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High school student makes 'inmate' shirts

Some local Pender County students are taking a stand against a new school policy in a controversial way. Topsail High School student Brittany McCreight's T-shirt says it all. She's upset about some new school policies -- like the removal of off-campus lunch, and only allowing students to carry certain types of backpacks. So to show her disapproval McCreight made 20 T-shirts for her fellow classmates with the word "inmate" on the front and "Topsail High prison" on the back. McCreight said, "We think it's an invasion of privacy… My senior year should be the best year of my life, but I've never been more stressed or angry in any school year." The Pender County School Board did release a statement which says it is in the students' best interest to reduce the likelihood of potential harmful objects in the classroom.

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First I am super late. Second every person should be glad they are in high school complaining not on the street. High school is the place for young adults to start voicing their opinion. High school prepares young adults for the REAL WORLD! So where would anybody else want them to start protesting and speaking their minds. Because once they turn 18 bottom line in a court of law THEY WILL BE TREATED AS THE ADULTS THEY ARE. SO AT WHAT POINT DO YOU ALLOW A SNOUT NOSE TEEN TO START ACTING LIKE AN ADULT. High School is place you want them to make mistakes; NOT IN THE REAL WORLD! How do anyone have the nerve to judge a child that has not been a part of the REAL WORLD! Has the person judging showed the teen one thing to help them in life, but this teen is labeled all kinds of etc………High School students should and can do what ever as long as they meet school requirement, why should anybody be down playing these ladies for speaking out if they are not breaking in school rules. As a citizen of the United States you have the rigth to freedom of speech so at this point ladies they said they would pay for your college. I would try to cash in. Yes! kids only know about things you tell them or show them, so not knowing about jail and true inmate behavior is great for the Ladies I am so glad they know nothing about that REAL WORLD of jail. When it seems like for what they did we should be saying way to go now next time do this or that but you are on the rigth track when some one does something you don’t agree with you should voice your opinion. You have every rigth to. And get over it is not good advice. If women just got over it they would not be voting today or if they just get over it they will never get equal pay like men. If teachers would just get over it they will never get the pay raises they seek. I understand now why teens can’t stand adults. For 18 yrs they can’t say nor do anything with some adult talking bad about them or trying tell them what to do. SO LADIES DO NOT GET OVER IT KEEP IT MOVING AND YOU WILL GIT R DONE! YOU HAVE TO FIGTH FOR YOUR RIGTH. (High School)

THS Student

You are a strong minded individual, I will give you that. But I have to wonder, do you use that same tone and attitude toward your parents and elders? You seem to have this "indestructible" attitude. Your smart mouth makes you very dumb.

I know Topsail High School

I know Topsail High School is a very rule driven enviroment. But one of the kids who has this shirt is in a friend of mines class and they tell me that the student is always talking and the teacher constantly warns her. You can't expect to be treated like an adult when you still act like your 5.

Well that's not me clearly.

Well that's not me clearly. I barley ever talk in class. The other people that wear my shirts aren't under my control. I follow the rules there better than most kids but that doesn't mean I agree with them.

The real story

I'm sorry I took offence to people talking about me calling me a child, brat, immature 17 year old ect. Before any more of you tell me how immature I am being how about you know why I did this. Contrary to popular belief I am not spoiled. I paid for my car, insurance (which is 257 a month as a first time driver without any history of accidents), gas, clothes, food, and any other activites whenever I have a day off from working two yes TWO jobs. I've been an honors student all my life even this year I stay up until midnight or later doing my homework once I get home from work. I'm taking the SAT in the next couple of weeks and I'm going to a community college next fall, not because I don't have the grades to go to a four year college because my GPA is a 3.8 unweighted, but I don't have the funds. I don't care about material things such as what I wear or what bag I'm carrying. I agree I'm at school to learn but when you all were seniors didn't you have any special priveledges? A senior lounge, free periods, a senior quote or something of the like, SOMETHING that distinguished you from the rest of the students? Well we don't, besides five minutes to get out of the parking lot before it fills up with underclassmen if our teachers remember to let us out, that's all I was fighting for okay. Do you get it now?? Sorry for calling you immature, I understand that you did not know the whole story. Now you do.

