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High fuel costs affecting Wave Transit

READ MORE: High fuel costs affecting Wave Transit
Mass transit has been the answer for a lot of people struggling with high gas prices. Here in Wilmington, Wave Transit has seen an increase in riders, but there may not be enough riders to cover the soaring cost of diesel. Wave Transit assistant director Arlanda Rouse said rider-ship has increased in the past few months, but it hasn't done much to help the bus system pay for the amount of diesel it takes to operate. "Fuel prices are rather expensive. We are approximately being charged around four dollars a gallon for diesel, and we buy 30 thousand gallons of diesel a month, so they are taking a toll on us right now," said Rouse. Wave is facing some major budget problems from rising diesel prices. Its budget was set last July when diesel prices were below $2.50 a gallon. Now, almost a year later, the price of fuel is more than $4. There are a few cost saving options on the table including upping fares, cutting back on routes, and even selling advertising. "Buses aren't the most fuel efficient vehicles out there. We are looking at some options --possibly switching into bio-diesel, we may start looking into purchasing hybrid buses in the next few years, but right now we need to have a short term solution to this problem," said Rouse. Wave Transit is getting some much needed help. Wilmington's city council voted unanimously to give the bus line $132,000 dollars to help cover costs. Wave hopes cutting corners will help make up the rest.

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Guest Bus Driver

You would be exactly right in the fact that I could care less if YOU have a job! No more than we care about our tax dollars paying for the increased prices in diesel and no more than you care whether or not I have one. Like the others have said...pass the price along to the users or do away with it all together. What is wrong with you? If you happen to unfortunately loose your job, then get one driving a taxi. What's the difference?

You are wrong. abundant sarcasm

I really do care if you have a job. In fact, I'm proud of you if you do work. I wish everyone did. If you are so worried about your money, quit driving to work and take the bus. I will be more than happy to be your chauffeur. You would save alot of money if you did. If it was possible, I would but they don't get started early enough for me to get there in the morning.

Another WAVE boondoggle

Gee, when fuel prices rose, airlines....raised fares. When fuel prices rose, FedEx and UPS....raised rates. When fuel prices rose, WAVE....passed the bill on to the taxpayers. What part of "MAKE THE PEOPLE WHO USE THE SERVICE PAY FOR IT" confuses idiot politicians? No, far easier to reach for MY wallet, even though I've never been on a WAVE bus in my life! User fees are the fairest system of revenue generation in the world. Let the people who directly benefit from the service pay for the service. Note to Socialists/Enviroloons: Please don't come back with some nebulous argument about low income riders, or decreased traffic and pollution. I do not work fifty to sixty hours a week to subsidize poor people's bus fare, and looking at the number of riders and their average net worth, I'd rather face the additional twenty cars on the road and not have to support the bottonless money-pit known as WAVE. If WAVE can't become self-sufficient, WAVE needs to go the way of the dinosaur.


Could not the same thing apply towards Parks and recreation. Why should all taxpayers be forced to pay higher taxes so others may be entertained? If you want to use the park systems then pay a user fee.

Bus system

I've never seen more than a few riders on these behemoths....ever. Most of the time they are completely empty. In this day and age, and with modern technology, why don't they just put call boxes in the bus stops & only pick up or run the route when there are actual riders?

Just Curious

I hope neither of you voted for Saffo or Padgett. If you did, you have no right to complain about ANYTHING!!!

Odds are, they didn't vote

Odds are, they didn't vote at all. Nobody in this town votes....Or ride the buses


Are you from Mainland China or some area like it?

just Curious

Oh, that's right, if one of the elected officials I voted for did something that I did not agree with I have no right to complain about anything. I forgot that is how it works. I thought you could hold the elected officials feet to the fire for decisions they make that you don't agree with. Whether you voted for them or not. What everyone has said about this is true. They are always and I mean always half or three quarters or all the way empty! They are eating up tax dollars that could be spent in better ways. Plus, for all of the environmentalists out there they cause pollution at the rate of 10 to 1 over cars. So, guestme, I am going to complain about whomever and whatever I want to whether I voted for someone or not!


The route I drive stays pretty busy all day long. Quite a few times I have even had to turn down riders because there was'nt even standing room. No bus stays full all of the time. Not here, and probably not anywhere. People get on , people get off. Do you expect them to get on and just ride around so the busses look full to you or what?? Do you follow busses around to see just how many riders they have?? You should find something better to do with your time. Go see a movie, go to the beach, go play golf. Go to work! Evidently you don't care whether or not I have a JOB!!!

new bus routes ?

Is time to update the Monthly Ridership Statistics from Feb? to June .