water and sewer lines that run under Front Street. You are invited to an open house Thursday night to learn about and discuss the plan. It starts at 5:30 p.m. in City Council chambers at City Hall.

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Downtown landscaping.

Most have forgotten that the city had planned on a refurb of front street that was supposed to take place block by block after the reconfiguration. They withdrew the money and bought a four million dollar half acre for a "park". We still dont have either of those. The suggestion was also made to keep front street one way heading North, but make 2nd street one way heading South. That way you could have a loop for cars and promote two areas of business. I guess PPD's money won out though....


you know how to make front st more pedestrian friendly??? the next time someone from a political office makes a suggestion on what is good for the town, like getting rid of the one way streets downtown, dont let them. remember how a few years ago they came up with the great idea of getting rid of those streets cause it would make downtown so much better. well i dont think its worked. matter of fact. it hasnt, especially at night. so feed up with some of these idea. does anyone have any common sense in offic anymore? no!!!

Here we have a prime example

Here we have a prime example of "management can't perform their jobs". They make the salary to do this, we the citizens do not, unless they want the citizens to start taking on a lot of projects the city is glued into the corner with.....then they can reduce our taxes for our help!

I think it's great that they

I think it's great that they want the people's input. Remember what happened when they wanted to re-design the intersection at College & Oleander? They made their plans and then everyone flipped out about how bad of an idea it was. By asking for the people's input, they are (hopefully) avoiding this.

Kinda like when we've (a lot

Kinda like when we've (a lot of citizens) have said around here that we need over passes in this city and no one in DOT listened. They ain't going to start now. Why would these people sit in a room and discuss what needs to be done and then have no answer? The answer is they don't have one and haven't a clue either. Let the ones that are education in traffic control show us what they are made of.....or have they already? Give them ideas and watch them twist and turn them into more arguments from the public. It's the history here of the road designers to do that.

Front St.

A good start would be to stop speeding and stop sign running. I am down there 365 days and that is the major problem. As to the pandlehandlers, just say no. If they persist, call the cops. I do. Works every time!

why not

start by controlling the street beggars and panhandlers?


That is going to happen everywhere, no matter what the street looks like. Look at any city