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40-year-old former teacher marries 16-year-old student

READ MORE: Neighbors of newlyweds speak out
A South Brunswick High School coach married one of his young athletes. Local residents and administrators are speaking out. Days after marrying her coach, 40-year-old Brent Wuchae, 16-year-old Windy Hager didn't have much to say about the issue. Her neighbors did. South Brunswick High School track coach Brent Wuchae and his young athlete, Windy Hager were married Monday. Now neighbors of the newlyweds are talking about the news. Some say age is just a number and you can't help who you fall in love with. But others, like Jack Baker, say the opposite. He's a father of three and says parents should be able to trust their kids' teachers to make better decisions. Baker said, "It's kind of scary that if you can't trust the profession that you're leaving your child with throughout the day, who can you trust?" Administrators at South Brunswick High couldn't speak openly about the issue but did say an investigation into the relationship was conducted earlier this school year. No evidence of a relationship was found. Teachers say Hager was a good student who stayed out of trouble. And while Wuchae had been suspended in early May, they say overall he was a good employee. Although Wuchae has resigned from Brunswick County schools, administrators say they expect Hager to continue her education. No word yet on whether she'll return to South Brunswick High School. View the interview with Windy's mom, Betty Hager.

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There is absolutely nothing

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I'm a 17 girl and my Fiance is 39. We are absolutely happy and we are having a baby. I think people are very judgemental and really need realize that they are happy together. Congratulations Wendy and Brent:)



Had a few questions RL When did you first meet him? Did he know your immediate family first? Or did he meet you first Are either of you of Mexican American descent? Do any of you worship God? not just being religious, but actual live for Go) How long have you dated before being engaged? Did either of you leave a relationship before this engagement? Last question, did he date one of your family members around his own age first?

Hello RLT

I'm interested in hearing you story about how you and you Fiance met, are you guys married yet? People do need to realize that love takes on many forms!

You are right

Yes, nothing at all wrong with it other than 1) Statutory rape 2) Contributing to the delinquency of a minor 3) Child porn 4) Your lack of intelligence. How are you going to support this child? What job skills do you possess? Most likely taxpayers will be footing this bill.


of all...this was the PARENTS FAULT...personally..I would have taken after the guy with a baseball bat...then charged him with statutory rape...then the daughter would have moved on.

it is our business

The parents made it everybody business when they didn't stand up and be parents, This girl was not of age to know any better, or think any better of herself. And the teacher went after a girl 15 there is something wrong with that picture, I know love is blind, But when the parents went after the school for what they (parents) called not ending the love affair, WHY didn't you as parents, but, then you want to in turn sue the school? Who do you think pay for the school's defense attorneys. Tax payers of Brunswick county. so that made it our business. You took funds from other kids, parents, teacher, Parents get real and rise the kids you HAD. It is call mom and dad, not just a birthing thing, I am with the writer that said it would have play out. The parents didn't have to sign. If it was love it would play on and they could celebrate their 50th wedding anv. but, you didn't have sign and then look at others for blame,

This is a very messed up

This is a very messed up affair. I was 16 when I got married but I was pregnant and this was in the 60's when you had no choice or go to the home for unwed mothers. If this had been left alone and let it be played out the both of them would have gotten tired of each other and the hassels of the relationship. I speak from experience. BUT since it did come out and so much todoo was made of it the only way to save him was for them to get married. The parents consented to marriage and I don't know why since she was not pregnant. If they were afraid they would lose their daughter if they did not consent to marriage, they lost her anyway doing what they did afterwards.

People spoke nastily of

People spoke nastily of woody and his asian wife yet they are still together and have a family. When people make a fuss about age gaps, it sounds like the days when people fussed about interracial couples. Humans still havent figured out that agism is just as ignorant as racism. She could marry a guy her own age and get beaten daily. Males can be loving and gentle at any age or dangerous at any age. Older Women who bash this couple have NO credibility. You made a hit show out of desperate housewives where a woman has an affair with an underage gardener. You call yourselves "cougars" (a predatory cat) and your young lovers "toys" (men dont call theirs "toys", they call them "wives"). When you bash age gaps its sounds like "blaa blaa blaa". Older men, you have no crediblity. You have put the age of consent at around 16-17 for 700 years in most of the world (research age of consent at wiki or google). You did it because you know thats the right age for lovers to begin earning some freedom to love. Dont say 16 year olds and 17 year olds are "unable to consent" when they have already been doing it for 700 years. Us younger guys have no crediblity. We call older men pervs and older women hot moms (smacking our own gender in the face). Younger women have no credibility. They call males older than them "pervs" then only marry males older than them. Yawn. None of us have crediblity to pass judgement. We are phonies playing "holier than thou"

Woody's Asian wife was his

Woody's Asian wife was his ADOPTED DAUGHTER, whom he had helped raise since she was little. THAT'S why people had spoken out about it or 'spoke nastily' of it. Because, let's face it, that is nasty.

Woody was never married to

Woody was never married to his asian wife's adopted mother. He wasn't the one who adopted her. He and his wife are not related in ANY way shape or form. Get your facts straight if you are going to call things nasty. Yah. Ok, he knew her when she was growing up. And? not one government on earth has ever passed a law saying "no man should fall in love with a woman he knew when she was growing up". That sounds like one of those imaginary "love rules" women invent but no thinking lawmaker would attempt to pass into a real law. Woody was a single unwed man. He could date whomever he wanted to date. He was SINGLE. He chose his true love.


At the time, Allen was 56 and Previn was 22. Although Allen was not her biological father, he was involved in a romantic relationship with Previn's adopted mother, Mia Farrow, for 12 years, and he had a father-like relationship with Previn because of his relationship with Farrow.

The judge, who decided custody of the children, said the relationship between Allen and Previn was "grossly inappropriate". Farrow won custody of the children. Allen was denied visitation with one child, Malone, and could see his biological child, Ronan, only under supervision. Moses, who was then 14, chose not to see Allen at all.

Allen and Farrow's biological son, Ronan, said of Allen: "He's my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression. I cannot see him. I cannot have a relationship with my father and be morally consistent. I lived with all these adopted children, so they are my family. To say Soon-Yi was not my sister is an insult to all adopted children.”

NOW the facts are straight.

That is outrageous, you only

That is outrageous, you only do that if you want to be hated