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High school soccer coach arrested

READ MORE: High school soccer coach arrested

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A high school soccer coach is behind bars tonight after investigators say he crossed the line with at least one student. Deputies arrested 24-year-old Brian Reardon Tuesday. He was an assistant soccer coach at Ashley High in New Hanover County. It's not clear what he did, but he's been charged with two counts of indecent liberties with a student.

"We are in the process of talking with the players at Ashley and notifying their parents through a letter explaining the actions that have been taken," New Hanover County Schools Assistant Superintendent Rick Holliday said.

Holliday would not say if the two charges meant one or two students were involved. Because the alleged victims are minors, the names and the description of the crime on the arrest warrant are blacked out.

According to school officials Reardon should have only had contact with the girls soccer team. His job description was strictly as a coach and not a teacher.

"The background check on this individual was clean," Holliday said. "He was employed as an assistant soccer coach and had no other duties than that."

School officials suspect this to be an isolated incident. They don't think Reardon had contact with any student outside the soccer team.

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Is everyone punished?

I have known the suspect for a very long time and even dated him. This was a shock as he was always respectful. I also know his athletic talent in both soccer and wrestling and he would be a great coach. I hate that this happened and yes i agree with a student is wrong... but how often has a young girl had a crush on a teacher/coach? It still doesn't make it right but I feel like the blame is always placed on the guy. It doesn't matter that it was probably consented to, and it doesn't matter if the young girl was flaunting herself. What are the consequences for her? Brian will be black balled forever and she will continue through school and the same thing could still happen on her end as well...

Teacher and student relationships have been going on for years

This has been going on for YEARS..every high school in our county area has had these types of stories and we still have some of the same personnel still working at these schools..back when I went to school, it didnt matter..teachers had affairs with students and kept it moving..even married some of them..unfortunately this wont be the last story we hear..

Is your post

an attempt to justify the activity or mitigate the judicial process the offender will face?

What's the acceptable age variance between teacher and student? In this instance, I believe it was 10 years. So if the teacher and student are within 10 years of each other in age, does that make it acceptable in your eyes?

Until the school systems send a stronger message, and the local judicial system takes strong action, this will continue. It can end when parents, the school system, and the judicial system all band together.

Bottom line

The bottom line here is that there is a law and he broke it. According to the law he must pay the consequences regardless...

age = ?

How in the world or should I say why is this young man being charged with this ? As another person said the age difference between he and his wife is four years ; I'm eight years older than my wife. Honestly, I smell a law suit in the air. People love to sue and will at the least hint of a chance to do so.

If the Star News

was correct in its article, the activity involved the Junior Varsity Team.

That being said, if under 18, he has a problem; and he can not plead ignorance as he had access to records and could have determined age.

Also, there likely is some type of ethics issue when a teacher or person of authority dates or is involved with a student.

The track coach in Brunswick County married his "protege"; that still did not make it right or proper.


Not going to say he wasn't wrong in what he did, but he was only 24. Not like he was some perverted old 50 year old guy fooling around with a girl. Only talking about a 6 or 7 year difference, I know plenty of people in relationships with that age range of difference.

My wife and I have a four

My wife and I have a four year age difference, am I a pervert? I certainly do not have the details of this case but I can take a guess that the girl was at least 16 years old, most likely older. From time to time I would even guess that she would go downtown to the clubs to hang out (I only say that because the large number of underage girls down there). I would guess he does the same. Being this is such a small town I bet they ran into each other down there. If he wasn't her coach there wouldn't be anything said of this matter, but the fact is he was her coach. He should have known better but didn't, most likely because not working in the school system he wasn't told that this kind of behavior isn't acceptable. Coaches need to trained on the ways to deal with girls in high school these day, for that matter all men working in high schools. These high school girls throw as much out there as they can and if a guy goes to say something like cover yourself then often times the girls get mad and say why are you looking. Maybe we need to look at the bigger issue of student behavior rather. Certainly if this coach did what he is charged with punish him, but at that age the girl certainly knew what she was doing.

I happen to know the suspect

I happen to know the suspect and know that he was in a teacher training program, so he has absolutely no excuse to plea "ignorance". I'm not saying that he did it, but if he did, he knew it was wrong.

Seriously, it doesn't take a

Seriously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that a coach dating a high school student is probably a bad idea. If someone needs extensive training on this subject, perhaps they need to find another line of work, maybe in whatever line of work guest 969 is in. Your comments implying that young females are "asking for it" are pathetic, and hope that you are not the father of a daughter.

Guest 9902

YOU are out of the loop buddy. Have you seen the news lately about the group of 7 year olds dancing? These young girls were encouraged by their parents and dance coach to wear innapropriate costumes and dance in a leud and sexy manner. They coppied the dance Beyonce did to "All the Single Ladies". For a 28 year old woman who is viewed as a sex symbol the dance is ok. For 7 and 8 year olds, absouletly not. Girls are starting to learn at a young age how to "sell" themselves and their bodies to get what they want. Highschools are a breeding ground for innapropriateness. And the way girls now are being brought up by their parents and leaders is disgusting. So I agree that the highschool (and younger aged girls) are asking for it by the way they present themselves.

This comment really saddens

This comment really saddens me. I can't believe that there are still people out there who would not only blame a victim, but blame a sexually assaulted child by saying she was "asking for it." I'm shocked that the person you'd choose to defend in this scenario is the adult sex offender.

