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High school football star makes court appearance

WILMINGTON -- One of the stars of the Hoggard High School football team made an appearance somewhere other than the football field this morning. Eighteen-year-old Hoggard senior Rashad Williams was in court on drug charges. Deputies arrested Williams earlier this month near the high school's campus during an undercover sting at a Carolina Beach Road convenience store September 13. Deputies say Williams was in the store when authorities raided it; they found drugs on him. His case has been continued.

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No one is perfect!

I know there are alot of people out in this world that have made mistakes and none of you are PERFECT! So how can anyone go around talking about this young man and judging him. I'm sure he has learn from his mistake,and it's not all about him playing sports. So like the saying goes "Don't judge a book by it's cover". So what he was chewing gum, is it a crime to chew gum now?


I can't believe that all people on here are worried about was the thug popping him gum. He was caught with drugs in his pocket. Drugs that he was going to sell to someone. Yes mom, sell to someones child. Yes mom, I am talking to you. You have blinders on if you think he was just holding them for someone else. Drugs that could have killed someone. My opinion is yes he should be kicked off the team. Who cares what school he plays for and how well he plays the game. I think that again our school board has failed us. What kind of message did this send to the others players of all schools. Its okay for you to sell and get caught we will still play you. Its okay your lawyer will get it postponed til the end of football season. My child plays football but damn well knows that school comes first not football. Not everyone will make it to the NFL. Even if they do has anybody on here ever watched friday night lights? Better watch your knee or you may end up on the back of a garbage truck. I pray this young man has learned his lesson. But, I think that he shouldn't be allowed to play football. He forfeited his right to play when he put the drugs into his pocket.

No, but it is a crime to be

No, but it is a crime to be in possession of felonious amounts of illicit drugs. Don't really know what the big debate is here. This young man made a conscious decision to carry an amount of drugs large enough to be considered a felony. He made what is called a "life mistake," and should be punished like everyone else. If his punishment includes not being able to play a game, then so be it. Not playing High School football should be the least of his problems.

no one is perfect

I never said he's not perfect. You can have RESPECT without being perfect. Obviously you don't know what respect means, sorry for you. Chewing gum in a court room is NOT RESPECTFUL

I hear the Cincinnati

I hear the Cincinnati Bengals are interested in him.

Keeping it real

When keeping it real goes wrong. What a shame this young guy had so much potential and now its flushed down the toilet. I'm sure he realizes now how good he really had it.


You think he might realize what he lost? I for one seen him on the news today in a court room smacking his gum, looked like the kid don't give a sh!$. Alot of people are backing him saying what a good football player he is, the dude has no respect. I KINDA felt sorry for him until I seen him on the news this morning in that courtroom to me he just blew it again!

Lost Nothing

He hasn't lost anything, he's still playing football. Instead of the school taking a stand on whats wrong, they care more about winning the games. And we wonder why kids act the way they do?? There wasn't a punishment for what he did. If he has charges pending he shouldn't play until it was cleared up.You see the case was put off, of course, until AFTER football season!!! LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE


what tv three you afraid to post my comment about this? Shame on you you let people put their comments on here. just because i know more about this situation than you is crap. The boy doesn't deserve to play football much less end up in college for it.

Innocent until proven guilty?

"If he has charges pending he shouldn't play..." Just like the Duke Lacrosse boys, huh? You aren't supposed to be guilty until AFTER the trial. He may be guilty, but we seem to punish far too many who aren't before their trials come up. Let him have his day in court, but don't punish him until after he's convicted.