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High school students place first vote

READ MORE: High school students place first vote
WILMINGTON -- Some New Hanover High School students reached a milestone together today. Rather than going straight home after school, these students went to the New Hanover County library to make their voices heard. Some registered and voted while others who were already registered were in and out within minutes. Some of the young voters said it was easy and they encourage other people to follow their lead. There were no lines, which has been one reason many people are voting early before the May 6 primary. Some of the students were from a US history class and the rest were just interested in voting. First-time voter Roderica Munn said, "Not everybody wants to vote for the same person, and if you don't vote you're going to get somebody that you might not like." First-time voter Terence Darrell said, "It's important to have the youth vote because we're the future." Munn says she convinced a friend -- who wasn't planning to vote -- to vote in this election, which she says brightened her day. Teachers hope to continue taking students to vote in the coming days.

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Indoctrination begins

With the record numbers being posted about how the schools are failing the students that go to them for an education, why shouldn't teachers do this? Of course the students are not aware enough or smart enough to vote for political candidates that might do them some good and improve schools. The teachers have done their job well. They indoctrinate the students, limit exposure to conservative views and then take them to go vote as well. I think charges need to be filed against the teachers for kidnapping or holding the students against their will. This is peer pressure and grades making a difference at the voting booth. Sure, voting is private, or is it when you are a high school student that knows nothing but what the teacher has told you.

Statistical fact about voters

The younger, poorer, and less intelligent a voter is, the more likely they are to vote for a Liberal. You are 100% correct. The public schools have been indoctrinating young Socialists for forty years, and I fear that as the older generations die off, the scales are about to tip. We are destined to become a Socialist nation, eventually meeting the same fate as all those who went before us: Malaise, mediocrity, and eventual economic hardship or collapse.

Eventual economic hardship or collapse

Yea, just like what happened when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected. History repeats itself, doesn't it.

Would that be the Franklin Roosevelt who....

...invented the Social Security pyramid game, scheduled to go bankrupt soon? That Franklin Roosevelt? My reference was based upon the eventual outcome when a nation pursues a Socialist economy. (Thankfully, Roosevelt was stopped from proceeding on some of his whackier proposals by the Supreme Court. May they please do the same to a President Clinton II or a President Obama!) You don't have to travel to the Soviet Union, former Warsaw Pact nations, North Korea or Cuba to see the failure of Socialism. They chose Communism, Socialism in the extreme, and simply failed sooner, rather than later. Go to most European countries and you'll see them scrambling to make even their "Socialism light" work. Sweden is selling off state assets and cutting benefits drastically. Holland is restricting welfare benefits to new arrivals. France has seen massive strikes and huge demostrations because they are daring to slow down the gravy train. All across Europe, they're starting to realize that SOMEONE has to pay for all the nice-guy, touchy-feely pandering and coddling. Socialism is inherently flawed, because it removes any incentive for anyone (across the entire economic scale) to excel. The poor don't try because the state will care for them if they do nothing, and the wealthy don't try because the state simply takes away a large portion of the fruits of their labor. The middle class is stuck trying to figure out just what they're getting for all the money they pay in. So no one bothers to better themselves. Forced mediocrity results in malaise. That results in cultural and more importantly, economic stagnation. Listening to the nonsensical anti-corporate rhetoric of the two potential Democratic nominees, one is struck with the feeling that Clinton would have done well as leader of the now-defunct GDR, and Obama would be more at ease wearing fatigues and a beret with a red star on it.... ...and when both of them vote for a plan that will raise taxes on every American making more than $31,850 a year, as they did in Senate CR 90 on 13 March, you can take this fact to the bank - they have the upper and middle class right in their gunsight. You KNOW who will be paying for their great "free lunch giveaways." Think about that before you vote.


Yup, Your so right. We did soooo poorly economically after he took office. Our socialist nation was brought to it's knees. FDR did such a poor job as commander and chief in WW2. Your the bright one!

Okay, let me put it bluntly- what part of....

"We never became a Socialist nation under FDR" confuses you? BTW, historians and economists will tell you that it was the build-up to World War II and the war itself that finally broke the Great Depression. So if you accept the notion that FDR steered us into the war, I guess he can get credit for it. In closing, rest assured that if you're comparing Clinton or Obama to FDR, you need to take your lithium.... ...and it's "YOU'RE the bright one," bright one.