Perhaps I should have

Perhaps I should have spelled it out for you. The training is not for telling teachers not to date students, but rather it should be to tactfully tell students that they are being inappropriate and how to handle a situation when you see students out in public. If you don't think that students, both male and female alike, are being inappropriate you are nieve.

I didn't know...

there was an age requirement to be a pervert.


Just out of is he a pervert? Do tell...what are the requirements? I'm just playing Devils Advocate here...

She is underage. He is in a

She is underage. He is in a position of power over her. This is happening in a public instution of learning.

End. Of. Story.

Age of consent in NC is 16.

Age of consent in NC is 16. From what I hear this girl is over the age of 16. The only issue we now have is that he was her coach. While it is still illegal due to him being in a power of authority over her, that power is very limited. He is not the head coach and doesn't have final say on anything.

I'm not saying what he did was right, but it isn't as bad as what some are trying to make it out to be

SOO???? Whats your point?

SOO???? Whats your point?


BIG changes need to be made at Ashley High School. Starting with removing Mr. McAdams and Mr. Fleck. They DO NOT communicate with students or parents unless your child participates in sports. Over the past two years both gentlemen dismiss anything that has gone wrong at Ashley. The cover ups and lack of communication should cause the school board great concern. Also why is it Seniors are not graduating on time anymore-- especially under Mr. McAdams and Mr. Fleck??? The amount of students who have dropped out of Ashley High School because of Mr. McAdams and Mr. Fleck is the highest ever. Just ask Cape Fear admissions office!! Someone please put Ms. Bartlett in charge. She treats students and parents like human beings. Ms. Bartlett is the most respected at Ashley HS. If CHANGE doesn't happen there soon it will all be further DOWN hill !

Mr. McAdams has done a

Mr. McAdams has done a tremendous job at Ashley. If you saw the way that school was run before he got there you would be amazed at how bad it was. The reason so many students are dropping out of school is because Mr. McAdams does not let them run the school. Students are upset because they are not allowed to roam the halls or use their cellphones/ipods in the hallways and during classes.

As far as getting away with things, that is why so many students love Mrs Bartlett. I think she is a great person, but she lets the students run all over her. If you are about to get in trouble, go see her because she will get you out of it


All these kids that go to Ashley get off scott free for drinking, drugs, and many other numerous things if you play sports. Another school would not put up with it. Like for instance, the girl who drove drunk on prom night and hit a house, but she was allowed to participate in sports. The school needs to be equal when it comes to punishment for all students. The worst run school that plays favortisim.

Really?...I’m glad to know

Really?...I’m glad to know you followed up on her and her extra activities. But so you know she was suspended from the rest of her season that year and that meant missing plays offs and also not about to compete in track regionals. So if you don’t know her or what happen it would be nice to keep your opinion to yourself  So I believe when you say equal you mean they left down on the athletics because if your not you have no standards and your outside really doesn’t matter because you really don’t matter!

I strongly agree. :)

I strongly agree. :)


You are serious when you state there is a lack of communication at Ashley???? If I get 5 "HELLO SCREAMING EAGLES FANS" calls in a 7 day week Im shocked that I didn’t get more! Seriously though, the school sends these for both announcements and attendance. So there is NO REASON you're not a well informed parent. We also receive the same progress reports that every New Hanover county parent receives. Also, I've found it extremely easy to email my daughters teachers and have received very fast replies.

However, I do agree that Mr. McAdams and his color coded clothing rules (these are not uniforms and in no way evens the playing field between students. Hollister and Wal-Mart are still very distinct looks and this "dress code" in no way enhance their academics. Why didn’t they simply enforce the old dress code instead of implementing a socialist/communist rule such as this?? Notoriety. Would anyone know or care about Mr McAdams if he hadn’t done this? Personally, I would be very happy to see him leave the school.

Dress codes have a HUGE

Dress codes have a HUGE impact on learning. Do you know how many fights and problems are caused because a student wears something (certain clothing combos) that he didn't know he should wear. Kids have been jumped before and after school. Some students are scared to come to school because what others have said to them simply because these other students thought some of these kids were in rival gangs.

I am glad that the school

I am glad that the school officials realize the importance of keeping parents informed when things like this happen. Several years ago, on a Monday, I was getting out of my car at home when a news reporter got out of her van. She asked me if I had a child that goes to Bellamy. I did. She then asked me if I knew that a teacher and janitor had been arrested the previous Friday and that the deputies were at the school with the drug dogs. It was the first I had heard of it. There was never any information by the school or the school board sent out to let us know what was going on. We now live in Brunswick County and we get irritated with some of the phone calls that tell us about some concert or other such activity that we have no interest in, but as I think about it now, it is better to be over informed instead of uninformed.


Actually, it took three days after the arrest for them to address it and only after the press strated reporting it. A generic letter was sent home to famlilies and the girls were told not to talk about it after a late day meeting on Friday. That's terrible. My neice is on the team he coach and they still don't know what happened and if there daughter was safe.

Its an ongoing investigation

Its an ongoing investigation and if the school releases too much information they can get in trouble by the police for interfering with an investigation.

Not only that, it is the school board who is responsible for releasing this information and not the principal or the schools


if there is a bright note to be found, the incident did not involve Brunswick County.

Ashley High Coach

Don't be so quick to commend them for notifying parents. They only did it three days after the arrest and the media being fed the story. Reardon's players on Friday were also told to keep quiet about the situation. They were likely hoping ya'll didn't catch wind of the story, the concerened parents brought it to the press