No, we didn't...

...have special privileges. No off-campus leaving campus for any reason during school early dismissal to the parking lot(as you say you have) free senior lounge.

get real all of you.

I have read these comments some better than others. But what really ticks me off, is when "adults" are bashing teengers and basically calling us idiots because either a) we're to young b) we don't have a clue at what were talking about c) the "real world" is tragic. (is highschool really that sheltered?) and my favorite d) that it reflects on our parents. Really come to Topsail, see what its like. We don't even want off campus lunches. If you have been to Hampstead then you know there really is no where to go for lunch. Only if you want to eat at the same place everyday. All we want is a good SENIOR YEAR. As for the graduation project, I don't mind it. I just hate that its cutting into the English department. But I really don't think a simple project is getting us ready for the so called "real world" that we supposedly don't live in already. and as for the so called "adults" leaving immature comments grow up, get your facts, then come with a argument.

You're 18 years old. Get a

You're 18 years old. Get a clue. There's more to life than high school. This will all be meaningless in a year, as if it's not right now. Play by the rules, get your piece of paper, and life the rest of your life.

From Experience

I'm so glad my kids can' leave the school campus for lunch. When I was able to do that (yes, back in the late seventies)we would go see friends at other schools, use that time to get high, and half the time find a way not to have to go back! They can keep saying how mature they are but the fact is, the kids are less mature now then they were back then. And there is way worse stuff that they can get into now. To prove my point on maturity, what percentage of high school kids have jobs and have to pay for there own car, insurance, gas, and anything fun they want to do? Not very high I'm sure. So just quit whining and eat the crappy food that everyone else has had to eat since first grade!

I find it ridiculous how you

I find it ridiculous how you assumed "adults" are commenting on the maturity of a 17 year old when you're spending your time on a message board talking bad about someone you don't even know. That's not very mature now is it?

Wait till you get older.

Wait till you get older. You will be saying the same thing about 17 years olds

You joined in.....

"That's not very mature now is it?"....Welcome to the club....

If you are going stand up

well it goes back to the saying "you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything." I think the news should report the whole story. The girl that made the shirts, Should go to the school board meeting when they are held. Get your three minutes to talk. Write you county commisors, Some live right in here the county. and don't just do this a one time big thing. Go to every meeting, write the letters. I don't think they should leave the school grounds for lunch. If that is the worst thing that happens you don't get much time for lunch. Well the real worlds is, on the job you might not get leave for lunch to busy. might not have a job, or money to eat with. So take this time now enjoy life be 17 years old. Life comes real fast and the breaks are few and far between. Make a stand in what you belive in. but stand where it counts... Get you THREE MINS..and go with facts,and numbers. Take the press with you.

Topsail High

The student says she has never been more stressed or angry, wait until she gets into the real world. Our schools are being held hostage by brats with guns, now we are punishing all kids, what a load. I say this. You act up in school, your out. No more coddeling the little jerks, giving them special schools, putting in daycare centers so they can have unprotected sex and bring more brats into the world. Bull, stomp their little butts, hold their parents accountable and lets see if the problem does not clear up.

"Bull, stomp their little

"Bull, stomp their little butts..." You can go to jail for that you know.


Thats exactly the mentallity that has made you kids think you indestructable. Oh you can go to jail for that, let me tell you If my kids ack like idiots (which they don't) I WILL STOMP THEIR BUTTS and dial the phone for them when I'm done. The cops don't raise my kids I do. When I grew up I had plenty of beatings with a switch (you know what that is?) and now I raise my children to respect, live and LEARN from mistakes. I don't support bad behavior.


Ack? Seriously? Ack?


Oh wow, look you found a must be a topsail smart!!!! Atleast you read it!


Atleast? Seriously? Atleast? Bottom of the keyboard, long key- it creates spaces between words.

