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Helping kids stay fed during the summer

READ MORE: Helping kids stay fed during the summer
During the school year, kids and their parents get into a routine. Parents drop their kids off at school, and go to work knowing their child will be fed lunch and a snack. But what happens during the summer months? "When their out of school where are they going to eat? Well hey, we can do something about that," said Pastor Terri Leigh of Closer Walk Church. Pastor Buckner contacted the Brunswick Family Assistance, and asked to use her church as a site for their free summer lunch program. The program aims to feed low income children healthy meals even when their not at school. Nearly 89 to 90 percent of kids in the Leland area are on the free and reduced lunch program, Closer Walker Church will be offering a free breakfast and lunch to kids under the age of 18 for the rest of the summer. Free lunches are available for kids at 16 different sites around Brunswick County. Down the street at Belville Elementary, volunteers were busy cleaning up after their free lunch program. They served about 30 kids, not only does the free lunch program keep area kids fed, but it gets children out of the house for an hour or so during the day. New Hanover County is working on launching their free lunch program. They are just waiting on funding approval from the state. Columbus County has one lunch station at Riley Creek Baptist Church. You can learn more about the Brunswick Family Assistance Program by visiting their website, at

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I can't believe that 90% of

I can't believe that 90% of kids in Leland are qualified for free meals. This is outrageous. Look in the driveways of homes in the area........see the shiny new cars? See the moms chatting away on cell phones? When will the "beings" that produced all these surplus kids start being responsible for them?

I have lived long enough and

I have lived long enough and seen enough to believe anything anymore. Like they say on TV, truth is stranger than fiction, you just can't make this crap up.

Did anyone think how these

Did anyone think how these children will get there when their parents are at work?

Feeding them isn't enough?

The taxpayers should also pay to drive them around? Exactly what responsibilities do parents have FOR THE CHILDREN **THEY** CREATED? Our nation will collapse as long as we accept the premise that one-half the population is on the hook to support the other half. I saw a GREAT bumper sticker the other day, and was overjoyed to see that it was on a car driven by a college-aged young lady: "SOCIALISM: A great idea until you run out of other people's money." I fed my kids - you feed yours.

Way to go

I agree with that. But it's too easy to get a check, why work?? Silly concept. Hmmm, I kinda enjoy what I get from work,,,an honest dollar one that I'm not affraid to earn or share but don't depend on me to pay the way for those that won't do for themselves.

Thnk about it

If you are interested in the program, you can find a way to get the children there. They get to other places they need to be don't they? Perhaps a relative or friend could take them. Contact Brunswick Assistance and see if there is someone who can pick them up. There are many options - be positive not negative!!!

Thinking Positive.

I positively fed my kids, why dont you feed yours? That is a positive comment.