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High speed chase ends in a local man dead

There was an early Christmas morning high-speed chase, which ended with a local man dead and police investigating. Just after midnight, New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop a speeding driver. The driver crossed in to Wilmington city limits, and would not pull over. The suspect lost control of the vehicle, hit a patrol car and slammed in to a tree in the 2200 block of Oleander. Ronald Mark Berry was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where he later died from his injuries. The WPD is investigating the accident.

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read before you comment

You need to read before you comment on things. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office chased this guy. The crash happened in the city so WPD is handling the CRASH investigation.

The best reason

The Sheriff's office doesn't do accident reports to begin with. Ever notice any wreck in the county will have a state trooper there? Yes, the Sheriff's office may be at a crash, but for nothing more than traffic control.


It's always easier to blame the Officer and not the criminal. I bet the ones blaming the Officer are criminals too. Go figure.

WPD was not involved in this

WPD was not involved in this chase. They are only investigating the accident part of it.

Your statements are opinion, not fact

Your statements are opinions, not facts. Because you allow false opinions to form your statements, your words have no value. FACT: Ronald Mark Berry made a conscious decision to attempt to elude deputies and police officers. THAT is the action that started everyone down this path. Had he pulled over like a decent human being, none of this would have happened. Ronald Mark Berry alone is therefore responsible for his own death. Because he had such little regard for the deputies, officers, and the general public, I say good riddance. What would you have had police officers and deputies do? At one point, he was clocked at over 100 miles per hour. You know what that is? That is someone taking a vehicle and turning it into a weapon and aiming it at everyone in sight. If you honestly believe that Ronald Mark Berry was the good guy in all of this, you need professional help. By your logic, law enforcement agencies should always let those who break our laws get away scot free...only to pull these kinds of brutal stunts all over again. Fortunately, this idiot did not kill anyone but himself. Ask yourself these questions: If Ronald Mark Berry really was the good guy you claim he was, why did he flee? What was he hiding? He was a dirtbag and society is a little cleaner now that he took himself out of the gene pool.


I can't believe this. You're telling me that the suspect comes speeding into our city limits ignoring requests to stop... and THEREFORE gets in a wreck, and dies. And it's all of a sudden our LE officers fault??? Are you NUTS? These are the same people you'd expect to fry if that lunatic suspect had hit YOU when they failed to stop him. Which, maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all. Except I'm sure your ignorance runs in the family, so lawsuits would follow. It's amazing how much criticism the LE officers get from people who have more time on their hands than they do intelligence. And unfortunately it's these loud mouthed people that tend to catch headlines. It's a shame. I could only hope that the same ones who cry foul play when something like this happens were put in a situation like this one... only to see how hollow they really are then it comes down to it. You DON'T do their job and you know NOTHING about how to do their job, so STOP telling them how to do it. Your ignorance is needed elsewhere... like playing in traffic

show the video is the wpd right or wrong?

I strongly beleive the officer chasing ronald hit him from behind and caused him to lose control and therefore killing him

Guess you don't really know

Guess you don't really know anything now do you. From the accident report, the driver fishtaled, then hit the back of the deputy's car, then spun out and hit a tree. The driver was also drunk off his tale

wpd officers kill driver

this is clealy a murder by the wpd although the driver did'nt stop there's no way this happened without an officer hitting him from the back

I guess we see how smart you

I guess we see how smart you really are. First of all, WPD was not even invovled in the chase. Secondly the driver of the vehicle was hammered. Thirdly, the driver hit the patrol car which caused him to spin out and crash. You are just like every other LEO hater...blame them when they do a great job. I bet you are one of those that break the law and think you should be allowed to.

criminal that ran

He was a criminal that DECIDED to run away instead of being a man and owning up to the troubles he caused. No pity from me.


"there's no way this happened without an officer hitting him from the back" Oh really? What is the name of the fantasy world where you live? Speeds of over 100 miles per hour...driving carelessly and recklessly to attempt to elude police officers and deputies...those two conditions are why he crashed. Your statements are nothing more than an attempt to justify someone not taking reponsibility for their own actions.