As a Topsail High graduate

As a Topsail High graduate of 2003 I remebmer the school resource officer waiting to catch all of the students who attempted to leave during lunch. This was four + years ago, what make these kids think that just because school lunch is not enjoyable for them (and I do not recall it being the best for anyone else either)they should be able to go off campus? Then the school is held responsible when a parent finds out their child was in an accident while off campus. In the case with the book bags haven't they watched the news recently our country is in a downward spiral and if book bags must be regulated to keep kids from killing one another by bringing guns hidden in their bags then good I would rather be safe than sorry. Students aren't even safe on college campuses and they'll soon find out that there are unfair rules for reasons. Thank god hampstead hasn't put into effect the new teenage curfew like so many other counties have or they might have more to complain about.

You had a senior quote in

You had a senior quote in your year book did you not? We don't because our current principal, Bobby Hudspeth not Hugh McManus, does not want us to. It has nothing to do with the school board.

The Pender County School

The Pender County School Board did release a statement which says it is in the students' best interest to reduce the likelihood of potential harmful objects in the classroom. I guess the students can't bring pencils or writing pens to school either. They can be used as a harmful object.

Off campus lunch

Do what my friends and I did for off campus lunch. SKIP!!!

So what?

I graduated from another Pender County high school a few years ago, and I don't know what this girl is complaining about. Topsail has the least-restrictive policies out of the three area high schools. At my high school, the girls could not carry purses or even pencil pouches to put their feminine items in. We couldn't even HAVE bookbags. If we walked up the "down" stairs, we were given detention. No off-campus lunches either... if we even went OUTSIDE during lunch, we were hauled in by the SRO. So stop your complaining, and realize that the rules are put in place to protect you, and if you're expecting your senior year to be the best year you'll ever have in your life... think again.

Get Real

I am a concern parent with a child at Topsail, I am very tired of kids coming home with something they were told by the school admins. with nothing in writting. that this is changing. Topsail Pirates should be called Pirates,, NOT BLACK HATS.. Just because some other parent gave more money to the school than the other.... Every student, teacher and parent work very hard at that school and for that school. I think there is a bigger concern. LOOK at how someone can get on that campus and get in the school. My child's father was told after going to the office and checking our daughter out of class. The teenager that was working the desk told him to go down the class and get my daughter. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF HE HAD A WEAPON or NOT????. Change this...If the students can play sport at the school and carry bags with them to each class. Then the girls should be able to take purses.. Get real.....

I know this student

I know this student personally and I know that is not her main concern. Her main concern was their senior quotes being taken away from their yearbook and the fact that they have a newly introduced graduation project and they have to take on a full course loads with no free periods as well as work part time jobs. The news did not cover the story she intended to tell. They picked the smallest issue that would cause the most controversy. I say good for you Brittany, you're trying to make your last year in school the most memorable one, who wouldn't?

What brats. Get over

What brats. Get over yourselves. They should be suspended.

Suspended for what exactly?

Suspended for what exactly? Please explain what this could possibly violate at my school.


I AGREE that you shouldn't have off campus lunches. As a parent I wouldn't let my child leave school to begin with. HOWEVER, I DISAGREE with the school on the book bags. LISTEN, if some kid wants to harm his classmates....guess what. He is going home, getting whatever he intends to use to do harm and return to the school...REGARDLESS of any "rules" that are set. Taking book bags away only punishes good, honest kids. It's just what I like to call a "good feeling" law that does NOTHING to add safety. It just makes the superintendents look like they did something, when in actuality if an individual wants to do harm to others he will find a way to do so anyway.

I think that it is great

I think that it is great that someone had the courage to take a stand and not just sit around and take whatever they are told is proper just because society may view them as a child. I think that people need to actually take into consideration the opinions of todays youth and not just brush it off. Those who critisize the thoughts of others are ignorant to the first admendment which is FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!! You go to school for 12 years and I think that this should entitle you to special priviledges and amenities....